Sexy link roundup: #MeToo, boot polishing and breast massagers

Image by the excellent Stuart F Taylor

This week’s sexy link round-up is eclectic: I’ve got one serious post, one seriously horny post, and one seriously odd post. Click on the headings below to read the full articles, and please do share the ones you love.

Where did I go? – A to sub bee

“I had the privilege at one point of being the first female in the UK of holding my job position. It’s something I’m incredibly proud of but it didn’t come without its difficulties. The call outs in the middle of the night, just for a laugh. Having to go above and beyond what I needed to do just to prove I was capable of doing it. The being spoken over in meetings or being spoken about as if I’m not there because my point of view doesn’t count. Then there are the offers from ‘amateur photographers’ who want to take your pictures, the being told you’re too pretty to do ‘this sort of work’. There were worries about giving me the position in the first place because having a uterus means I’d start having babies. I’ve had people ask me that in interviews and also I was refused a promotion on those grounds too. It’s totally illegal but that doesn’t stop it from happening.”

This post made me so angry, but it’s so important. That last quoted line especially. To everyone who says ‘ah but we’ve got equality under the law now’, please read it and realise that we’re still a long way from where we need to be.

Polishing Ava – Livvy Libertine

It’s been a while since I read a sexy story that was genuinely not something I’d considered yet simultaneously turned me on SO MUCH. *swoon*

“As her first “customer” took his place Ava quickly began to work, brushing the dirt and dust away, giving the boots a quick scrub and polishing them deftly all while the man in the chair above her ogled her nude body and chatted with David. As the evening went on she found that she was not only surrounded by men, but almost always had one in her chair as well. She knew she polished some pairs of shoes or boots more than once.”

Read the whole thing, it’s incredibly horny.

Hydro-powered breast massagers – ErosBlog

What can I say? Eros finds some of the weirdest things. This post includes lots of quite-scary-looking pictures from ads for ‘breast massagers’ – presumably designed to enhance or somehow change the appearance of your breasts. Not only is it fun to look back at the odd stuff in history, it also makes me wonder which of today’s products will look bizarre to people in the future…

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