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On short sex stories

Hotness doesn’t always come in movie-length bursts. Short sex stories and tiny elements of the bigger picture are usually the things that kick off a more solid fantasy. If you’ve ever spent the morning after a great night being ambushed by images and snapshots of the sex you had just hours before, you’ll know what I mean. Filthy memories and stories pop up in small bits – like the sliver of a song that goes round in my head, sometimes I’ll remember just one tiny element of a fuck that’ll leave me frustrated and wet for the rest of the day.

That’s why, when BeingBlackSilk posted a miniature erotic short story earlier this week, I nearly cried with delight. She wrote a tiny tale of filth on a post-it note, and by limiting the tale to 55 words managed to capture exactly that horny kick that I get from flash-memories of times gone by. This idea isn’t just up my street, it’s straight up my garden path, halfway in the door and fucking me naked in the hallway.

So here’s mine – a tiny story from a long time ago.

You know where

 Short sex stories get you wet, hard, and horny but still leave you time to get all your chores done


I want to leave a plaque: “It was here – the first time I almost…” Next to the fallen tree, hidden from view of the road by broken fencing, the place I first got wet. Where your trembling hands squeezed me and you gasped as you felt my nipples grow hard. Where I panted and thrilled at the feeling of slick lust dripping into my knickers. Where I gripped your tight, twitching dick until you were wet with pleasure too. That place where – half a lifetime ago – I was far too shy to fuck you.


  • Jillian Boyd says:

    Ooh, I love that. That is a burst of quick hotness.

  • Hillary says:

    Your loveliness goes on and on…..

    (I discovered you through your article in The Guardian a week ago, on Poor Relationship Advice. It was as though I had walked through a cupboard, not into a land of ice, but into one of sweaty, sticky Sunshine. (39))

    Thank you

  • RP says:

    Your writing is brilliant, but you over-use the word ‘slick’.

    • Girl on the net says:

      I like it. So there =p

      Edited to add – I think a lot of porn/sex writing overuses words I really hate, like ‘pussy’, so I can see why this bothers you. Didn’t mean to be flip, I just struggle sometimes to find words that are all perfectly unique but have the right sound/atmosphere for what I’m trying to describe.

  • Errr no says:

    Short busts of intense hot… it’s Microwave-erotica

  • Lee says:

    That was ninety-six words. Time for punishment… ;)

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