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Sexy link roundup: sexual rights, anticipation and acrostic poetry

This week I asked people to do more sharing. In the light of more platforms cracking down on adult content, those of us who create erotica, porn, sex ed, sexual campaigning, sex toy reviews, sex work, and everything along those lines rely on your shares more than ever. Whether linking from your own blog or just spreading the love on your social channels if you can. I used to do ‘two things’ – rounding up a sexy link or two each week – but I got busy and it dropped off my radar. But ErosBlog has made a suggestion that I’m going to try my best to stick to: Share Our Shit Saturday. Three links posted each week to cool things you should check out (and share if you can!).

Titles are links – click through!

Joan Price – Advance Directive For Sexual Rights (SFW)

Joan does amazing work advocating for ageless sexuality. In this post she outlines the importance of outlining your wishes on sex to make sure that your sexual rights are respected in your later years:

“I want the right to decide when and how I want to be touched sexually — whether by my own hand, a partner I’ve chosen, or a sex toy that they’d better not pry out of my arthritic hands — for the rest of my life.”

Ninja Sexology – Anticipation and adventure (NSFWish)

This sexy link takes you on a fun and filthy journey as Ninja Sexology toys with all the possible ways to crack onto someone. Bonus: you get a hot language lesson at the same time…

“French isn’t that hard to learn, but there are a few tricky things you have to remember or you can get yourself in trouble.”

“Can you give me an example?”

“Well, ‘donne-moi un baiser’ means ‘give me a kiss’.  But if I used ‘baiser’ as a verb, I’d be saying ‘fuck me’.”

ILB – Enlightenment (SFW)

I won’t quote from this piece, because it’s short and I don’t want to give away any part of it for fear of spoiling the whole. But click the sexy link above to read a cute story about writing poetry in one’s downtime, and the priorities of Kids These Days…


You can see more link roundups at Molly’s Daily Kiss as well as ErosBlog. Let me know if you’ve done one too and I’ll add a link here. If you don’t have your own blog, share things on your social channels if you can – I will always try to include some SFW posts here so even if you’re nervous about sharing adult content on your timeline, there’ll be something more campaign/rights-focused or funny/cute/relationship-focused that you can share. 

Feel free to add links to the comments if you’ve read/written anything awesome, and I’ll see if I can include some of the links in future round-ups. Comments are automatically held back for moderation if they contain links, but if you include a one-sentence summary along with your link I should be able to approve them more quickly. 


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