I want you to have your own room

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

There is something very sexy about you having your own room. I don’t mean your own bedroom – although there’s definitely a flutter of hot lust in my gut when I imagine you visiting my room for a functional fuck. Emptying your aching balls into me then disappearing into a den of your own for some proper rest. Like an entitled duke in some historical erotica. Using me because you can, then keeping the rest of your life separate and secret, so all I can do is lust from a distance and wish I could get closer.

I got distracted. Sorry. I’m horny, you see, because I keep thinking about you having your own room.

Not a bedroom, though: an office. A den where you retreat to get time away from me. An office with a door that I have to knock on to enter. A place where you sit alone, idly browsing porn and casually beating one out. Pausing every few minutes to bring yourself back from the edge of orgasm, taking a pull on a can of Coke, flexing your fingers, then starting again.

Your own room: a porn palace. A wank den. An office to which you can summon me.

When you’ve spent a good hour warming up, and browsing porn, deciding exactly which sensations you’d like on your dick right now, that’s when you call me. Demanding my presence.

Not “can you come to my office please?” but “get in here!”

A short pause as I swallow down my nerves and excitement then:

“Didn’t you hear? I said get IN here. NOW.”

Although I’ve been summoned, I still knock. Because this is your space. Your room. And in your own room you are king and God and all the terrible clichés that are only clichés because they work.

I knock on the door, and you tell me to enter.

As I walk in you’ve got porn playing on a monitor in the corner. Your dick is fat in your hand, and you’re squeezing it as you casually stroke yourself. You don’t take your eyes off the screen.

“Get on the floor,” you tell me. “I want to fuck your cunt.”

At no point do you look at me, or acknowledge that I’ve rushed here at your request. You expect it, because you demanded it.

Nor do you ever stop wanking. This isn’t, after all, a romantic fuck that’s designed to please me: it’s just an extension of the wank you were having in the first place.

I’m not getting fucked because you love me, I’m being used because I am useful.

As I bury my face in the floor, pull down my jeans to give you access to my cunt, the only acknowledgement I get from you that I’m doing what you want is a grunt of satisfaction as you shove your cock inside me.

You pull me back onto you so your dick slides in deeper – so you can stay seated comfortably on the sofa and still feel me tight and wet around you. Your legs are spread wide and your cock is deep in my cunt.

You lean forward to grab the back of my shirt – all the better to yank me back right down to the base of your prick.

“That’s good. That’s it. Stay there.”

And you pull me back and forth, sliding me up and down your dick like I’m only there for your pleasure.

I have to shudder and bite my lip in an effort not to come, because this is not about me: it’s for you.

You skip ahead in the video, and now the person on screen is getting anally fucked.

You see it, you want it, and so you take it.

You reach out to your right, grab a bottle of lube, sigh as if this is a tedious step that you’d rather not have to go through.

“Spread,” you order, and I do. I spread myself wide for you even as my cunt tenses involuntarily around your dick. I can’t see what’s on screen but I know what’s about to happen as you put the nozzle of the lube bottle inside me and squeeze hard. Cold, wet liquid squirts into me, and you roughly shove a finger in to spread it around.

You want me lying on my side, like the woman in the video. Knees tucked up to my chest in the best anal sex position – best for me because it’s easy, for you because you can look down and see your cock sliding into me and my cunt lips squashed between the tops of my thighs. As I flip over onto my side I try to take off my jeans, but you tut and slap my arse hard as if to say ‘don’t bother.’

This is not about me – it’s about you. You have easy access to my ass, so why bother revealing the rest? Maybe later, while you’re fucking me good and hard, you’ll want to reach up and pull down my shirt to grab a handful of one of my tits, or pinch one of my nipples to keep me from squirming. But for now your eyes are trained on the video, and you’re having the perfect wank, and all you need from me is obedience.

So I roll over, tuck my knees up to my chest, and feel my heart thumping in my throat.

You shove your cock in, stretching me out and making my knees weak. And you fuck me with quick, hard, rough strokes: the kind you’d rarely use if we were doing this face-to-face.

You fuck the way we never would when we are equals.

If we were doing this in any room other than yours.


