On swingers clubs: one hot story and a couple of myths busted

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

Swingers clubs aren’t all full of 60 year old men. They’re not adult playgrounds purely for pensioners, or filled only with single guys looking for a hookup.

Whenever I talk about swingers clubs people recoil a bit, like they’re disgusting and seedy places filled with the sorts of people you probably wouldn’t want to fuck. This isn’t the case – if it was I suspect that they’d never have caught on.

Yes, most people in swingers clubs tend to be older, because it often takes time for people to get comfortable enough in their sexuality that they’re willing to shag strangers in a roomful of other shagging strangers while some more strangers look on.

But older people can be incredibly sexy, and swingers’ clubs are pretty hot places. I’ve met and seen people in swingers clubs who are deeply attractive – 60 year old men included – and I’ve played with people who are friendly, calm, and delightful company.

The problem with swingers clubs is the same as the problem with all casual sex – when it comes down to it you’re just not going to fancy everyone. That chemistry that can be so difficult to find between two people is even harder with twenty. No matter how hot the scene, you do all need to be in the same mood for it to work.

My favourite anecdote involving swingers clubs

Picture of Girl on the Net in her knickers on a mattress, the way she probably would be in a swingers clubI was with a boy and we arrived with another couple. She was small and blonde and had a beautiful accent. Tight body, teeny waist, feisty boots and a ‘fuck-you’ attitude. He was tall, dark and muscled in the way that I believe many girls find quite attractive. They took us to their favourite club.

The club itself was spectacular. From the outside it was a warehouse with a door, but on the inside it was a network of rooms and corridors that you could easily get lost in. Two-way mirrors let you watch people fucking in a den full of cushions. The ‘cinema’ room showed hardcore on a loop while couples lazily hand-fucked each other with vacant stares on the sofas. In a dungeon room with stocks and wall-brackets, a generous stranger helped my boy rope my hands to the wall and give me a beating that made me cry.

Later, in a quieter area, the boy asked me to tell him what I liked, and what I wanted to do. He sat facing me, with two fingers in my cunt and one hand holding the back of my neck, and looked right into my eyes as I told him stories about the people in the club. Which ones I wanted to fuck. Which ones I wanted to watch. How I wanted to see the couple we’d arrived with. How I wanted him to fuck me while we watched them.

I have never fucked anyone new at a swingers club – I like to fuck, and I like to be touched, but in a club I like to watch what other people are doing. I love to see people doing something filthy, and getting off on the crowd enjoying the live show.

At this particular club, there was a woman with a penchant for exhibitionism being fucked by three guys in a sex swing.

She was about forty – slim, petite, with dark blonde hair that clung to her face and neck with sweat. Lying on her back in the swing she had one guy – much older – with his cock forced deep into her throat. Every now and then she’d give a little choke and a moan. Another guy, tall and young and muscled, was in her cunt and fucking her vigorously. Every time he pushed his rock-solid cock into her, she’d be forced to take the other guy further into her throat. A bystander had one hand on her stomach and one hand on his cock, watching her choke and moan as the other two fucked her dry.

We stood, the four of us, and watched in awe as the woman was pushed back and forth, jiggling and twitching with each stroke. The guy at the bottom had his hands gripped round her upper thighs, to better pull her down right to the base of his cock. The guy at the top was grinning like he’d paid for it, and pulling on her hair to angle her throat for easier access.

My boy was touching me. Softly squeezing my ass, and rubbing the back of his hand on the crotch of my knickers to feel how damp I was getting. The couple we were with squeezed tight together as the guy pressed his hardon into the girl’s back.

As things started heating up the scene gathered a crowd – more people from the club were wandering past and had to stop, mesmerised by the passion and force of the guys, and the obvious joy of the woman in the swing.

When there were about ten of us watching, as the guy at the bottom sped up and started slamming his cock harder with the desperation that told us he was going to come, she shifted position.

She pulled the cock out of her mouth, sat up slightly, still jiggling and wincing as the second guy continued to pull her, with quick, hard strokes, down onto his cock.

She put her hand on the third guy. He was rubbing himself more vigorously now, gearing up to splash come all over her stomach as she lay there getting fucked. With a cheeky grin she looked at him and, in a voice that wavered each time the second guy’s dick rammed home, she loudly declared:

“‘Ere, Keith! We should get one of these for the conservatory!”

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  • Where we're going, we don't need names. says:

    These are the moments which restore one’s faith in humanity.

    As are the moments where people like you take the time to write about them and share the joy.

    Thank you.

    (Funnily enough, I’m going to a swingers club tonight … and, having been before, I fully expect there to be equally hilarious and heartwarming moments at equally unexpected times. Which is great.)

    • girlonthenet says:

      Exactly – a part of me loves the reminder that real people don’t actually act like porn stars. Although there’s also a part of me that gets really sad when something comic kills the mood.

      Hope you had fun at the club. p.s. love the name =)

  • Nathan says:

    Hahaha, that’s excellent.

  • LaidyLay says:

    That club sounds immense. Are you able to give any details on how to get in /advice on how to find a good club?

    • Girl on the net says:

      Depends on the club – they’re not usually tricky to get into though. Some can be expensive, and most have things like a dress code and etiquette code (pretty standard stuff, I think). The best place to find them is, as ever, the internet. Depending on what you’re into or looking for, try forums around that area and see if anyone’s got any recommendations. As a general rule if something’s been reviewed a few times it’ll probably be a legitimate place (i.e. not someone’s shed) and I’d recommend that if possible you take a friend along with you, just in case it’s not your sort of place, or if you’re uncomfortable and need someone to give you a good get out. Good luck and have fun =)

  • freddy says:

    PMSL – how did I miss this post before now?

    I have a favourite club ‘for like minded people’ where S and I can go and indulge our exhibitionist tendencies. It’s not the one you mention here, but has most of the same sort of facilities. I cherish memories of being chained to the wall and teased to perfection by her mouth and hands in front of an audience of towel-wrapped men all wanking themselves as they watched. S was oblivious to their presence.

  • Lynne says:

    July 2014 update. Sadly the swingers scene is getting worse. Too many now are money making pits aimed at those very gullible single guys (defined as those to lazy to go and date, those in a relationship with trophy girlfriends who doesn’t want to smudge her lipstick by giving a bj and the single married guys who can’t communicate with frumpy, but who’s going to cook my dinner? wifey).
    So now the couples only venues are few and far between and a lot of the hardcore, chandelier swinging, spit roasting is for amateurs ‘swingers’ are now popping over to the continent for the weekend.
    The attitude is better, single men are allowed, which suits me and my husband and, most importantly, people go to fuck and the highlight is that they are capable of doing so….!!! Thank goodness I live on the south coast, easier for me and hubby to get to France than for us to travel up to the big smoke.

    Comments welcome.

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