ElectraStim KIX: my first e-stim orgasm

Image courtesy of ElectraStim

Sometimes I get to use my powers for good, and those are the funnest times. Today’s guest blogger (whose funny, sexy, brilliant work can be found over at her blog – Girl In Old School Trouble) got in touch with me recently to ask about e-stim. Was it good? Was it fun? Could she potentially have her first e-stim orgasm? And it happened to coincide with my lovely site sponsor ElectraStim having recently launched an entry-level stim pack – the ElectraStim KIX – plus a set of silicone finger pads that seem perfect for wanking. How did Girl In Old School Trouble get on with them? I had a hell of a lot of fun finding out…

ElectraStim KIX: My first e-stim orgasm

It all started a few months ago, while I was doing some important internet research into cisgender men who can cum without using their hands. Having found a wealth of material on this interesting subject, I was conducting some close study and review when I came across a video of a man ejaculating hands-free, but with a pair of electrodes on his erect cock. He had a nice looking cock and seemed to be enjoying the stimulation, which was being controlled by a woman with a little unit, teasing and edging him until he finally came, in great ropey spurts. I studied this with interest.

I’ve heard of e-stim of course, but had never seen it in action. A bit of further searching and I found many similar videos: men with electrodes on their cocks, their balls, down their urethra, sometimes on their nipples. Mostly in tease and denial settings, edging, BDSM: writhing and jumping, crying out in pleasure and pain. And so I found myself wondering, as I often do… what must that feel like? How does it feel to be made to orgasm by electricity alone?

Definitely don’t use a TENS machine

Not many of the videos featured cis women, but I did a little googling and found plenty talking about e-stim toys. Dildos, plugs, and also, on reddit, people talking about how to use a TENS machine for sexual pleasure.

Now, I’ve got a TENS machine. I bought it when I was pregnant. Somebody told me it would help with labour, but I never found out whether it works. ‘Do you want to try the TENS?’ my birth partner said as I lay there, cursing the god that made me. ‘No I fucking don’t, tell them to inject the fucking drugs.’ So… the TENS machine was never even opened.

But now I thought, maybe it could be reborn into a whole new world of electric orgasms. Excited, I google ‘how to use a TENS machine for electrostim’.

NEVER USE A TENS MACHINE FOR ELECTROSTIM says the first result. Incorrect use may cause heart failure.

Fucking puritans. I click on a different article, one not written by killjoys.

TENS machines must NEVER be used for erotic play, they can use severe genital burns.

Hmmm. Maybe this is a bit dodgy. I don’t want to burn my genitals off. I decide I need a guinea pig. Fortunately, I know just the chap… my long term FWB. I drop him a message on whatsapp.

Hey. Can I see if I can make you cum with my TENS machine?
With your what?
TENS. It’s like little electric shocks. It looks fun.
Ok, why not…
Only, due warning, the internet does say. Your heart might stop…
My heart…?
Yes. Or your cock might catch fire.
Oh. In that case, no. Don’t fancy it.

Fuck’s sake.

It seems I’m destined not to have any electric orgasms, and so for a few weeks, I give up.

Enter ElectraStim KIX

Until the other day, when I am reading a blog by the very excellent GOTN, which is probably where you are also reading this today. I forget what the entry was about, but there is an advert for an electro-stim plug, right there at the top! Now THAT looks like the kind of thing I am looking for. Interested, I reach out to GOTN and ask if she has ever tried the toy in the advert. And lo! Not only has she tried e-stim toys, but after a series of e-mails and strings pulled behind the scenes, she manages to wangle me a test unit from the very lovely people at ElectraStim.

And so I find myself, breathlessly unwrapping an excitingly anonymous-looking cardboard box, carefully wrapped with no hint of its contents (for embarrassment free shipping) containing a shiny new ElectraStim KIX stimulator, some ‘finger sleeve’ electrodes, and some conductive lube.