This post is available as audio. Click ‘listen here’ at the start of the post, or check out the audio porn page for more sexy stories read aloud. 


  • AC says:

    Quite erotic. Having a picture to look at while I read this would have added to the pleasure!

    • Girl on the net says:

      Glad you enjoyed it! I’m not sure what you mean about pictures though – there is a picture at the top of the post, which was custom-drawn for this blog. Does it not appear in your browser? If so could you let me know which browser you’re using and I’ll see if it’s a problem I can fix!

      • AC says:

        I meant picture of you to go with the post. I real later that you are a word person not picture person.

        Back to the story, another fantasy could be the security guard or the janitor. People who see you in your short skirt everyday and wank to the moon imagining your naked body.
        Maybe a story idea for another day?

        • Girl on the net says:

          There are some pics of me in the images section of the menu, but honestly I just don’t like taking pics of myself – it’s not a medium that works for me. And I get kind of sad when people ask for them. Like, yeah, I could show you a picture of my cunt or whatever but there are a million cunts on the internet already: you don’t need mine. And I’ve just spent ages writing a thing I think might touch people and turn them on, to be told it isn’t enough without a picture makes me massively depressed tbh.

          • AC says:

            I get it. And I must add that your writing is very effective. More effective than ‘a million cunts’.

  • Curvaceous Dee says:

    This turned me on so freaking much – I had quite the enthusiastic wank session post-reading, as it started my brain travelling in all sorts of interesting directions :)

    xx Dee

    • Girl on the net says:

      Ah thank you! Delighted this one seems to have hit the mark – it has been my obsession for the last wek or so and has given me many many happy wanks =)

  • Eric Smith says:

    Wonderful writing GOTN, and superbly arousing. Sex in any workroom or office can be great but I have not tried an open-plan multiple desk office …. yet.

    A girlfriend and I once worked in offices next door to each other in a firm with hundreds of staff and they almost all seemed to go home prompt at half past five. Ten minutes later there was a gentle knock on the door.

    Two pieces of advice for that kind of office sex.
    1. Have a really secure place to keep the condoms. I has one of those fancy combination lock filing cabinets.
    2. If it is an office that is so old fashioned that girls feel they need to wear a skirt, then stockings and suspenders are much better than tights. It just needs to get the knickers off (much quicker than tights) and then you can get on with the important stuff of a tongue in the cunt and then a good fun end of the day fuck.

    Security knew very well why we were grinning our heads off as we left…..

    • Girl on the net says:

      Ohhhh sex in a real-life office is also *excellent*. It’s the risk factor, for sure. And the ‘this is where you work during the day’ factor – like I like the idea of him remembering the fuck we had on his desk the night before and getting a hard on at his desk while he’s working on something the day after. I did do this once with a guy and it was AMAZING https://www.girlonthenet.com/2015/09/27/fucking-in-the-office/

  • Eric Smith says:

    Offices have such suitable furniture too – fucking bent over a desk, or the posh office chair with arms that a girl can lie back in, rest her legs over the arms and her cunt is there at exactly the right angle to be sucked. Then it is good to sit back in turn and have a good blow job. Carpets help: ask your boss for a carpet, much better for fucking than a hard wood floor.

    Where to dispose of the used condom? That is another story….

  • Jadis says:

    Having discovered your blog a few weeks ago, I absolutely love your writing style and have eagerly read through lots of your blog – both the wonderful feminist and politics posts and (sometimes with my hand slipping downwards) the filthy ones. I have also bought and read both of your books, which were also fabulous – funny, insightful, and sexy. This was the first of your posts that I read in ‘real time’ – as in I had checked your twitter and seen that you’d published something new – and I loved it. Having recently got more bold in exploring my sexuality, my first ever sex toys arrived in the post today. Along with the audio porn and other erotica I used while trying them out, I came back to this extremely powerfully arousing post to read and spark off fantasies as I enjoyed my new vibrator. So thank you very much for writing this blog, and encouraging us to release (and feel good about) our pervy sides.

    • Girl on the net says:

      Oh wow, thank you so much! I am so pleased you like my work, and it’s really kind of you to take the time to say – honestly your message has just made my day =) I hope you continue to enjoy and explore! <3

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