Brilliant guest blogs of 2014

Image by the awesome Stuart F Taylor

Last year I started doing a series highlighting some of my favourite guest blogs from the archive. As I’ve been looking through the blog archive to turn sexy stories into audio porn, I’ve been reminded of some of the amazing guest blogs people have contributed to these pages. Take a trip down memory lane with me to some of the brilliant guest blogs of 2014…

1. Withdrawal symptoms: how to withdraw consent

“Slip a glow stick into your sub’s hand. When things get too intense he can simply break it with the tiniest amount of pressure. Works particularly well if in a darkened room. Other similar ideas include party poppers, a bubble machine and a glitter/confetti cannon. Though be aware that the latter are extremely messy options. Maybe you could reintroduce play by making your sub pick up each little piece of confetti, one by one.”

By @writtenbyjenny

2. Sex with an ex

“This is the first time I’ve seen him since we broke up. Since I stood and sobbed into his chest and begged him not to break up with me. Since I watched the indecision in his eyes. Saw him cry for me and for what he had done. Guilt and shame strewn across his face. The day he wiped away the tears that were streaming and pouring down my face. Pulled me into his chest, stroked the back of my head and soothed me, whilst I sobbed so hard I couldn’t catch my breath. My whole body shaking. My face buried in his chest, hands clutching at him, not bearing to let him go. His t-shirt sopping wet from my tears. He walked with me like this to his front door and we stood there for I don’t know how long. And then he stepped away from me, opened the front door, kissed me on the forehead, and said goodbye.”

By Leo

3. Disabled people have kinky sex – who’d have thought it?

“The problem was caused by the fact that I’m a “crip” (that’s disabled person to you “non-crips”) and tying all those complicated knots and stuff with only one arm is difficult and annoying. To be honest bondage is not in my top 10 sexual activities, probably because of this. But my lover was extremely keen on restraint and on all kinds of submissive activities. She loved being told what to do, what the rules were. It made her feel like she had a purpose and removed the mental chaos she felt if she had to work out what to do in sexual situations. She was also disabled. She was very high functioning ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder). She was a genius but had severe problems with social interaction. We had amazing sex. She’d taught herself to orgasm at will. Lucky woman, you’re thinking. Unfortunately that story has an unhappy ending.”

By Richard Butchins

4. Hit me, but only when I tell you to

“I trust him. It is as simple as that. He knows my history, and he doesn’t let it stop him. When I talked to him about starting a BDSM lifestyle, he was unsure, simply because he had never done it before. He was the most enthusiastic beginner I have ever met. He was willing to test his limits constantly, always checking how I was feeling. He taught me new things about myself that I never knew, and, on the days that I reacted badly, he stopped immediately, and just held me, until the fear had passed. I adore him, and I know that this relationship works for us. He has discovered an incredibly dominating side to his personality that I’m not sure he knew existed before. And I get all the benefits!”

By Broken Sub

5. First time masturbation

“Eventually, one night, after years of having disgustingly hot sex in the comfort of my own head (and regaining my privacy after boarding school), I tentatively slipped my hand down the waistband of my pyjama trousers and into the welcoming warmth of my own soft folds. The first time I touched my clitoris it was like an explosion in my brain.”

By @JillyBoyd

As ever I am hugely indebted to all the amazing guest bloggers and anonymous contributors who share their work here. If you’d like to write a guest post, please check out the guidelines and send me something; I’d love to read it. If you’ve pitched me and haven’t had a reply feel free to nudge me as well. You can see all past guest blogs here

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