Guest – adult chain story: a trip to the woods

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

Remember those ‘Choose your own adventure’ books? Well, this guest blog is a bit like one of those, only it’s pornographic. And instead of turning to page 24 to decide what the characters should do with their shivering arousal, I’m throwing it open to you to write the next chapter of the story.

When Steve got in touch with me to share a hot story he was writing, the fact that it had a ‘to be continued’ ending opened up a whole bunch of possibilities. I had a fairly clear idea in my head of what I wanted to happen next, but it occurred to me that others might have equally strong, but completely different ideas.

So here’s the deal: read the filthy sex story below, have a think about what you’d like to happen next, and leave a comment at the bottom of the post telling us what you think should happen in the next chapter. The guest blogger and I will pick one of the suggestions, and pass the story on to you to continue. Then someone else will pick up where you leave off, and so on, until our characters have gone on a rollercoaster ride through different fetishes, perspectives, sexual experiences, and sticky fun. A kind of adult chain story. Sound good? Sweet. Read on…

A trip to the woods (part 1)

The car engine judders to a stop, the sudden absence of noise exacerbated by the stillness and quiet of the woodland where we’re now parked. We’d driven here so fast that the journey had seemed like a blur, buildings and trees flashing past as we sped out of the city and onto the country roads. We both knew why we were coming here, to this deserted clearing in the woods, so the sense of urgency and anticipation had been strong.

But now we’re here in this woodland clearing – no sign of another human being for miles around us. The woods are eerily quiet now that the throaty rumble of the engine had died away. There’s just the faint ‘tink, tink, tink’ of the car as the engine cools.

We step out of the car, blinking slightly in the bright sunlight. You turn the full force of your smile on me, a smile which has the power to quicken my pulse and start my brain racing. I lean back against the car door and take your hands in mine, pulling you close to me. I can feel the heat of your body through the thin, summer dress and there’s a mounting feeling of excitement as you look up at me with those big, soulful eyes.

I feel your hand slide down my body and come to rest on my belt buckle. You look deep into my eyes and give a look that says ‘shall I?’ but without uttering a single word. I give an almost imperceptible nod, and stroke the palm of my hand over your cheek, before kissing you on those full, tempting lips.

Your fingers fumble briefly with the belt, finding the fastening and pulling it free. Then you start to unbutton my flies, revealing the inviting bulge inside my boxer shorts. In the harsh sunlight, the light casts some appealing shadows across my boxers, outlining the shape of my cock, already swollen and hardening at the thought of your touch.

You softly brush your fingers over the contours of my hard dick and give a mischievous giggle as you feel me twitch. I slide my hand down so that it rests on top of yours and our fingers entwine, both gently stroking along the length of my cock through the boxers.

You lean in for another soft kiss. Then, very slowly, you bend your knees and squat down in front of me, your hands reaching for the waistband of the boxer shorts as I lean back against the cold metal of the car. You tug hard on the boxers and pull them down just enough for my cock to spring forth. The thought of your touch has worked its magic and the shaft is hard and engorged, ready to please or to be pleased.

You lean in even closer, so close that I can feel your warm breath on the tip of my cock. You look up at me, checking the reaction, as I stare down at you, desire written across my face. You place one solitary kiss on the tip, your lips soft and tender as you run them down the shaft towards my smooth, shaved balls. I feel the warmth of your fingers reaching up to caress my balls, and then your lips are around the tip, taking me into your hot, inviting mouth and making me tense my hands against the cool metal of the car door.

Your mouth feels so hot, your long hair brushing against my stomach and my naked balls as you delicately suck on me. I run my fingers through your hair as you slide your lips back up along the shaft and let the wet tip slide out from between your lips.

You stand up and lean in to kiss me, so I can taste my own cock in your mouth and feel the tip of your tongue gently exploring mine. Then you pull back and gesture that we should move to the back seat of the car. I take your hand and open the door, wondering what pleasures await us…

To be continued…

If you want to continue the story, drop a comment below with a brief explanation of what you want to happen next, ideally something that is both a) sexy and b) carries on the plot of the story. Where do these people go next? Do more people arrive? Is there a car chase or alien abduction? Whatever your imagination throws up.

