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Guest blog: My first e-stim session

I’m really chuffed to welcome @JenetalTorture back to this blog, whose past hits include a delightful, funny and sexy post on impact play, as well as this excellent blog on vac play that definitely doesn’t suck. Continuing the theme of introducing you to fun, sexy kinks, today Jenby is talking about the delights of e-stim, specifically overcoming fears and getting stuck in to her first e-stim session ever – enjoy!


Fuck the pain away: The golden rule of electro sex

In the course of my electro sex adventures, I have had a lot of ups and downs. Mainly ups, naturally, because electro sex toys open the doorway to plenty of intriguing sexual adventures that wouldn’t be possible without this specialist equipment. Click on the link in the first sentence for a few examples, or feel free to just imagine me writhing naked on a wooden bench while a lightning storm rages outside, and my partner zaps my cunt while cackling eagerly like a horny Dr Frankenstein. The downs (those moments when electro sex toys don’t do exactly what I expect them to) are mostly caused by me forgetting the golden rule of electro sex. So as I write up my latest adventure – fucking an electric dildo – I thought I’d take the opportunity to properly explain this golden rule.


ElectraStim AXIS – I want to feel the music inside me

Not something I ever thought I’d experience, to be honest, but courtesy of the incredible ElectraStim AXIS… here’s a blog post about feeling music throbbing inside my ass.


ElectraStim Jack Socket: pleasure, pain and jizz on the carpet

The most important thing to remember about electrosex is that the smaller the surface area, the more intense the sensation. Where you draw the line between pleasure and pain depends on your own threshold. I like warm, broad sensations. The smack of an open palm. The heavy thwack of a thick leather belt. Electricity that tingles over my skin when he places a full hand on the back of my thigh. Other people like intense, pinpoint pain: the sting of the cane, leaving a lattice of thin red welts to show you took it well. With electrosex there’ll be no marks, but the rule applies: the smaller the surface area, the more intense the sensation. Today I want to tell you about the ElectraStim Jack Socket.


My vagina is electric – adventures with ElectraStim

“Oh Jesus fuck yeah that’s we… yeah that’s weird… and umm holy fuck. Oh God ah it actually…”

Long pause while he fucks me more, just to check his assessment is correct.

“It actually feels…”

More fucking…

“Like your cunt is…”


“…actively trying to pull my dick further in.”