Amazing guest blogs of 2015 – part 1

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

Next up in the series highlighting great guest blogs from the archive, here are a few of my favourites from 2015. There were so many amazing guest blogs in 2015 I’ve split this into a few parts. In this part: snogging in lifts, a pegging spitroast, glory holes, and the sexiest thing I have ever read on the subject of Rocket Raccoon… 

1. Reclaiming my wheelchair through sexy lift snogs

“The really fun part turned out to be lifts. You can’t just hop on an escalator to get to Womenswear, Second Floor. You have to track down a member of staff, who directs you to a tiny lift in an out-of-the-way corner of the shop. No one else was ever around. There would just be space for him to stand behind my wheelchair, so I would tip my head back, he would lean over me, and we would kiss until we felt the jolt of the lift stopping again. You can’t do much like that, just lips touching and perhaps hands on faces, trying not to let the wheelchair run away if we were too intent on kissing to remember to put the brakes on. There’s something delicious about being limited in that way, with your throat exposed and no idea whether someone’s watching disapprovingly on a security camera.”

By Desire on Wheels

2. The glory hole

“The corridor stretched before me. While I waited for the hot gay sex to happen, I explored. There were rooms off to the side, some with a bed, some with just room to stand. They all had a glory hole in the wall. The doors to some of the rooms were closed, and I could hear muffled grunting and moaning coming from inside. One of the doors was ajar and I stopped and watched as a guy vigorously fucked his partner. His back glistened with sweat, and his balls slapped against the other guy’s arse as their bodies met.”

By an anonymous reader

3. Rocket Raccoon: Ain’t no man like mine ‘cept mine

“In putting this little post together, I’m also trying to explain to other people just why he makes me so happy – why he makes me feel so good in my brain … and body. Because, yeah, it’s that kind of crush, too. The kind that’s both physical and mental at the same time. The kind that inspires you and makes you weak-kneed. The kind that makes you giggle hysterically but also makes you want to do better in your real life. And the kind that makes the teenaged you involuntarily moan really loudly at certain particular moments, which leads to your parents barging into your room at midnight but, hey, it’s okay, because you’re under the covers and you’re not looking at pictures of hot naked human men – just a comic book raccoon dude, so, hey, that can’t mean anything, right? So, false alarm, mom and dad, okay? Yyyyyeah. Good night. Door shut? Alone? Locked this time? Whew. “Mmm, your tail is so bushy, Rocket! Your ears are so pointy! Your teeth are so sharp!” Lather, wash your food in a forest stream, repeat.”

By @d_m_elms

4. Naked maid in San Francisco: a true story

“There was the one with an already immaculate home who wanted me to clean his shower with it running because he liked to watch the water cascading down my body; the one way out in the suburbs who wanted me to clean in sheer stockings and high heels, which he was kind enough to purchase for me; the yoga instructor who did naked yoga while I cleaned; the nudist who had me wear a collar and cuffs while cleaning his floor to ceiling mirrors and then asked me to hang out on his eighth floor balcony with him naked after I was done, looking down at the unsuspecting pedestrians below.”

By TeachersHaveSex

5. The price of love

“Go out for a summer day in the countryside? Good luck finding affordable public transport to nowhere. Even a brief encounter in a public toilet requires a long search for one that hasn’t been sold off for “development” (and finding 30p). Every time you turn around it gets harder and harder to simply BE anywhere without spending vast sums of money. Even supposedly free spaces make damned sure you can’t be in them for long. Parks are fenced off, walls and pavements are spiked, undergrowth is cut back. Heaven forefend you might want to go somewhere nice, or dry.”

By Frankie

6. The pegging spitroast

“I’m a pro-domme; I’ve been pegging men for money for a couple of years. B is a fellow sex worker, albeit a switch and the two of us frequently see clients together. Occasionally a client will ask for a meeting that involves B being submissive, however our most popular request is our spit-roast session. We saw a client a few weeks ago for one such session and I enjoyed it so much that I’m going to share it with you.”

By @TheLadyLucifer

As ever I am hugely indebted to all the amazing guest bloggers and anonymous contributors who share their work here. If you’d like to write a guest post, please check out the guidelines and send me something; I’d love to read it and I pay for contributions. If you’ve pitched me and haven’t had a reply feel free to nudge me as well. You can see all past guest blogs here

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