Usual erotica/decency rules apply: nothing illegal, discriminatory, etc. If you want to be picked, you need to use a real email address (which won’t be published) so I can contact you to let you know the baton is being passed to you. There won’t be a deadline, though, and it’s not a test, so don’t be shy. And, of course, you’ll receive the same payment as all other guest blogs and (unless you’d rather remain anonymous) you’ll have the chance to plug your own blog/Twitter feed.

What would you like to happen next? Let us know.


  • Pete says:

    My idea for what would happen, hopefully in the flow of the story:

    She sits him down in the middle seat of the back of the car and climbs on top of him. He sucks her tits as she rubs her clit against his cock through the fabric of her knickers, teasing him a little more, then pushes them aside to take him inside of her, then as he twitches near orgasm, she lowers herself deep on him to feel herself full of cock and filled with spunk. The two stay in that position for a while, smiling at each other and kissing. END.

    Basically like that, hope it sounds hot even though a brief explanation might make it sound like the description on a porn clip!

  • Ducky says:

    I really think they need to be disturbed by rambler or two who feel the need to join in. They’ve been watching from the shadowy woods but are so turned on that they started to get frisky themselves but couldn’t keep quiet. First couple are initially unsure but persuaded to join in.

  • Yaya says:

    I’d write it again, starting with the same sentence, but then from my point of view. How my cunt got warmer and wetter with every bump in the road. How I could already taste his cum in the back of my throat, even before I started sucking him off. Maybe giving a bit more background on why we drove so far, so horny (probably a dull family affair where we didn’t quite fit in)

    I realize that this will not continue your story and will probably not qualify. But just writing this was really.. hmmm.. (going to bed now. Thank you very much.)

  • Richie says:

    He can’t wait for the back seat. He pulls her head back by her hair and forcefully moves her to the bonnet of the car.
    When they finish, another couple are watching. It was just the beginning of the night…..

  • touchme says:

    I see it going more like this….

    She maneuvers him into the back seat and gets him comfortable and naked.
    She removes the fishnet stockings she wore with the sundress and uses them to tie his hands, one to each door
    so his arms are spread wide.
    She reaches to the front seat and brings out the picnic basket she brought. It is not filled with ham sandwiches and potato salad, but with wonderful sex toys (think vibrating butt plug, cock ring, nipple clamps and blindfolds).
    During a rather fun party not that long ago, he got piss drunk and confided in her a fantasy he’s never shared. She’s going to help fulfill that fantasy today.

  • Ben says:

    I think that as they move to the backseat they are approached by a female dog walker who has been watching from the undergrowth. Our lady shuts the door on her man as she talks to the newcomer so he can only hear their muffled voices through the glass.

    After some discussion she slides into the car with him and sits him next to one of the doors then ties his hands above his head to the headrest behind him. Exiting the car again, she moves to stand in front of the bonnet with the new woman with whom she starts to put on a show. His view is obscured by the head rest of the drivers seat and he strains around in some discomfort to see as much as he can as his cock aches to be pleased.

    Will they move back in to the car to use him as part of their game? Only one way to find out….

  • Girl on the net says:

    Thank you all so much for your comments so far – I love them =) I think right now I’m leaning towards Ben, Richie or touchme’s suggestions, because there’s interesting scope for plot development/backstory. But I’ll leave it open for another week and see…

  • JamesF says:

