The winner of the orgasm picture competition…

An orgasm, by GalleryKC

What happens when you ask people to send in a visual representation of their orgasm? Awesome things. A month or so ago, after Stuart Taylor had drawn a stunning representation of an orgasm for an old blog post of mine, I asked people to have a go at representing their own. The aim was to show the breadth of different orgasmic experience and find some beautiful visual depictions of something that’s really hard to describe.

A huge thanks to everyone who entered – the pictures covered a huge range of experience – beautiful, sexy, evocative, fun, and everything in between. You can see all of the orgasm competition entries here. Below are the five finalists, as chosen by the public vote, and then my gang of awesome judges helped me to pick the overall winner. After a lot of deliberation (it was really tricky to choose, as there were so many fantastic images), we finally chose a winner…

So… *drum roll*… the winner is… GalleryKC! We loved the beauty of this picture, and thought it was really evocative – the shattering glass, the way the colour explodes out of the side of the glass – amazing. GalleryKC wins £100 vouchers for, a framed print of the orgasm picture that inspired this comp, and a copy of BishUK’s fantastic sex ed book.

Massive congratulations to all the runners-up as well – it was genuinely hard to pick a favourite, and the judges weren’t unanimous, which I think shows just how personal each experience is. And bloody well done to everyone who entered. It’s been a total joy to see all the different images, and have a bit of a glimpse into other people’s experience of orgasm.

The winner

The runners-up


What does an orgasm look like? by@annalank

An orgasm, by @annalank

An orgasm, by Emmeline Peaches

An orgasm, by Emmeline Peaches

What does an orgasm look like? Molly's Daily Kiss shows you

An orgasm, by Molly

An orgasm, by Victoria Vendetta

An orgasm, by Victoria Vendetta


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