Watching your dick slide in: brand new angles

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

I know how much you like watching your dick slide in. I know it because I love watching you, in turn: on your knees above me, your eyes downcast as you focus on sliding it slowly inside, occasionally glancing up to look at my reaction as each inch of your aching erection stretches and fills up my cunt. But you can never quite get the right angle, can you? You can never quite get your face close enough to see the detail – the wetness that clings to the skin of your cock, for instance. You never get to see it from a distance other than the exact length of your torso: no more, no less. What’s more, neither of us ever get to see it from behind – how the prominent ridge on the underside looks bold and hard and beautiful, like it does in porn. There’s a solution for that now, though, isn’t there?

There are three possible ways you can watch your dick slide into someone. The first: mirrors. Too complicated. Arranging them and fucking amidst all that precarious glass means this option won’t ever happen for us – we’re far too clumsy.

The second option, of course, is video: you can film yourself slipping your cock in, from any angle you like, and watch the footage back for posterity later. Or you can do what we did once, and use FaceTime to create live-action porn of your own shag from different angles – most notably allowing me to watch myself getting fucked from behind. It’s sexy and meta and weird, and I thoroughly recommend it.

But, like mirrors, this can be a little bit complex to set up. What’s more, if you do the live-action porn thing, you may find you get distracted by the lovely sensations on your junk and end up missing some of the cool details of the video. Like the way cunt juice clings to the smooth sides of your cock, or how prominent and hard your dick ridge looks up close.

There’s a third way to watch your dick slide in, if you’re interested. It involves cloning your cock so you have a perfect replica, then enlisting the help of someone (or something) in using that cock to fuck me. In this case, we used our new fuckmachine and the cock we cloned from a silicone moulding kit: embedded a vac-u-lock attachment into the silicone itself, and attached the perfect clone of his cock to the sex machine.

Hey presto: he can watch it slide in.

Watching a copy of your dick slide in

Apparently it’s a very weird experience. And an incredibly hot one, too. He hadn’t realised, until we cloned his dick, just how thick it is for me to take in my cunt and mouth. When we triumphantly removed the beautiful silicone copy from the mould, and he held it close to his face to examine the incredible details, one of the first things he told me was: “Fuck. I think I get why you need so much prep before you get fucked in the ass.”


When I’m sucking him off, I get up close and personal. I know his dick from every single angle. I know exactly what it looks like when he grips it in his hand, or sticks it into a stroker. I know the underside of it as well as I know the top, foreskin covering the head or pulled back, erect or flaccid. I won’t say I know his dick better than he does, but I do have a greater range of perspectives from which to admire it. The foreshortening that happens when he’s looking down at it from above means he will rarely ever see his own dick in the same way he’d see the dicks in porn.

Sidenote: remember this fact when you’re comparing yourself to others, please. If you don’t think your cock is as pretty as the ones in porn, remember you may never have admired it from all those different angles. 

So my partner got to watch me get fucked with his dick, but it wasn’t the dick attached to his body. I lay on my back on the sofa, legs wide and hands gripping my ankles so I could remain still in what I’m going to call the ‘pretzel’ position, to allow him the best view of my cunt. The sex machine was positioned on the floor in front of me, with his cloned dick securely attached, angled so it would slide neatly in as soon as the machine started moving.

I was too nervous to just turn the machine on: the cock it comes with was perfect for experimenting with spitroasts and DVP, but the clone of my other half’s cock is much thicker and (because it is a home kit rather than a professional cast) a little bit rougher on the skin. So instead of turning the machine on, I began by just wriggling down onto it – inching my bottom slightly further forward on the sofa cushions until the head speared the entrance to my cunt, and I could feel the oh-so-familiar ridges of the head of his cock nestled inside the entrance.

Except it wasn’t actually his cock: his was over the other side of the room, still attached to his body, gripped tight in his hand as he beat away at it and stared at the copy sliding in.

Watching me watching you watching your dick

I’ve talked before about the virtuous circle of porn – how one slice of porn can inspire fucks which then go on to make up the next piece of porn, and so on and so on into infinity. Well, this was a little like that. He got hot from watching the copy of his dick slide in to my cunt, and started wanking. I watched him wanking, and got hornier, so I wriggled down further onto the copy of his dick. He then watched… you get the idea.

By the time I turned the machine on, he was already fully hard and borderline hypnotised by the sight. At a distance, and from a different angle, he got to see his dick in a whole new light: the way it stretched me out, the movement of it as it slid in and out of my wet cunt, and above all the way my eyes grew slightly wider the first time the thickest bulge shoved its way through the entrance.

Mesmerising. The relentless thrusting of the machine plus my squirming, eager horn meant that swiftly the dildo was covered in a thick, drippy layer of cunt juice. At one point he slipped down from the office chair in which he’d been sitting and knelt on the floor beside me, getting his face up nice and close to the cock as it pounded away. I kept a tight grip on my ankles and tensed every muscle to try and stay as still as possible: I was close to coming and I didn’t want his cock to slide out before I got there.

Angled with the machine, the upper ridges of the head could perfectly hit my g-spot.

Angled with the machine, he could watch in horny fascination as the exact angles and curves of this clone copy of his cock fucked hard, in and out, faster and faster until I was twitching around it and practically dripping onto the carpet.

By the time I bit my lip and started making those moaning noises, he’d already reached for the bullet vibe. He pressed it firmly onto my clit, just above where the dildo was ploughing in and out of me, all the while beating at his dick and refusing to tear his gaze away from the brutal, robotic fucking motion of the machine.

