On boywanking: masturbation tips courtesy of men I’ve fucked

Image by the awesome Stuart F Taylor

It breaks my heart to think that, at this very minute, thousands of men are beating one out yet only a very small percentage of them will be videoing the event to share with the internet or a loved one. Boywanking is hot. And not just hot like ‘ooh, that’s nice’ but hot like ‘I think I might have to sit down for a minute because my legs have just stopped working.’ So I thought I’d share some of the sexy masturbation tips men I’ve known (in the Biblical sense) have shared with me…

Fairly recently, a boy of mine almost knocked me over in the street by making casual reference to the fact that sometimes, when he’s cracking one off, he ties shoelaces round his cock and balls to make things nice and tight.


So in that spirit, and as I sit here going steadily blind, here are a few other things boys have told me they do when they’re wanking that are stunningly, gobsmackingly hot. In short: some innovative masturbation tips that you might like to try if you’re feeling adventurous. Some boys have even done them in front of me so I can watch like a pathetic, cock-hungry pervert.

7 masturbation tips, as told to me by guys I am hot for

Jizz on/in random things

Yes, it’s very sexy when you come all over your t-shirt. So why not experiment with other stuff? Your pants, a cup by the side of your bed, a favourite childhood toy, your hand (oh god yes catch it in your hand), etc. Points for the most unusual.

Use lube

Lube does lovely things, especially if you’re not circumcised, and therefore not necessarily inclined to lube your cock up on a regular basis. If you’re uncircumcised, chances are the head of your cock is extremely sensitive, which means if you lube it up and rub it – just the head – over and over again with one of your hands, you’ll make beautiful hot wincing faces, and possibly come nice and hard so it squirts through your fingertips.

Shove things up your arse

Butt plugs, fingers, anything that comes to hand, really. Obviously, for safety’s sake, you should make sure it’s something with no sharp edges that is easy to extract once you’ve shot your bolt. But boys wearing buttplugs, sitting on a chair so it’s forced nice and deep into them, rubbing frantically at themselves as they feel stretched and dirty, I just… yeah.

Hump stuff

Hell yes. One of my boys once told me that as a teenager it took him ages to discover wanking with his actual hands – he just used to hump the bed until he came all over the sheets. No hands wanking: omfg.


This one goes without saying, really. Nothing cures heartbreak like frantically and angrily beating one out while thinking about your recent ex being railed by a team of rugby players. And by ‘cures heartbreak’ I mean ‘makes me want to sit on you.’

Use the shower

OK, so you have to stand up, which is a downside. But on the up side you can squirt water from the shower head directly into your ass while you rub your soaped-up dick until you come all over yourself. And, of course, you’ll smell fresh and innocent as you emerge straight-faced from the bathroom.

Denial wank

The best of the best. Wank, don’t come. Wank, don’t come. Wank, don’t come. Repeat until you’re red in the face and on the verge of tears and if I touched you on the train you’d come hot and hard on the inside of your jeans. While whimpering. You filthy bitch.

Edited to add: you could also try masturbating with a selection of amazing dick toys. Here area few examplesto get you started. I also discovered a really unusual masturbation trick long after I’d written this post, so click that link if you’d like something even more out of the ordinary. 

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  • Daisy says:

    Oh. My. God. You weren’t lying when you tagged the last post “I promise the next post will be something you can wank to”…yeah, and I’m off work today. And horny.

    It’s like it was meant to be.

    And I was about to write a piece on girlwanking for my blog this afternoon. I’m not sure I could do it justice after this.

    And anyway, I will probably spend the rest of this week calling my boyfriend and BEGGING him to let me watch him lubewank all over my tits this weekend.

    • Daisy says:

      *Update* Well, the weekend has come and gone, and I ended up with cum on my face, in my hair, over my tits, sprayed on my belly, in my mouth – totally awesome weekend… :)

  • Jim says:

    That’s the “to do” list for the rest of the week sorted.

  • obscureusername says:

    I would leave a more coherent comment but my hands are trembling a bit and my eyes keep unfocusing due to the filthy, filthy images dancing through my head…

  • Mark says:

    It’s a particular favourite of mine to hold the head at climax between thumb and forefinger so nothing comes out and pressure builds and builds. Then when you release you get a double thrill and the squirtage distance is huge!!

