What I like in bed: On tour in one woman’s dirty mind

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This post was initially written with a particular guy in mind. He doesn’t read the blog, but he may at some point want an idea of how I like to get fucked, so I thought it might be hot to write him a story that I can give to him at some point. But then I ended up writing pure porn and I realised it was way too intimidating for that kind of discussion. It definitely does work for a blog post, though, because it’s filth. So here goes: what I like in bed.

We’ve banged a few times now – just enough to get to know each other a little, but not so much that I’ve exposed all the detail of the ways in which I really want you to fuck me. You see, although I know that communication is good, I also worry that if I go all-in with my comms before we’ve even fucked once, the pressure to tick everything off the list might make you feel like you’re wrangling to get the top score on Mario Kart. So I haven’t really told you this yet, I’ve just enjoyed the simple, casual fucks: the noises you make and the way you touch me and the sensation of your dick sliding in. But we’ve done it three times now, so here the fuck goes: here’s what I like in bed.

I like being grabbed by the wrist and led to the bedroom. Tightly, swiftly, like you cannot wait to get me in there. I like being stripped, and stripping you – fumbling with each other’s clothes like we can’t wait to get them off. Fucking up the removal of a belt or a fiddly button and rolling our eyes at each other as if to say ‘shit, I can’t wait.’

I want you to squeeze my tits through my bra, and run your hand up my stomach till you can slip it underneath – pinching my nipples with your fingers and giving a little groan of pleasure when you realise how hard they are. I like fumbles and frotting and grabbing and hands-trapped-in-knicker-elastic as you delve in to find my clit.

I like clit-rubbing, but I also like fingering: bury your fingers (at least two of your fingers) deep in the eager wetness of my cunt and fuck me with them like you think it’ll make me come. It won’t, but I don’t care, do it anyway.

Here’s what I like in bed: I like spanking and orders and being made to feel used and abused. Hold my head tight when I suck right down to the base of your dick and let me know how good it feels when I do that. Fuck my face till I gag a little, then give me a break and tell me to get my lips back there. I like it when the head of your cock presses up tight against the hard wetness of the back of my throat. I like the challenge of swallowing it.

I like choking on a load of your spunk, shot hard into my mouth while I gag and drool. I like looking up at you afterwards with wet, streaming eyes and knowing I did a good job.

I like it when you take off your belt. Slowly. Stare me down while you do it as if to say ‘this is what you’re going to get, you filthy bitch.’ Run the leather of the belt through your hand, smack it on your palm so it makes a ‘thwack’ sound, then order me into position wherever you like so you can wallop me with firm, deliberate strokes. I don’t want you to hurt me because I like it, I want you to hurt me because it turns you on.

I do not like head, but I love being fingered. I like fucking in the strictest, most normative sense: your cock in my cunt, slamming in and out while I squirm and squeal and grab the meat of your arse to yank you further inside me.

I like dildos and vibes and cock rings and butt plugs and fuckmachines. I like lube and spreader bars and rope and cuffs and whatever rattles out of the special drawer when you shake it. I like pegging and prostate massagers and sitting you down on a metal butt plug on a hard wooden chair then fucking you with slow, hard strokes so you can feel it nudging up inside you when I slide down to the base of your dick.

I like going on top, sometimes, but it makes me feel a little too powerful, so if you’re able to temper it with orders – harder, squeeze, ride me, there’s a good girl – then I’ll have an exceptional time. If you grab my hips or my tits or my neck with strong hands and croon ‘that’s it‘ even better. If you come quickly I’ll feel proud, and be zinging with confidence for the rest of the day.

Here’s what I like in bed: I like it when you inspect me. Make me spread my legs for you and call me a ‘good girl‘ when I do it even though it makes me feel utterly used and ashamed. Put your fingers inside me with an air of curiosity, then your cock inside me with the air of someone who simply cannot wait. Push me face-down on the bed and smother me with your body, then shove your dick into the entrance of my cunt with a satisfying shudder.

I like it slow sometimes too. Slow like beautiful torture. Slow like your fingers might just slip inside me but no no no not yet, not until I’m moaning and keening for them. Slow like you’re rationing out your dick and you need me to beg you for it. Slow like you’ve fucked me right up to the edge and you want me to balance on the precipice for a little while longer. Gentle not because you want to treat me gently, but because you know I like it really rough and withholding is kind of the point.

Grunt. With each fuckstroke, grunt to show how hard you’re exerting yourself on my cunt. Yank my legs into whichever position you want them, and order me to squeeze nice and tight around your dick. Put your big hands on my tits and crush me to the bed while you fuck me: pressing me down and restricting the air and movement so all I can focus on is your big shoulders and your arms and your face with eyes closed in concentration.

Talk dirty to me: tell me what you want and what you like and what you’re doing. Tell me how good my cunt feels and what you want to do with your dick. Threaten me with further punishment if I cannot make you come in the next two minutes.

Tell me I’m good, and I’m bad, and I’m dirty.

Here’s what I like in bed: I like it when you fuck me like you’re wanking. I like it when you fuck me like I’m in trouble. I love it when you fuck me so swiftly and so brutally that you cannot help but come uncontrollably inside my cunt less than five minutes in.

But please don’t read this like it’s the be-all and end-all, because here’s what I like in bed too: I like playful, horny curiosity. I like the feeling I got in my stomach the first time a boy in college held up his vibrating pager and asked me if I thought it might feel nice … there. I like the powerful gutpunch of lust that came to me when a different guy, much later, held a wine bottle at the entrance to my cunt. I like the groaning, grunting, moaning joy that you’ll show no one else but an empty room, when you’re wanking to porn you’re ashamed of. I like to hear your dirty little secrets, and find ways we can weave them into the next thing that we do. I like discovery and exploration and fun and weird new kinks.

I like dick. I like spunk. I like fucking. But most of all what I like in bed are those moments when your eyes grow wide and you let out that growl from the back of your throat, and your strokes speed up and your hands grip harder… the moments which tell me that yes this that’s it – this position or this act or this sensation or that noise… that’s the one that will tip you over the edge.

Here’s what I like in bed, but what I like best of all is expanding this post to include the things that make you shiver – the things you think about when you’re gripping your cock late at night and conjuring images to push yourself into those first few rushing waves of orgasm. I like understanding what it is that makes your dick hard, and especially what causes that first hot portion of spunk to thud – hard – out the end of it.

So here’s what I like in bed: how about you?


This post is also available as audio. Click ‘listen now’ above or head to the audio porn page for more sexy stories read aloud.


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