I came very quickly, and incredibly hard. It was as if the orgasm, like the machine, had been designed for maximum efficiency: no drawn-out waves which take seconds to fully crash over my body, just one intense burst of pleasure that gave me black rings at the edges of my vision and left me breathless and weak and trembly.

When I was done, he carefully pulled the machine away and knelt down in its place, positioning his real dick at the entrance to my cunt.

And – with me still trembling and weak from the intensity of how hard I’d just come –  together we watched it slide in.


If you’d like to try this yourself, go check out the products I used in this post – the Clone-A-Willy which was provided by my lovely site sponsors The Pleasure Garden, and the F-Machine Pro 3, from awesome site sponsors Eva Amour. Both these companies have a fantastic selection of amazing toys, lingerie, lube and other delights, and they have conveniently both created the same discount for you, so you can get a 10% discount off anything on either site with the code GOTN10. Neither of them paid me to write this post, in fact contractually I only really needed to write one post about each of these items. I just… you know… have been having a lot of fun with them, and I wanted to share that fun with you lovely lot. 


  • Nigel says:

    Love the drawing of the trimmed fanny that accompanies this article. Is that you?

    It makes me uncomfortable that many girls seem to feel under pressure to shave down there because they are told people will thin it is gross if they don’t. This is just a fashion and all fashions come and go. Ultimately all of has can choose how to groom our pubes. If we want to shave it all off we can. If we want a ntuaral Bush that’s also fine. No-one should have to confirm.

    I think variety is great. Enjoying the differences, wondering what is under each pair of knickers as they are taken off, is a joy. Black pubes, brown, blonde, auburn. Full bush, trimmed short, landing strip, shaved bare etc. They are all sexy.

    And while fashions will let you believe that all women shave completely nowadays, seeing real naked ladies indicates that fortunately this is far from true (at least in the UK, it may be different in the USA?). I’d say well under half of women go completely bare down there. The majority keep some hair. Some au naturel, some trimmed. I have some lady friends who only keep a small amount of hair, they like to be mostly shaven but they think they look prepubescent if they don’t leave at least a little something.

    I’ve been with ladies who remove their bush completely. And it is sexy. All vaginas are sexy to a guy. But I grew up at a time when women had hairy fannies but girls didn’t. And I remember taking my turn to look through the keyhole of the locked adjoining door between the boys changing room and the girls room at school. And seeing which of the girls had a lovely hairy bush and which ones didn’t yet. And when I finally got started to get up close and personal with them. I’d always seen them as girls as we’d grown up together but now they were all woman down below.

    So getting up close and personal with a hairy fanny will always be special to me. And why I so hope that the drawing does reflect your own grooming status. I’ve always had this a image of you as a real everyday woman with a real hairy (but probably trimmed) vagina. Not a smooth barby doll. And if so, I would consider that perfect.

    In the end though the only preference that really matters regarding your body is your own. Thanks for taking the time to write this blog. It’s a real antidote to the artificial world of sex plastered across the web. Your articles and replies to comments are intelligent, entertaining and sensitive ( and of course sexy). It’s a pleasure to (at least in the cyber sense, sort of) know you.

    • Girl on the net says:

      Hey, so the people in the illustrations aren’t ‘me’ as such – one of the things I love so much about working with Stuart is that I don’t need to illustrate my blog with images of ‘me’, but can instead feature lots of different people in the pictures. Stuart tries to ensure that the illustrations cover a range of different people with different body types, which is fab because there is often very little representation of different body types on stock images and on sex toy sites etc. So to answer your first question, it’s not ‘me’, it’s just a person enjoying the scenario I describe in the post =)

      To your broader point about shaving or not shaving, I agree that societal pressure to shave one’s pubes is a really frustrating thing. Personally I go for ‘trimmed a bit’ most of the time (shaving/waxing gives me a horrible rash/ingrown hairs and it hurts/itches), but right now I am full-on ‘hack through this jungle with a machete if you wanna see my actual cunt’ because… well. Lockdown, I guess. Usually if I do the kind of trimming/shaving that brings my crotch one notch closer to a societally acceptable ‘ideal’, it’s when my partner is out for the night so I can have a chilled night and do it without any time pressure, and obviously that’s not been possible lately.

      • Nigel says:

        Thank for the very open and eloquent response. While a fair number of women do seem to go bare down there, I think your preference and approach is a lot more common than some people would have us believe. There still does seem to be a myth in some quarters that nearly all women shave bare and those that don’t are somehow the unusual ones. And some younger women do seem to feel pressured because of this myth which is sad. I am reading more suggestions that the bush is “coming back info fashion”. I’m not sure it ever really went out of fashion but if this sort of message makes it easier for girls to go with their personal preference whatever it may be, it can only be a good thing.
        My preference is for a lady with some bush. So your post just reinforces my view that you are all woman!! Good luck with the machete should you decide to wield it at some stage :-)

  • Phillip says:

    If the Miracle Machine has a straight shaft it would be in and out, in and out with no bias to match perhaps the slightly angled deviation of a special friend. Or perhaps a slight tip up would rub the best place to rub? You could get a ball head at a photo supply shop. It might require a simple adapter, but simple is the operative word. Then the machine could be fitted with the complete clone. The one with a slight leftward and upward bias. The ball head allows for any amount of adjustment in any direction at the same time.

    The next addition to movement might be a ‘rubber neck’ that allowed some realistic feel of give at the base of the cloned member.

  • Moondog says:

    The cloned cock really is the gift that keeps on giving ❤️

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