  • Chaz says:

    So *you’re* the reason why men keep wanting to wank for me on cam(?)

    Honestly, I don’t get it. Watching a guy play with himself on cam does absolutely nothing for me. If I’m in the room – very different. Although I’ll probably take over before he’s done and fuck or suck him dry. But watching a guy wank himself off is boring for me to watch. If I can’t be involved, then what’s the point? I’d rather watch anal porn.

  • TheComedian says:

    The idea that someone would need any of these things suggested to them appalls me.
    What else do these guys do with their alone time?
    As I teenager I used to fuck the gap between the sofa cushions in my room until the edges frayed to nothing.
    On one summer holiday I also remember my parents being concerned that I used to spend hours in the pool holding onto the edge, rather than swimming. There was of course a conveniently groin-height water jet that I became very intimate with.
    As for the denial wank, that largely describes the relationship I have with this blog.
    I know you say “not safe for work”, but my office has two lockable doors.
    I never intend to shut them when I start reading, but as I get further down the page I realise the crippling shame of someone walking in.
    No it’s ok, I’ll exercise some self control today.
    I’ll stop.
    Honestly I’ll stop.
    Oh fuck it, I’m closing the doors, getting out the mini vaseline pot and sitting on my hand

  • B says:

    I have tried all those methods and some I do regularly. I especially like using anal toys, the denial wank and tying my cock and balls up REALLY tight with stretchy silicone tubing. Another method I love is to wank through my jeans. The rough rubbing of the denim on my cock gives a really different sensation. And coming in clothes is also very hot. I’ve also wanked whilst on my back with my legs swung right back so my knees are by my ears. That way, I come on my face and in my mouth :)

  • SNT says:

    Absolutely, do it standing over me and cover me in it, while not letting me do anything to myself.

    • Chillibeer says:

      I love the thought of you watching me wank then when I need to cum I ask you to strip naked and lay down before me so I can ejaculate all over you.

      When I’m done we get dressed and carry on with our day.

      I wonder how how times you could handle this before you HAD to join in?

  • LM says:

    I like to take the bed idea one step further by getting my husband to hump the bunkbeds at his parents’ house. Under the mattress are a mixture of wooden planks and wire supports which are twisted (deliberately manufactured that way) so that as he moves back and forth the pain is visible on his face and he ultimately lets out something that’s half pleasure and half relief (in the other sense).

    Also, and I swear to you this is true because my girlfriends never believe it, I occasionally make him wank with a small piece of barbed wire around his cock. You can buy it in tubs, and cut it to just the right length. You try watching a man wank with his cock encased in barbed wire while he tries desperately not to snag anything and you’ll never forget it.

  • anonymous says:

    A story.

    Once, I was accidentally booked into a very expensive high-class hotel in Edinburgh by a potential employer. Financially, it was a long way ou of my league at the time.

    When I got up to my room, the very first thing I did was get the glass from the bathroom and wank into it.

    I think it was some kind of power/politics thing rather than really sexual.

  • A says:

    I’m going to add… wear tights. Not thick opaques, but sheer or patterned. Enjoy the feel of the nylon on your cock, and see if your girl likes it too.

  • Kandy says:

    This is my favorite video of a boy wank:


    I really love the precum. It just does it for me.

  • Where we're going, we don't need names. says:

    Here’s one: Wank somewhere you shouldn’t. Got keys to the office? Go there after kicking-out time at the pub. Lock the door. Find a computer with a webcam. Film yourself spraying spunk all over a hot workmate’s desk and send that video file to Girly here. Dare you. Go on.

  • Dan says:

    I love wanking off onto/into things – clothing, plates, cups – the bathroom mirror at a hotel I stayed at, my girlfriend’s ass and back, the floor, the wall, hit the steering wheel once. Also – many votes for the grinding off without hands bit. I shot out the 30th floor window of a hotel one night. I’ve also video’d and photographed myself getting off (yay for tripods and remote timers). And I love jerking off for someone else (strip clubs introduced me to that one when I was younger).

    The best part about typing this on a phone? Means my other hand was free to wank while I type – and I say was because now it is merely dripping with spunk…

  • Don says:

    When I was young, and wanking 5-6 times a day, I found the best spot: at the teacher’s desk. I took an elective class as a teacher’s assistant, and would sit there and grade papers for an hour. While the teacher was doing her job (teaching a class), I would sit there and slowly rub one out through the fabric, doing my best to shoot a straight-faced load into my pants. I must have done this dozens of times before the year was over. Never caught.