This kit was provided for free by ElectraStim, who also sponsor my website. If you buy from them you’re directly supporting my work, and helping me to pay other kickass guest bloggers for awesome posts in future. Get 10% off anything on their website using the code GOTN if you wanna join in the e-stim fun.

Is there anything more exciting than unwrapping a new sex toy? I can feel my bits showing an interest even as I pull the tape off, the imminent prospect of an orgasm causing perky little pulses between my legs. I tell myself to focus… there are little packets of wires, square sticky pads, charging cables and instructions to read, it all looks very complex and a bit scary.

How to use e-stim for the first time

The instructions are like you get for any electrical device. Here is how to use it, how to charge it, which buttons to press… it all looks simple enough, and I pop it on charge while I read the rest of the manual. But here I run straight into my first problem. Because although the instructions tell you how the device works, that’s not the same as how to use it. And on that front, it has no information at all. I flip through the manual again… nothing.

Maybe it’s obvious, I think. I mean, what sex toy comes with instructions for use? Vibrators don’t come with little diagrams showing you ‘insert toy into vagina like this, press this end on your clit’ – because who needs to be told? Obviously, I can figure this out. I take a closer look at what I’ve got.

There are two sticky pad electrodes, about 3cm square, each with a little plug allowing them to be attached to a wire, which in turn attaches to the stimulator. But where on my body do I stick the pads? Do they go on my bum? On my bits? Inside me? ‘Not above the waist’ is all the manual says. Thanks a lot, Sherlock. That still leaves an awful lot of options.

The finger sleeves are more obvious. They also have a place to connect the wire, and slide nicely over my fingers. Presumably they can be used for normal fingering activities, with extra tingle… but I know enough about electricity to know it’s not going to work without another electrode somewhere. Where do I stick that?

The device is still charging. It’s time to hit google. Where do I put the electrodes for my e-stim device returns immediate results. I open a link, to find a page full of electrode placement for beginners, with pictures. This is more my style.

A good beginner position for people with vulvas it says, is one electrode on the perineum, and another at the top of the vulva, underneath the mons pubis. Great! Now we’re getting somewhere. Excited to try, I remove my jeans and pants, and bend over to look at what I’m doing. One on the perineum… no problem. The sticky back comes off easily, and I spread my legs and stick the pad squarely on my perineum. Nice!

The other at the bottom of the mons pubis… hmm. The woman in the picture is clearly the sort who has regular appointments with a waxing professional, and the location in question is hairless and smooth. Mine, not so much. My bush extends all the way to the top of my vulva. Peering down, I press the hair flat, then sort of part it… but there’s far too much. It’s like a rainforest. Clearly this isn’t going to work.

Do I shave it? This seems more hassle than I’d anticipated, and anyway, shaving just a 3cm square section of bush is going to look fucking weird. What style can I pass it off as? Not a Brazilian. Yeah, this is called the ‘clueless’. Perhaps not. Can I stick it a bit lower, at the top of my outer lips? But that’s right over the clitoral shaft… and the guide seems to imply that’s a bit more advanced. Hmm. I go back to the website to look at other options.

Another good location for the electrodes is on your inner thighs. OK, great. Except, one of the little cunts is already stuck to my perineum. Fuck it. The other one can go on my thigh… what’s the worst that can happen. I peel off the backing and stick it on.

The pads have little wires you have to plug in. That’s easy enough, they go into little holes and the other end goes into the stimulator, which has been charging for three hours now so, wired up like some experimental subject, I am finally good to go.

Feeling kinda nervous, kinda excited, I press the green button to turn the stimulator on. It flashes and then the LED comes on blue, and I feel… nothing at all. Hmm. Is this thing even on? I peer at it more closely. The LED is blue, and the manual says it will change colour as I press the ‘+’ button and increase the intensity. So, let’s try that.

