I want your bare dick inside me

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

He’s at the toilet, pissing heavily into the bowl. I’m standing behind him with my arms wrapped round his waist, gripping him ever so gently so I don’t put him off or change the direction of the stream. Both of us are staring down at the task in hand. The fat head of his flaccid cock gripped between thumb and forefingers. When he pushes out the last few drops, he grunts a little at the back of his throat. The same way he sometimes grunts when he comes inside me. When he’s finished peeing, he turns his head towards me and whispers in my ear ‘what do you want?’

He already knows the answer, but what he wants is to hear me say it. Say ‘I want your bare dick inside me,’ so that’s what I say. It’s far from the first time I’ve had him without a condom, but it’s the first time I’ve said it this way aloud: your bare dick.

Naked. No condoms. Just you.

He stands in front of the toilet, surrounded by mirrors. And I drink in the sight of his cock as I whisper:

“I want your bare dick inside me.

“I want to spit on my fingertips first. Pull back your foreskin, lube up the head. Feel how shiny and taut and hard you are at the idea of getting in my cunt with no condom. I want you twitching and gagging for it.

“I want you to slide inside me really slowly, let me feel every inch of it. Want your skin on my skin. Inside my skin.”

I touch him as I say it. Run flat palms down the curve of his stomach and press them against the thickening length of his prick. He closes his eyes and I can see his expression in the mirror: my favourite one. One that speaks to an aching need.

He has beautiful eyelashes. Big, gentle hands. The skin of his neck is so soft as I press my lips to it. But above all, his dick is stunning.

The weight of it, flaccid in my hand, growing harder and thicker as I squeeze in exactly the places he’s taught me. In that bathroom with all the mirrors I admire it from every available angle, and wonder which is doing more to make it grow: my words or my hands.

“I want your fucking cock inside me,” I tell him as I squeeze. “It’s been so long since I got to feel the thud of your cum. That’s what I want.”

A moan. A twitch. He reaches one hand back so he can pull me closer. I press my lips against his ear.

“You can come wherever you like,” I tell him, “as long as it’s inside. Unload in my ass if you want to. Pull your bare dick out of my cunt at the moment before you come, then push my face into the duvet so I can squeal without disturbing the neighbours.

“Lube up and then hold the tip of your hard, wet, bare fucking dick at the entrance to my ass and slide it in.”

I loved that man so much. I loved his dick. And to this day I cannot separate the two. How much of my love was for him, how much for his cock.

And then, on top of that, how much of the latter kind of love could be chalked up to the fact that he’d give it to me bare. Naked. Sans condom. Just me, and him, and the atoms of his cock, stretching my cunt out in a way that felt like we perfectly fit each other.

I felt the same about the man I loved before him.

And the one I loved before that too.

Maybe I should never fuck men bare. It’s not good for the heart. It’s too raw and intense. Too much like being nourished with spunk, till you trick yourself into thinking that a one-item diet is enough to keep you alive.

I stood behind him in the bathroom and looked at his face from every angle in those mirrors. Squeezed his cock till it was straining in my fist and trembled with need as I whispered:

“Give me that bare dick. Fucking please.”



It’s dick week over at Kink of the Week, so yeah of course I had to write something. The actual post for it isn’t up yet so I am jumping the gun but THAT IS HOW EXCITED I AM ABOUT DICK WEEK. As soon as the post is up, I’ll add a link to it directly so you can read all about other people’s dick love. 

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  • Omg this is hot and so well written and unf.

  • Purple Rain says:

    Wow. Amazing.

    God, I love bareback.

  • Y says:

    Hands down one of the hottest posts you’ve ever written

  • Jacques Gerard says:

    That was very erotic, sensual, and sexy! Great story.

  • Boo says:

    Oh god. This is so ludicrously hot. It’s so totally relatable. I have no more words. Just…yes!

  • Molly says:

    “Maybe I should never fuck men bare. It’s not good for the heart. It’s too raw and intense. Too much like being nourished with spunk, till you trick yourself into thinking that a one-item diet is enough to keep you alive.”

    Oh I can so relate to this.


  • Ray says:

    I love this, thank you. Is it particularly hot because it is so often ‘forbidden ‘ or high risk?

    • Girl on the net says:

      Ooh well I could write essays on why – I think it’s a combination of forbidden/rare, plus the specific physical sensation, plus the fact that usually the person fucking me is more likely to come/come more quickly than with a condom.

      So the forbidden/rare thing is likely why I’m fetishising it so much at the moment. I have always loved it, to the point where occasionally dudes have been surprised by how eager I am to get tested and ditch condoms at the start of relationships, but I’m doing so much more now because bareback is rare (I think the last time I did it was about 4 months ago maybe) so my brain becomes obsessed with the things I cannot do =)

      Specific physical sensation: it’s just really fucking incredible to feel someone dump a load of cum into me.

      They’re more likely to come/come more quickly: I think there’s a noticeable difference in the ways people I’m fucking express pleasure when there’s no condom. Louder noises, more responsiveness, a quicker orgasm (or sometimes just actually *having* an orgasm as some people struggle to come with condoms on – please if you have a dick, practice having some posh wanks with condoms!). And for me, because I’m a subby, people-pleasing fucker, there is more joy in sex if the other person comes.

      I don’t think the ‘high risk’ thing is part of it for me though – I’m suuuuper cautious about who I bareback with, and when. The reason it’s rare for me at the moment is that as a general rule I won’t bareback with someone who’s doing it with someone else – Covid made me more wary of chains of transmission etc. This might be a rule I’d flex on if I knew and trusted the other person they were doing it with, but that’s not a situation that’s come up yet. So yeah risk is not horny for me in this instance, it’s more about the feel of it and how rarely it happens these days.

  • fuzzy says:

    The level of intimacy and trust that goes with bareback elevates it. any significant “risk” factor would actually take away from that rather than enhance it, for me. There are a whole list of items, including watersports, that are on this intimacy/trust spectrum for me and the more intimate the rarer and the more precious and treasured.

    oh and yeah, this, “…I’m trying to be up front about the things I like. When men do that to me it feels miraculous….” just not enough cum in the universe…either ejaculate or pussy juices.

  • Ordinary Male says:

    This is gonna sound super ironic coming from a man listening to porn, but man, the “I loved that man so much. I loved his dick. And to this day I cannot separate the two. How much of my love was for him, how much for his cock.” part made me feel awful. I now feel like I get a touch of what it feels like to be objectified. I feel like comparing your love for me, to a small part of my body is missing the entirety of what we as humans are. The rest of this is pretty hot tho.

    • Girl on the net says:

      If it helps, this particular guy, I wrote an entire book about all the other stuff I loved about him. He did not go unloved, not by a long shot. This is a horny thing written when I was missing bareback, and he was the guy I got to bareback.

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