  • Vin says:

    This made my day in three ways.
    1. I read it and it made me happy.
    2. I emailed the link to my partner and though his camera is out of action he still has a microphone so he recorded himself and sent that back. This also made me happy.
    3. I had a lovely wank based on that recording. You can guess how I felt after that.
    Thanks everso, Girlonthenet.

  • Gore313 says:

    I Have done many of those methods. My favorite is to tie it or sometimes use clothespins. I have let some friends watch before. Its kind of hot when someone likes watching

  • Dick Hungus says:

    Reading this made me put 3 fingers in my arse and stroke until I … almost … blew all over my own face. And then do it again. And then again. And again. On the 5th go I fired a big hot wad onto my own tongue, chest and belly, and now I’m a very happy boy. Buying a fat butt plug tomorrow!!

  • the3rdgirl says:

    I read this post when you first published it, and my immediate reaction was: “Unnghhhh, fuck. *wanks for hours*”. Boywanking is one of the hottest things known to mankind. End of.

    Anyway, I’ve just got back from visiting my boyfriend. We don’t see each other often, so most of our phone conversations end up with him wanking furiously, telling me all the disgusting things he wants to do to me. The noises he makes when he comes are loud, dirty, and the kind of thing you can fuck yourself crazy over. I’ve always wanted to watch him.

    Yesterday, he wanked for me. Twice. Watching a man grip his cock with both hands as he denialwanks for almost an hour is the best thing I have ever seen. The writhing and gasping as he holds off for just one more minute. His face contorting into expressions of pleasure and frustration. The loud, angry and desperate grunting. Gently squeezing his balls and telling him that you want him to come for you.

    The moment where he finally lets go. Oh fuck. Watching his spunk cover his hands and stomach. Licking it off his fingers as he says “Good girl” and slaps your arse.

    That’s why boywanking is sexy. 

  • Ash says:

    Hmmmm…I might actually make a denial wank video tonight.

  • deepimpact says:

    Here’s a thing: when I was a teenager, say fourteen or fifteen, and had just discovered the Joy of Wanking, I decided to see if I could do it 24 times in a day. Well, I managed it. I had to use an alarm clock but I came once an hour on the hour for a whole day. I can’t remember much about it other than the pain in my balls when I finally got that 24th (probably invisible) load out, but damn, that’s a hell of an achievement, and the respectful/amazed look on the faces of any girlfriends I’ve told about is enough for me. Nowadays a nice time in the shower with the water playing on my rectum is enough to keep me going for a good five hours…. though there was that period when I used to keep a spare electric toothbrush hidden that I used to rim myself while wanking… and don’t get me started on buttplugs!

  • Tom says:

    I recently discovered the joy of consuming my own semen after the event. Try it. You’ll like it.

  • Jake Holden says:

    “The best of the best. Wank, don’t come. Wank, don’t come. Wank, don’t come. Repeat until you’re red in the face and on the verge of tears and if I touched you on the train you’d come hot and hard on the inside of your jeans. While whimpering. You filthy bitch.”

    Been there. So many times.

    Not to mention the shower, the anal toys, the coming on my abs, the lube, the Tenga toys, the squeezing around my balls and the base of my cock to make it throb…

  • Pidgey says:

    I just discovered this blog tonight, and this post takes me back to a great month of wanking while moaning into a microphone for a friend of mine. That month contained a lot of denial wanking and shoving things up my ass while moaning in pain and pleasure, wishing for her to be fucking me. I even recorded myself humping my bed, but sadly she entered a closed-relationship before I had the chance to send her that one.

  • Imogen says:

    the denial wank. ohgodyesplease. ungh.

  • Chillibeer says:

    I’ve tried all of those at some stage of my wanking career but the denial wank is one I keep going back to. Been edging for over a week now and getting to the point where I really need to cum. Problem is, I’m not really going to get much privacy over the next few days and I’m not sure I can hold on.

    How do people feel about orgasms in strange and unusual places?

  • Barinthus says:

    I don’t really know too many people who would be open minded enough to do this with me – I’ve tried to find people via internet to stop by so they can watch me stroking myself but to no avail. Some day, perhaps!

