Guest blog: She wears leather for me

Image by the amazing Stuart F Taylor

I read this week’s guest blog three times before I even replied to the guest blogger. Then I ran into the room where my partner was sitting and read it aloud to him. Then I read it again on my own. Then, finally, I emailed him back to say ‘HOLY SHIT YES PLEASE.’ As he explained in his email, it covers fetish and voyeurism but at its heart it’s about relationships. Knowing each other, trusting each other, and doing those things that you just know your partner will love… Jason explains why his wife wears leather.

She wears leather for me

We’ve heard those same old comments before. Questions about how we keep our marriage strong after a decade. How do we keep things exciting after 3 kids? How come you aren’t sick of the sight of each other? For the most part we laugh it off or make a flippant comment but today we didn’t. When a female friend of ours asked us over a glass of wine just how we kept the passion alive I looked at my wife, then back to our friend and just told the truth…

“It’s because she wears leather for me” I said.

Our friend looked puzzled and I wasn’t sure how she would respond but she didn’t laugh or act like I was joking and instead she asked;

“Leather? I don’t get it.”

Let’s back track a little.

I don’t know when I developed my little leather kink but like most of these things I’m sure it has some root in childhood. I remember an attractive red headed girl in her twenties who used to come to our house when I was a kid to do my Mother’s hair. I remember this lady would sometimes wear black leather trousers and I remember being fascinated by her so maybe it traces back to her but regardless, I’ve always been fan.

I don’t call it a fetish because, well, I think it does a disservice to those awesome folks who really do have fetishes that they worship at the alter of. For me, a lady in leather is an added extra. I love my wife dearly but the fact that she indulges me, at least once a week, in a little leather action makes her a goddess in my book. But anyway…

“So, what, you dress up like a dominatrix and whip him?” The friend asked.

“No” my wife explained, “there is no BDSM. He just likes the clothes. And not the clothes by themselves… I have to be in them.”

“So what do you wear?”

“Trousers… skirts… boots… we change it up.”

I could see our friend was now startlingly aware that my wife was wearing a burgundy leather skirt on this occasion. My wife noticed and ran her hand along it, shrugging. We could see our friend processing the whole thing but eventually she smiled.

“Well, good for you guys,” she said, as if we were being congratulated for keeping some sort of sexual spark alive in our marriage. Eventually the topic of conversation changed and when the wine was done, our friend went home.

“Do do you think I made a mistake by telling her that?” I asked my wife as we checked on the kids who were all fast asleep.

“No” she replied “it will give her and the girls something to talk about tomorrow morning during the school run.”

“You don’t care do you?” I smiled.

She didn’t speak, she just smiled and turned her back and walked off down the hall, her firm ass swaying inside the confines of her tight leather skirt. I could feel myself already getting hot. I followed her into the bedroom and took her in my arms, planting a long, deep kiss on her whilst moving my hands to her leather clad behind.

“Go down on me,” she said.

I didn’t need to be told twice. I dropped to my knees and in one quick motion, I pulled her black panties down to her ankles. She kicked them off and raised a leg up onto the edge of the bed. I licked my way from her knee upwards until I had reached the soft, warm wetness of her vagina. She moaned and ran her hands through my hair. With every dart of my tongue she released further sounds of pleasure until finally she pulled me upward by the hair.

“Ride me,” she said, hiking her leather skirt up.

By this point I was as hard as a rock and as she undid the buttons on my jeans, my penis shot outward. She ran a long-finger-nailed hand up and down the shaft a few times before reclining on the bed, waiting for me to enter her.

I’m not going to lie and say the sex went on all night or that we partook in some pseudo Olympic sport of sex. We didn’t, the sex was fast and hard and passionate and over in less than a minute but it resulted in 2 orgasms and 3 seemingly satisfied people.

3 you ask?

Well, it was only when we were finished and I turned around that I saw her. There in the doorway was our female friend from earlier, wine glass in hand, looking on with a smile. Unknown to me, my wife had texted her, even before we had gone upstairs, and asked her if she wanted to see the simple effect a leather skirt can have on a marriage. Maybe spurred on by the wine, she had accepted.

I looked between my wife and our friend, quite self conscious that I was now standing there with an exposed dick that was deflating by the second. Any awkwardness I felt disappeared when the two of them burst into laughter at the absurdity of the situation as our friend simply said;

“I need to get me a leather skirt.”


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  • SpaceCaptainSmith says:

    Haha, great story!

    I’ve always been more one for latex, but I can appreciate the appeal of leather as well… and it’s more practical for everyday wear. The other day I found myself sharing a tube carriage with a woman wearing tight shiny red leather trousers, which was enough to make a dull commute that little bit more enjoyable. :)

  • New to this says:

    Love it x

  • Valery North says:

    This is truly beautiful.

    Only partly because leather (both to wear and to watch someone wearing) is a thing I very much like.

  • George says:

    Nice story. My wife wears leather most of the time. We both like it she is often literally head to toe or wear layers. She has a number of leather suits for both casual and formal wear. Its not for any bdsm stuff she just likes being fully encased in leather wear

  • Jay says:

    Nice story, my wife indulges my similar kink, she is a little more into light bdsm
    She has jackets, boots, gloves, lingerie, she smokes during leather sex which i like.
    I usally wear a leather jock and tight gloves that she likes and drives her mad
    She likes me to ejaculate on her leather
    Just a few things to spice things up a bit, who are we hurting – nobody have to have a little fun in life

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