Going commando and the sexiness of not knowing

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

A long time ago, a beautiful man I knew wore a kilt to a party. Like many men who wear kilts to parties, he immediately made a joke about whether he was going commando. His statement was an ambiguous ‘maybe’ followed by a nudge and a wink that invited us to wonder. Never one to pass up an invitation like that, I spent the entire rest of the night wondering. In detail.

This wondering is, to me, the sexiest thing about someone going commando. If he had lifted his kilt at the start of the night and removed all doubt, I’d have grown swiftly bored and moved on to thinking about something else. What another guy might look like naked from the waist down and wanking at his desk, for instance, or whether the barman would shag me.

But he didn’t tell us straight away, he just hinted, then revelled in the attention he got as I and a few others gathered around him drinking and chatting and… wondering.

I very rarely go commando, for the simple reason that I feel sexier in knickers. Knickers that stretch tight across my bum, which can be yanked aside for a quick fuck in the toilets halfway through a party – to me these are way hotter than wearing nothing at all. They’re a sex accessory in the same way a tight pair of boxers would be on a guy I love. The pants perform part of the foreplay work, whether it’s presenting my own arse as a neatly-wrapped gift topped with a bow, or gathering a guy’s junk together in a tight package.

As a general rule, when a guy drops his trousers, I want to see his pants. I want to watch the growing bulge of his erection tenting the fabric. I want to be able to feel hard cock through soft cotton, and squeeze gently to feel the pulse coming through.

But something about that guy in that kilt made my head spin.

Was it because he was going commando, or because he’d felt the need to tell us about it? I think it was the latter. Though I naturally get a bit hot for guys in kilts anyway, I rarely spend entire evenings obsessing over them as they sashay back and forward from the bar. I’d rarely get off my lazy, introverted arse and actually bother to dance with them, dodging other drunken partygoers from other drunken groups just to get a few minutes shimmying next to someone who may or may not be wearing pants.

It’s the not knowing, though. The Schroedinger’s dick scenario. His invitation to wonder meant that all I could do was imagine his cock and balls jiggling as he danced. Ponder whether that evening when he got home he’d flop down on the sofa, exhausted after a long night, and spread his legs to play with his naked cock.

If he’d simply said “I’m going commando” this would never have happened. I’d have smiled, nodded, maybe flashed a quick mental image of what was going on, then promptly forgotten all about it as I took advantage of the open bar.

When I’m at home and my other half wears a certain pair of shorts, I know he’s usually going commando. He wears them for the breeze that wafts up his thighs, and the easy-access bagginess that means he can slip them down – or to one side – and pull out his cock to order me to suck it. But with those shorts there’s nothing to wonder about – I know. Just looking at them means I remember that he’ll be naked entirely beneath the soft fabric.

Far more interesting when he’s in jeans or PJs, which he may have thrown on over pants or could just be wearing directly against his skin. These are sexier than the ‘guaranteed going commando’ shorts because they perform that exact same trick: they make me wonder. If I reach out and slide down the zip on the fly, will I get to touch the soft skin that covers the head of his cock? Or will I meet resistance in the form of a tight cotton package?

As I sit next to him on the sofa, if I stroke his thigh and pull down one of my bra cups so he can play with a nipple… will his erection bulge out in his crotch, all bundled together by underwear? Or will it start to pulse and throb down the top of his thigh, indicating that there are no pants trapping it in one place?

The wondering. That’s the hottest thing about going commando: it’s not what’s actually there, it’s what is in my head. What you cause me to think about when you nudge and whisper, and invite me to speculate.

At the end of that party, just as I got ready to leave, the guy spun round to face away from me and lifted the hem of his kilt.

And he was. Going commando, I mean.

It was hot, but only for the briefest moment. As I sat in the taxi on the way home, remembering what his naked bum had looked like, I felt delighted that I’d been let in on the secret… and a little disappointed as well. Because now that I knew for sure, I couldn’t really wonder any more.


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  • SpaceCaptainSmith says:

    Hmm. This reminds me, I need to wear my kilt more often. :) Can confirm, they definitely attract women’s attention (at least outside of Scotland…), probably for this reason.

  • Kayla Lords says:

    Scroedinger’s dick – love it! And I love a man in a kilt although it’s a rare luxury to see in the US. While I really like knowing if someone’s going commando, I definitely get the allure of wondering.

  • Eric Smith says:

    I completely understand the “not knowing” thing but in a different context.

    I regularly shave the hair off my pubis, the base of the cock and my balls, because one girlfriend particularly likes it, and the other girls like it too. If I know there is going to be a good fuck later in the day I shave down there in the morning. Sitting in the office after the shave I wonder what the girls there would think if they knew. Would they fancy a look – or a suck or even more? I fancy two of them a lot. Would it help my chances if I hinted that there is a pair of hairless balls in the chair next to them…?

  • AkaiHebi says:

    This mind-teasing works so well with kilts and the widely known tradition of the wearer not wearing anything underneath.. I really don’t expect it to work as well if I ask whether I have pink-striped panties under my blue Japanese pleated skirt (partly because people don’t have as much braintime online than during a dinner with friends).

    But still. There’s this hentai trope of “oh, that schoolgirl isn’t wearing any panties under her uniform ?!”, so maybe I’ll give it a try someday 🤔 may be fun !

  • Mrs Fever says:


    Sexy is as sexy imagines.

    All the YES to this post. Not knowing is half the fun!

  • Malflic says:

    You make such a great point about how it is truly better to wonder than know. The sex and things in our head are often better when the reality isn’t known for sure.

  • May More says:

    Love men in kilts and the wondering that goes with it – just the idea of his cock hanging down, free to breathe… To be honest it’s almost too much for me ;-)

  • Molly says:

    I can’t believed you managed to get Schroedinger legitimately into this post. That is absolutely writing genius in my opinion…. And I completely agree with you on it as I love discovering if Michael is wearing pants or not. He usually is but every now and then he just seems to not bother and reaching into his trousers and finding that out is a big turn on.

    I am also a big fan of Schroedinger’s cunt scenario too. It is a guessing game I play regularly, the gym is a great place for it!

  • KP says:

    Excellent. “Shroedinger’s Cock” is a brilliant phrase. Spot on, as ever, Ma’am.

  • The brain and our imagination is by far our largest sex organ. I too can enjoy a Schroedinger’s cunt scenario, but generally, that’s gawking at strangers. I like knowing that my submissive is bare underneath her skirt…

  • Miss Scarlet says:

    I love to see a bulge through a guy’s boxers. Preferably the tight jersey type.

    I always think that tight shorts emphasise the bulge and it looks bigger than it often turns out to be.

  • Bee says:

    Schroedinger’s dick…love it! I have to say whilst I’m not bothered if a man goes commando or not, give me a guy in a kilt I’d be wondering all evening too!

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