  • Bella.R says:

    I adore boy wanking videos! To know they’re doing it for me? Even hotter, love the audio that goes with it, especially when they do shoot their load……must make requests for cumming on random objects……As for the denial wank, love it, prolong it for day’s on end, see how much I can stand before I’m prepared to almost jump the first cock on legs I see walking past! Lol!!!
    Love this blog & the responses, I don’t feel so alone in my very dirrrrty little mind any more! Haha!

  • Bella.R says:

    Btw: wanking & cumming with butt plug firmly planted, rocking back & forth? Need I say more?

  • Anon says:

    This is the most inspirational piece that I have read on the internet.

  • anonymous,obviously says:

    Just had to beat one out hands-free over the thought of you beating one out over the thought of a boy beating one out hands-free.

    Where will this madness end?

    (actually it ended with me imagining you kneeling on the bed watching me doing it hands-free, but with you with your hands tied behind your back so you could do nothing…else…but…watch…. ;-) )

  • phil says:

    You sent me down a rabbit hole with this. I’ve just spent the last hour wanking over vids of guys wanking and cumshots. Its fucking hot. And meta.

  • Ragnar says:

    Just to let y’know btw, I decided to start a dirty tumblr to collect the filthy stuff I don’t want to share on the tumblr that gets reposted to Facebook where my family can see!

    It’s got a couple self-gifs, which I figure you’ll like :D


  • Steve Fun says:

    That’s the joy of the internet age right there: hearing a woman speak openly about wanking. I have had the pleasure of wanking in front of several people, male and female. But a lot of people would be just too afraid to mention it. My advice, if you want to see your man wank, just ask. He’ll probably enjoy it as much as you!

  • mike says:

    Gad to see im not the only one who goes mad for rope/string while wanking.

    its great, tighter the better, and if you tie them to your feet while lying down, the involuntary leg movements… im sure you can guess.

    Good fun ;)

    PS… stiill looking for videos?

  • rosemary says:

    This brought back a beautiful memory for me. One of my first boyfriends enjoyed me jerking him off more than him pleasuring me.
    We were staying at my parent’s place once and he pestered me for a hand job. He’s circumcised so he needs to lube up and looking round for some cream we found a tube of stuff my mum used to kill the pain in her joints. I used plenty on his cock and started the usual denial routine. I generally kept him waiting before he shot taking him to the brink, stopping for a minute, then starting over. Anyway he got more and more desperate to cum, but the cream was numbing his cock! The more I rubbed it in, the number he got! He was so frustrated at the end he was nearly crying! He spent ages in the toilet trying to get himself off with a limp cock but to no avail! I, meanwhile gave myself one of the most intense orgasms I had ever had! Happy days!!

  • Murica says:

    Jacking off through jeans is definitely the best way, at least to get me going. Quite often during class I’ll slip my hand in my left pocket–because my dick lists left when it’s hard–and rub the head gently until I feel the precum starting to soak through. Getting felt through jeans is definitely the best, too. My last girlfriend was pro at it. Once we were in her apartment watching a movie with one of her roommates. We were cuddling under a blanket when all of a sudden she reaches over and starts gently rubbing my hard cock in my pants! Of course I reciprocated and rubbed her pussy through her own jeans. It was a fun game, doing that for 15 minutes until the movie ended and trying not to breathe too hard or hump each other’s hands so her roommate wouldn’t notice! Then we went out to my pickup and fingered each other until we both orgasmed hard.

    • John says:

      Jeans in my book were made for jacking off in. For me this is their primary function, and what they are designed for. I made sure there were big holes in my jeans pockets. Both me and my gf loved the way my cock was in easy reach. Not only that I could poke out the my cock head out of the pocket if I was going commando.

      Having sex in jeans is pure heaven. Having my girl pull me deep into her pussy by the top of my jeans would make us cum so hard.

  • Jon says:

    Melons. Yes a big water melon makes a good vagina substitute.

    Cut a hole in one end (not too big) and enjoy the thrusts. Find a table the right height to rest on – melons are heavy. And enjoy.
    Room temp is best – after the first night you might refrigerate but this can lead to cold cock syndrome. The squish noise and feel is quite special.
    Also melons never have a headache….

