Fucked on a pub table: Pub gang bang story part 2

Image by the fantastic Stuart F Taylor

This gorgeous story about getting fucked on a pub table is written by Quinn Rhodes, and is part 2 of a tale which began with this pub gang bang here. It originally appeared on Quinn’s website, and is read aloud here by Girl on the Net.

He tells me to open my mouth so he can fuck my slutty hole. I obey, of course. With one of his hands in my hair – pulling my head back and ensuring my mouth stays open – I have to take everything he gives me. He abuses my mouth, thrusting roughly and quickly and treating me as the fuck-toy he knows I want to be. I choke, splutter and gag, and when he pulls back to let me breath, he does so for not a second longer than I need him to.

An especially vicious thrust, her cock slamming into my g-spot, reminds me that this is a fucking gang bang. There is a mouth sucking on one of my nipples, while fingers twist and pinch the other. I now have two fingers deep in her slick, wet heat, and I’m doing my best to pump them in and out while she tries to grind her clit into my thumb. I’m trying to rise above the sensations and count how many people are fucking me, but am distracted by a sharp bite on my inner thigh.

“My turn! I want to fuck her.” If there wasn’t a thick, hard cock in my mouth, I would smile at the excitement in her words.

“Does our little slut want another cock in her?” he asks, and I moan eagerly around his cock. “Hmm, I’m not sure she really wants it. Do you think she could take both of us at once?”

The idea of her purple glittery cock and his both at the same time is too much, and with fingers lightly circling my clit I come, clenching around the pink sparkly strap-on inside me. All too quickly, though, the dildo is gone, and my cunt is clutching desperately at nothingness. I whine around the cock in my mouth, bucking my hips and searching for something to fuck myself on.

“Aww, she’s so cute! The little slut thinks that she gets to decide when she gets fucked…”

The others laugh at me, and cruel pinches and taunting words accompany the series of spanks to my cunt. He chokes me on his cock for a few more seconds – longer than before, pushing my limits – and then pulls out completely. I feel so empty. Pushing myself up, I try to work out who has been fucking me. I don’t have a chance to, because she straddles my chest and slaps me twice. The blows sting my cheeks and leave me breathless, but I can feel wetness pooling on the table beneath me.

“Filthy little bitch,” she says after the first slap. “Good little slut,” she tells me after the second. She pushes me down and kisses me quickly, pinning my shoulders down when I try to follow those smirking lips.

I think, though can’t be sure, that she comes around my fingers, and that it’s him who pulls my hand out of her and sucks her juices from my fingers. The cock pressing gently against the entrance to my cunt has most of my attention. She’s teasing me with a barely-there sensation, moving out of my reach whenever I try to push down on to the purple and glitter dick she yields with so much delight. I writhe and squirm, and she giggles.

“Want me to fuck you, cute little slut? Will you beg for my cock?”

“Yes. Fuck yes. Fuck me please. Please fuck me. Please, please, please fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck this filthy little slut. Fuck me please. Please. Fuck me. Pleeeeease…”

The last word turns into a squeal as she pushes inside me for the first time. Too slowly, far too slowly, but at least my cunt is being filled. My hair is grabbed again, and the pink dildo covered in my own juices is being eased between my lips. She’s slipped a bullet vibe into place in her harness, and begins to fuck my mouth with the intention of getting off. There are hands and mouths all over me, and there is a finger slowly being pushed into my arse. So many sensations, all at once.

Finding my hands free, I push at the hips of the woman fucking my mouth, and get a few seconds to pant out a strangled please.

“Aww, I think she’s frustrated. Maybe you should fuck her harder. Don’t touch her clit though. Only good girls get their clits touched, and little sluts who let their friends fuck them on a pub table are not good girls.”

I imagine them exchanging grins above my head as finally she begins to fuck me properly, her cock slamming into me. She thrusts again and then stops, stretching me out and grinding against me so I can feel the buzz of the toy that will get her off even as she denies me any chance to come. Though with mouths on both of my nipples, a finger pushing into my arse, a cock that tastes gloriously of me fucking my mouth and another one pounding my cunt… I begin to wonder if I will come for the first time without clitoral stimulation.

When they all pull away, just as the waves of orgasm are about to break over me, I almost scream. “Bastards. Fucking bastards. I hate you all.” I’m nearly crying.

“She’s so cute when she’s desperate, isn’t she?”

“She’s adorable and squirmy. Maybe we’re being mean?”

“I know she’s a filthy little slut, but even bad girls get orgasms when they’ve been well fucked.”

I open my eyes to make my most adorable face, and find that he’s between my legs. He grins wickedly at me as he finally gives me his cock. I’m already on the edge, and so after just a few thrusts and with his thumb pressing firmly on my clit I come. The pulsing of my cunt pushes him over the edge too, and he kisses me roughly as we come.

A few moments later, he pulls out of me and helps me sit up. One of them hands me a big t-shirt, which I pull on once I’ve shrugged off my cut-open shirt and bra. Arms around me lead me back into my chair and they hold me tightly as I grin in a post-orgasm haze of happiness.

Good girl,” I get a forehead kiss before she sits down opposite me.

“Such a good girl,” he confirms. “Now, cuddles for you, and Yorkshire puddings for everyone else? They’re the perfect post gang-bang snack.”


This awesome story about getting fucked on a pub table is also available as audio. Click ‘listen now’ above, visit OnQueerStreet.com for more of Quinn’s amazing work and head to the audio porn page for more sexy stories read aloud.  

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