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Silk knickers: I am not asleep

This story contains elements of dormophilia (i.e. wanting people to touch me up while I sleep), all very consensual. Don’t do this sort of thing unless you have discussed in advance with your partner and you’re sure that they would enjoy it.

The night before Christmas, he tiptoes into the bedroom to make sure he doesn’t wake me, but he doesn’t need to be that careful: I pretend to be asleep anyway. Lying on my stomach, head turned away from the door he’s just entered through, I keep my breathing soft and calm and make out that I’m sleeping. If he knows I’m awake he might try to talk to me, and at that point sleep will be impossible. Besides, if he thinks I’m out for the count, it’ll be way hotter if he tries to do The Thing I Like. I’m wearing my silk knickers, just in case. I really want him to do it.


Teach me how to suck your dick

Whenever I ask a new person to teach me how to suck their dick, Jez from Peep Show’s voice pops up to tell me “That’s cheating! Anyone can please [someone] in bed if [they] tell you what to do! You’re not allowed to ASK, that’s the whole point!” It’s ridiculous, of course, because you absolutely are allowed to ask. In fact, sometimes asking is the only way you’ll find out exactly how this particular person likes their dick to be sucked.


Guest blog: The first time I wore lingerie

Today I’m delighted to welcome back ‘Mr Big’, who has previously dropped by to tell us in super-hot detail about the first time he tasted his own spunk. As a big fan of ‘firsts’, I’m delighted that he’s got another one to share – the first time he wore lingerie. While I have a little men-in-panties content on this blog (including this gorgeous audio porn fishnet story by Floss Liddell), I could definitely do with more posts that focus on the hotness of sexy underwear, especially now I have a brand new site sponsor – BrandX Intimates – who make gorgeous kinky lingerie. This story has both the joy and nervousness that comes with discovering a brand new kinky thing. Enjoy!


Chewing gum: how soon is too soon to be a fuckup?

“I’m not 17, I’m a grown-arse woman. I just regularly make childish mistakes.”

– Tracey, Chewing Gum

In today’s blog, I am going to tell you about a ridiculous, embarrassing mistake. The first person I told was my good pal Jessica, who greeted this story with howls of laughter followed by ‘you’re definitely going to tell the blog this, aren’t you? You HAVE to.’ And yeah… I am committed to telling you my silliest fuckups as well as my sexiest fucks, so I guess I do have to. This is a story about chewing gum, and the question of how soon in a budding relationship is too soon to be a fuckup.


Golden delicious: silk underwear erotica

This delightful silk underwear erotica is written by Floss Liddell, and originally appeared on her website. It is read aloud here by Sherryl Blu

He could choose his own underwear, so long as it was lingerie. Today he hesitated as his hands began to tug at his trousers…