  • Rad says:

    I enjoy inserting a penis plug. See the website shop above for the “JackHammer”. It is ribbed with bumps that thrills as each bump is passed thru the head of your hard cock into your erethra. After full insertion, it is as if u r stroking ur cock from the inside out! Ladies can use it also. Sooo intense. Any ladies like to watch?…. see me at the Yahoo addy.

  • Rad says:

    Oops here is info on Penis Plug aka soundings


    [Comment edited to remove email address]

    Enjoy your kinks!

    • Girl on the net says:

      Hey Rad – thanks for joining in. I’ve never tried urethral sounding although I did know a guy who was super-fascinated by it. I was a bit scared by the potential dangers of it.

      Sorry I had to edit your comment – I don’t let email addresses through (although links are fine!).

  • johntoker says:

    I’ve done all of these. numerous times

  • Hemingford says:

    What a great post. I have been wanking since even before I could ejaculate, and I only discovered hand-wanking recently.

    Its nothing compared to humping. I hump the bed, the pillow, the quilt, everything. Once, in a bath I was so desperate that I made a ball of my dirty clothes and humped it hard on the shower floor. I’ve humped pillows against walls, sometimes humped flat carpets, you name it. Sometimes I cup the pillows from underneath to make deep depressions that I hump.

    I have humped in different positions. Feet on the floor and humping off the edge of the bed. Feet on the wall, palms on the floor, and many others.

    And I do this plus the denial wanking. For hours and hours. Delaying for two to three hours. Building up. Peeing and then restarting. Then again. At the end is heaven.

  • Sarah says:

    I have a friend who’s 30-ish boyfriend only humps and has never used his own hand. I didn’t even realise it was really possible to actually make yourself come that way.

    So shoelaces huh? Sounds like a plan…

    One time I got out of the bath and found him totally naked on the bed, on his knees, gently stroking his massive cock and staring at me – I was totally transfixed by it and I often flashback to that… Very simple but so hot. I think it’s the confidence and the openness of it that gets me going.

    Anyhoo, wanking is an interesting one for me, since my situation is a little unusual. My husband has never been able to climax from anything other than his own hand – I think he may have managed it during sex as a teenager once or twice, but he’s got far too used to his own hand and nothing else works.

    Since our sex life has gone nuts and he’s quit the porn and has stopped needing to wank, this problem is getting better and he’s been pretty close many times – it’s only a matter of time, and I’m determined to keep practicing. Recently he managed to get himself almost all the way there and then I finished him off with my mouth – him breathlessly gasping “that is the best thing I’ve EVER felt in my life” is definitely one of my happiest and proudest moments. I’m having to work for it, and when I finally make him come during sex, I am going to celebrate for a week. With lots more sex and coming.

    He’s come on me every way you can imagine (never up my nose or deliberately in my eyes, thank goodness, but I think that’s about it). It used to be all boobs and the odd facial, but we are a lot more experimental these days.

    My current favourite is him sitting on my face with my tongue working his arse (a new discovery and my second favourite thing after sucking his cock) while he wanks – when he’s close he turns round and either comes in my mouth or all over my face. Then he’ll often stick his cock in my mouth and order me to clean it. Sometimes, he’ll straddle my face and stick his deflating cock in my mouth while he licks my clit and fingers me, and I try to get him hard again. The best though is when he fucks me when my face and hair are full of cum, especially when he starts rubbing it in, and even better when he’s able to come on me again. Grrr. I fantasise about being left a quivering wreck, drenched in come, spit and sweat.

    Unfortunately, while he loves me licking/stroking his arse, he won’t let me stick anything up there. I’d love to finger his arse, and I think it would help him cum while I’m going down on him or during sex, he has a serious mental block about it. I think he would love it and so would I, but I would never pressure him into doing something he doesn’t want to do.

    Dammit. He’s going to be away for another week, by the time he gets back he will have abstained for a fortnight – he’s going to absolutely fucking destroy me, and the wanking / amount of come will be immense.

    Grrr. Off to send him a filthy email.

  • Ishmael says:

    I regularly share videos of myself masturbating with several females friends. One has a particular fancy involving ejaculating on things.