Masturbating with e-stim

I rest my finger on the +, and slowly the light changes from dark purple to lighter blue and suddenly, yes, I do feel it. It tingles, like a little prickle on my skin under the pads. Interesting. I increase the power a little more, and experiment with the different ‘patterns’. The shocks can come in waves, or pulses, or sort of pulses building up, and you can change the speed and power, it’s all very easy. I increase it a bit more. The sensation is interesting, like a tickle on my thigh but at my perineum, more of a sharp throb. Not unpleasant, but not particularly erotic. I lie there for a while and let myself get used to it. I could try more power, but it occurs to me, what with the charging and the googling and the reading of the manual, I’m not especially turned on. To properly enjoy this, I’m going to need to get myself back in the mood.

I close my eyes and fantasise, imagining someone watching me, as I often do. I push my top up, showing the fantasy observer my breasts, feeling myself start to get wetter as I imagine them looking at my body… seeing the wires… I reach to touch my clit, pulling some wetness up from my cunt, and wonder if maybe I should try the finger sleeves to get things going a bit.

Sitting up, I pull the wire out of the pad on my perineum, and push it into the hole in one of the smooth, dark silicon finger electrodes. ElectraStim have sent me some conductive gel, so I open that too and squeeze plenty over the silicon sleeve, and a fair bit onto and around my clit as well. Stroking and rubbing it in with my fingers, I can feel my body responding to my touch, the extra wetness helping to turn me on even more. I take the stimulator and turn it back on, then increase the power back to the light blue level, almost the lowest it will go.

One wire is still attached to the pad on my inner thigh. Slowly, carefully, I push the finger sleeve between my lips and onto my clitoral hood. Even at almost the lowest level, the pulsing shock is much more noticeable now, tingling with a sharp, pleasant pinch where the finger sleeve touches me, radiating across my labia. Still with the power set to a low level, I stroke the sleeve over and around my clit, feeling how the sensations change in different locations. Direct shocks on my clit are a little uncomfortable, but pressing the sleeve against my clitoral shaft causes a nice, tickly, teasing sensation, definitely erotic now, not unlike deep heat, or lube with menthol in, but always focused to where my finger moves.

illustration of a hand wearing two black silicone finger pads

Image courtesy of ElectraStim

My first e-stim orgasm

Enjoying myself, I explore around my vulva, moving the finger sleeve down between my lips, dipping it inside my cunt, where once again the tingle is just a little too strong. Moving out, I slide it up the outside of my outer lips until it is in nearly the same position as the pad on my thigh, but on the opposite side of my vulva. And there, the sensation changes, morphing quickly from a surface tingle to a deep throb, radiating right across my pussy from my finger to the pad, across and through and behind my clit, making me gasp at the sudden change in sensation.

Under the finger sleeve, the sharp tingle remains, but not under the pad. Time for some adjustments, I think. I unplug the finger sleeve and take it off, then move the unused pad from my perineum and stick it in a matching location, opposite the other one on my inner thigh. Quite excited now, I plug it in and turn the stimulator back on.

The sensation between the pads is very different now. I can feel very little tingle where they touch me, instead there is a pulsing throb between the pads, almost like a vibration from inside. I rest my finger on the + button to increase the power, to green, then light green… and the throb spreads and deepens, pulsing right across my vulva. I press the power button to change from pulse to ramp and clench, a building wave that ends in a long pulse which itself seems to build, making me moan slightly each time it hits.

I rest my fingers at the entrance to my vagina, then on my perineum, feeling myself respond to the shocks. I can feel the muscles of my pelvic floor flutter and then tense with each wave of current, starting with tingly pleasure and building each time to a deep, powerful throb, clenching and unclenching, like my cunt is squeezing and gripping my clit from behind.

I lie back and I’m moaning now. The sensation is simultaneously unlike anything I have felt before, while also being made up of all the deeply familiar components of sexual pleasure, powerful and all consuming, radiating from between my legs out across my body. Down my legs, and up to my nipples, building in depth and intensity with every pulsing wave. I lie there, my fingers free to grip both my nipples, rocking my pelvis instinctively, as if someone is touching me, but the touch is coming from within and doesn’t respond to my movements, building instead at a steady, constant speed. I realise I don’t know how close to orgasm I am. The pleasure is at a high plateau, reaching or maybe even surpassing the point at which my body would normally explode into orgasm, but instead of pushing me over the edge I’m held there, the pleasure and intensity building and building until it’s almost unbearable, and I’m crying out in absolute pleasure and desperation for release.

