Massage you – Sensual erotica

Image by the excellent Stuart F Taylor

This sensual erotica is by sex blogger and podcaster Sherryl Blu.

The candle was lit…
The wick crackled and the wax melted gently
Dripping slowly down its side in long intentional streaks

Shadows hit the wall in front of me
Candlelight was the only light in this room

We were both naked!

Sensual mood activated….

As I sat straddled across his back, both of my thighs pressed firmly against each of his butt cheeks, I reached for the bottle of oil, poured a generous amount in my palm and rubbed my hands together

I felt the oil warm slightly

I leant forward and allowed my hands to connect with his back

I began to rub the oil into his skin

Deep strokes followed by gentler ones

Working through his shoulders, down his back and up again, he let out a deep groan every time the deepness of my massage met his neck

That’s where all his tension lay, so I focused on that for a minute

I worked my fingers, used my palms… loosened those knots

The throaty sounds of appreciation, let me know I was hitting the right spot!

After a few more minutes, I told him to sit up, feet on the floor…. back to me… he did

I kneeled behind him

I poured more oil, this time directly to his skin

I let the oil trickle down the front of his shoulder, heading towards his chest

I leaned over him, my bare breasts pressed against his back…
I caught the oil just below his nipples

I rubbed it into his skin, then drew my palms up, massaging his pecs at the same time

He liked that so I continued….

Every time I moved to massage him, my body pushed more deeply against his body
My massage motion made it feel as though my breasts were massaging his back

He was getting a double helping!
And he was turned on… visibly

I wanted to help him with that
So I ran my hands down his arms as I manoeuvred from behind him and edged my way off the bed

I dropped down in front of him, placed my hand on his thighs and began to massage them
Within in seconds, his head had fallen back, his body followed shortly afterwards and despite the fact that lighting was limited, I liked what I saw
An outline of him laying back on the back, his hard cock standing to attention, flexing sporadically, me in front of him, massaging his thighs… inner and outer… naked…
I was turned on too

I worked up from his thighs slowly, deeply… until my hands met at his hardness.

I stroked him gently, then applied more pressure until it became a full on wank…

He sat back up, he wanted to see the state of himself, he wanted to see his solid erection
He was impressed with himself… I could tell
His right hand gripped his cock
He gave himself two strokes then told me to stand up

I did…

Remaining seated on the bed, he pulled me towards him

His face was level with my pussy

Within seconds, his tongue probed me!

Safe to say, the massage part was over…


This sensual erotica is also available as audio, read by Sherryl Blu. Click ‘listen now’ above, visit for more of Sherryl’s incredible work and head to the audio porn page for more sexy stories read aloud.  

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