Sexy link roundup: spanking, menstrual cups and Sophia Loren

Image by the excellent Stuart F Taylor

This week’s sexy link round up features just three things. One erotic, one practical, and one just plain fun. Read some other great writers on spanking, menstrual cups, and an archive interview with Sophia Loren. And then (because it’s Share Our Shit Saturday) please share the posts you enjoy!

As always, headlines are links – click, read and enjoy!

If you get spanked in the woods today – Tabitha Rayne (NSFW)

This short and sexy piece of erotica is very very very very… me. If only I didn’t live in the city.

“Stillness, silence then, thwack, a bolt of pain shot through her once more and she tensed again, resisting the urge to yelp. Her clothes now felt hot and restrictive and she was furious that she was wearing jeans.”

8 reasons why I love menstrual cups – Cara Sutra

No, I promise this isn’t just an excuse to link to Cara’s site while it’s looking all festive. I haven’t tried menstrual cups yet, but I really want to, and this piece might have persuaded me to finally take the plunge.

Interview with Sophia Loren – ErosBlog

Eros is always digging up fascinating things from the past, and this interview with Sophia Loren that he found made me smile more than once.

Q. Do you think Italian movies have been so successful in America because of their emphasis on sex?

A. They don’t emphasize sex nearly as much as most of your Hollywood movies. We take it for granted that women have bodies; Americans make a big fuss over it.

BONUS: Top 100 Sex Blogs

I waited until Molly had published this before I put my post live, because I wanted to make sure you all get the chance to check out her Top 100 Sex Blogs for 2017. As with every ranking system, it can never be perfect nor encompass everything that’s amazing about all the brilliant bloggers that are out there – as Molly explains here. But it is a massively helpful way to find great new writers to discover, and I am ridiculously grateful to Molly for putting the huge amount of time in to reading, adding and promoting the fantastic bloggers that have been nominated. And to Chaturbate for sponsoring it so she doesn’t have to resort to only eating beans in November while she takes time to go through everyone’s. Please check it out, find some brilliant new sex writers, and – as ever – share our shit!


See previous SOSS (Share Our Shit Saturday) posts here, or check out the SOSS tag on Twitter to find more great writers sharing cool stuff. Be aware though that many adult accounts are shadowbanned (hidden from search or display), so you might want to change your account settings first. SOSS is a way to try and boost other writers in the face of censorship by platforms like Twitter and Facebook.  

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