Shaking, I press the + button once more, pushing the shocks higher until finally, blissfully, my pussy explodes into an astonishing orgasm. My own incredible contractions mix with the shocks, slightly out of sync, sometimes coming together in a sensation I am unable to describe, except to say it’s something you need to feel in order to believe. It is like no orgasm I have ever had before, the unbelievable pleasure of release flooding my body like fireworks, and it goes on, and on. My first e-stim orgasm feels like the orgasm you have after hours of edging, but incredibly, from the point I moved the second pad it has taken barely 10 minutes to reduce me to a quivering, sweaty, blissful puddle of endorphins and joy.

I reach for the power button, and turn the stimulator off. Such a little device, but one which is going to be seeing a lot more action.


Huge thanks to Girl In Old School Trouble for this fabulous account of her first e-stim orgasm. And thank you also to my site sponsors ElectraStim, for being fabulous and sending her this sexy kit to have a play with. PLUS thanks to Girl In Old School Trouble’s feedback, they are getting more info up on their site for first-time e-stim users – check out this beginner’s guide to what e-stim is, and how to get playing.

If you’d like to buy some kit of your own, now is absolutely the best time, because ElectraStim’s new KIX is a quality e-stim unit made at an affordable price, specifically to make this kind of play more financially accessible to those who’d like to have a go. They didn’t pay me to say this, I just fucking LOVE my £350 Axis but I’m a cheeky fuck who gets things for free, and not everyone can afford that kind of kit, so I’ve been hoping they’ll release an entry-level stim pack for a while.

Buy from them directly to help support my site and keep me in fabulous guest blogs like this one, and use the code GOTN for an extra 10% off anything on their site. 

ElectraStim KIX unit£69. Nice.

ElectraStim silicone noir ‘explorer’ finger pads – £39

ElectraStim conductive gel – £6.99


  • Purple Rain says:

    This is great. I bought the Kix recently but haven’t had time to try it so I am reading avidly for tips!

  • PLJ says:

    this is great. thanks for this thorough article on the topic, one which it is hard to find truthful info. Have long been fascinated by this and like you, very nearly played with the wrong stuff.

  • James says:

    Great write up, thanks.

    When I was starting out with estim I tried two different TENS units – the first was a ‘pregnancy’ one and that worked pretty well, the patterns leading to a few HFOs, but then tried a ‘pain relief’ TENS unit and that was excruciating, and not in a good way!

    Pleased to see there’s a more affordable unit – I’d love to try an AXIS but that’s rather more spendy than I’d like!

  • ElectraStim says:

    Thanks for such a wonderful write-up Girl In Old School trouble!

  • fuzzy says:

    Excellent post with great descriptions. Totally accurate in my experience (and the writer has a way with words that makes me a bit green).

    I own a high end e-stim rig and a lot of nice attachments (some work better than others but I experimented a lot). I use it for long edging sessions. I use it as significant and amazing foreplay. I use it as low background arousal while I’m doing something else that doesn’t require moving around. I use it for Hands Free Orgasms (HFOs) which hit like a rhino, a very very horny rhino whose mission in life is to hit you hard and take you higher.

    The anal orgasms (with or without prostate ejaculation) are great, but the regular penis ejaculations surpass even those because you can feel it approaching for a long time like a herd of something big running over the ground and you can feel the earth trembling and that distant rumbling sound and then that rhino comes out of nofuckingwhere and hits you and suddenly there is cum everywhere.

    I’ve rarely spent a lot of money on a sex toy that was ultimately as worth it as saving up like I did for over a year to get my e-stim rig. many finger-snappings.

  • we read the article and it turned us on. then we read the comments—and we (me, myself & I)—had to perform a wank. currently manual, but i’m tempted to buy this!

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