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Quick blog: win an iPad cover!

Make people on the train suspect you're a dirty sex blogger As you might have noticed, I’m not the most visual person. I am better with words than pictures, and if you tell me that a particular website design is ‘slick’ or ‘pretty’ I am less likely to agree than to shoot you a look of confusion and then point out a typo somewhere.

However, my publisher has designers who have made some beautiful things to help me promote my book. If you would one of these things – you can win an iPad cover, beautifully customised (on the left) – just subscribe to my blog via the box in the top right-hand corner, and they’ll give it to one of my subscribers picked at random.

If you don’t have an iPad, subscribe anyway – you’ll get an email alert when I add new blogs, and you’ll also get notified when my book comes out.

While I’m in the self-promotion wagon, if you are brave/unashamed of reading sex blogs, you can also like me on facebook.


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