    I gently usher you into the backseat,You are told to kneel, then to your surprise, I open the window and move you so that your top half is protruding out of it. You go to protest, but I shush you. I walk around to the open window, reach in and pull your dress off over your head, your breasts are released from the bra and glisten in the moonlight. You have a puzzled, but horny look, but still allow me to carry on. I kiss you briefly, handle both your breasts, just tweaking a nipple, you see my bulge and go to grab it, I pull away frustratingly, walking back to the other side of the car. I kneel behind you, taking both arms, i pull them behind your back, you start to struggle, not here, surely not, really?.You put up a little resistance but dont say anything. Our safe word ‘London’ has only been used once and fair enough, that tramp did smell.
    Expertly, i used the bondage rope, which was in my pocket and i bind both hands, finally i pulled down your knickers just to your knees. “Perfect” i utter, as if I’ve just pulled a prize souflee out of a ‘Bake Off’ oven. I stand back. One final thing. I make sure your boobs are on the outside of the window. pull you back a little and press the button to wind up the window. You swear, swear some more, two of the words I’m not sure were actually swear words, but the way you spat them, made them sound like they were. It didn’t hurt but now you are truly stuck.
    Grinning I walk around and kiss your vulgar, obscenity spewing mouth. You laugh, growl and quieten as I pull my cock out.
    You have a urge to bite me as I used my phone during this horny moment, but it was the two words that I say , that sends shivers down your spine “She’s ready”
    To be continued?

  • Muffin says:

    i can tell by the look on your face, and the faint outline of your cock through your jeans, that you have been thinking about this throughout the journey.
    ” No. Not there” I say and placing my hand against the door resist you opening it further. ” wait a second”
    I lean on your shoulder and,balancing on one foot, hitch up my dress enough to slip off my lace panties, before letting the skirt fall back into place and, with a flick of my hand, launch the panties into the car “We won’t be needing these”
    I watch your eyes flick from the knickers on the seat of the car to my flimsy dress, a wolffish grin spreading across your mouth. I turn and walk towards a copse of trees, casting a quick glance over my shoulder and teasing say ” c’mon, If you want wild sex, let’s make it really wild”
    I know you are watching my arse move as I walk away, I know you can see through the cloth of my dress, can make out the line of my thighs and the gap at the top of my legs. I hear you move rather than see it. The click of the central locking, the crunch of your feet on the gravel.
    You catch my hand and spin me around /taking/ a kiss. Your tongue pressing hard into my mouth, your swollen cock pressing through the cloth of your jeans hard and hot against my belly. Your hands grip my butt cheeks , squeeze them, relishing the knowledge that merely millimetres of fabric separate my flesh from your own. I’m already wet. I know that trapped inside your jeans a tiny diamond of cum will be glistening in the tip of your dick. And I want to wipe away it away with the tip of my tongue.

  • Muffin says:

    “I so want to fuck you” I hiss and push you back against a tree. I fumble with your belt feeling your cock strain against the hastily fastened jeans. I grab your shaft and rub its solid length then whipping your belt from the loops say ” Hands behind your back, Boy! ” you obey and I bind them behind the tree with your belt.
    “But first, I’m gonna fuck me” I say and lifting my dress over my head I stand naked before you. The breeze caresses my skin and my nipples tighten to hard pink nubs atop my small, soft breasts. I slide a hand down my stomach and part my legs, dipping my fingers into my cunt and rubbing my clit., moaning a little as she stiffens to the rhythm.
    I press the glistening digits to you lips ” taste” I whisper, rubbing your cock and pushing my cum ladened fingers into your mouth.
    My hand slides into your jeans and I rub my thumb over your tip smearing your precum over the head, before sucking my thumb clean. I drop to my knees among the leaves and unleash your fat, hot cock into my waiting mouth….

  • Sothpaw9 says:

    This is how I see it the reason for trip to the woods was to check out a mysterious Deer Camp that he inherited from his uncle So imagine his surprise when he went to visit this Deer Camp only to find Small Western Town that included a man cave / sex dungeon completed with all kinds of kinds of sex furniture it had a milking table , Saint Andrew X , Glory hole, Wrestling Ring, and so much more there was an old style saloon,even a 6 Room Hotel, Indoor/outdoor pool , volleyball area it was later
    They found out his uncle like to get his kink on he would rent it out for special events. They decided to film some there own porn which they wore masks so nobody knew it was them and they always got a laugh when one of the friend’s would mention the latest video for rent at the local video store .

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