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Little knickers: a trilogy of sex stories

This trilogy of sex stories focused on knickers, by Molly Moore, originally appeared on her website. It is read aloud here as audio by the author herself. Note: story 1 in the trilogy contains some elements of consensual non-consent. 


Guest blog: Sex on a cruise ship

Delighted to welcome back regular guest blogger @pervy_thoughts today, who blogs about sex at Pervy.Fun and is here to share with you a glorious story about sex on a cruise ship. Something about traveling implies freedom and the fulfilment of desires and whims, and I adore how beautifully his lover embraces both of these things. If you’ve been reading for a while, you’ll have met him before – in this fabulous post about the London Naked Bike Ride perhaps, or this one on sex after sixty. Today, I hope you enjoy this fabulous casual encounter – sex on a cruise ship.


Sniffing underwear: Teen angst and the smell of his Calvins

I never used to fantasise about sniffing underwear. Even during my horniest moments, when I was in the early stages of learning what turned me on, and discovering the answer was ‘everything’, it never occurred to me to try and get hold of a guy’s underwear and hold it over my face, breathing in the heady scent of his cock. Until one day, a boy I was in love with came to visit, and left his underwear behind when he departed…


Men in panties: how to wear my knickers (and how not to)

“I want to wear your knickers,” he tells me, and I’m instantly turned on – I love it when guys wear my knickers. I’m running simulations in my head: what he’ll look like in my knickers, and which pair might best show off his cock. But then he hits me with the next part… “and I want you to treat me like a silly little slut.”


You don’t sniff my knickers anymore

“Remember how you used to sniff my knickers while you had a wank?”


“Do you still do that?”


And thus my heart was broken.