    She usually gives me her underwear when we go out together, generally damp. When I masturbate she likes me to wrap them around my shaft. It creates an interesting visual for her and the texture is something different for me. It also works as a disconnect between my own hand and my penis. She enjoys the idea that she is contributing or causing my orgasm too. Even if it is vicariously through her under garments.

    When I cum she likes me to do so on her underwear. This can be a messy process due to the volume of ejaculate so it usually not only covers her underwear but my sheets where they lay or my hand if I’m holding them.

    I have also tried cumming on pornographic magazines. Specifically faces as I adore facials. That’s made it’s way into a few video messages.

  • John says:

    Has anyone ever masturbated sitting on the edge of a sofa? Is this something that you think a lot of males have done?

    • John says:

      When I was a kid i loved hanging on the edge of by bed with one leg in the air and feeling like falling off the bed. The fear of trying to avoid falling did it well.

      Also we had a massive tree in the garden with branches near the ground. As a kid you could ride the branch or hang from it. The branch would get me aroused, and it as you ride the branch up and down cumming was great fun as well as the chance of being caught outdoors.

      By the way I’m not the same John as above.

  • Filthy phil says:

    I sometimes lie down with a butt plug up my arse and a load of cushions so my arse is high up. When I’m about to come, I try to bend almost double so I come all over my face.

    • John says:

      I’ll lie with my head on my bed but my legs and ass above my head against a wall – sort of upside down – and when I cum it creams my face.

      Other ways to cum – jerking off at high speed on a motorcycle – awsome experience – even better on the bumpy ground across country.

      • Girl on the net says:

        On a motorcycle?! Definitely adrenalin-inducing but probably not advisable =)

        I LOVE the legs-above-head suggestion though – I know a dude who does just that, and thank you for reminding me. Now I need to have a lie-down.

        • Filthy Phil says:

          When I was younger, (and much more flexible !), I could roll myself up so that I could suck myself off. I could get the head and an inch or so of shaft in. I’d have a slow wank, do the denial of cum thing several times, and then when ready start sucking and licking myself until I shot into my mouth (quite a lot)
          Can’t do it these days though. On a separate thing, I have a wank rule where I have to get a certain score on solitaire before I allow myself to wank.

  • John says:

    I wish I’d seen this earlier. I’d love to video me wanking for you. I have got a couple of pairs of jeans I like to wank in and cum on the denim. Jeans make me feel so horny. I love having sex in them. The next best thing is jerking off in them. You can watch me on Chaturbate sometimes – always beating the bishop for the ladies there and jizzing my jeans. Cum and join me, or is that join me and cum.

  • Charlie says:

    When I was a lonely teenager, I first discovered I could ejaculate when I used this bluish green putty-like goo that was used in a board game called Wipeout (I think). I’d take the goo out of it’s Tupperware container and pour it over my cock. It felt cool at the touch and just slimed over me. It felt so good but then I would notice the goo would get really slick from my precum (that I didn’t know at the time) and my come. I’ve tried looking for that board game on Amazon, EBay, anywhere. Can’t find it. The only downside to the goo was that if it set on your skin long enough, it would stick and you’d have to spend time peeling it off bit by bit to put it back in the container. It was also a bitch to get out of your clothes or the carpet! I wish there were a way to purchase just the goo. When my parents eventually through the goo away, I resorted to another ritual that, to this day, I still get wet dreams about: deep mud. Back behind our place we had lots of woods and trails with a large creek. At one point in the creek, it forked off into two directions, one direction continued flowing normally, the other dead-ended and deposited mud and silt to make this messy quagmire. I would wait all year for summer so the heat would be warm enough to go play in the mud. I would strip naked and find a slightly secluded area being lots of tall grass and reeds and made myself my own mud pit. I would lower myself in it and feel the cool mud hug every inch of my body up to my bellybutton. It hugged my ass, my waist, my thighs, and oh, God, the feeling on my rock hard cock! Every movement in the mud stroked it. I would often lay on my back, just relaxing in the ecstasy of it. Then, when I was ready to get things going, I would hump the mud and come so hard into it. When the orgasm subsided, I would feel really dirty (emotionally) and ashamed. I would wade out into the creek and wash up as best I could. It wasn’t until I was late in my 20s that I found several online sites that described my joy of being in and/or sinking in mud as a quicksand fetish. There was an entire online community for people like me and I became less and less ashamed of it. I haven’t done it in years though. I told my wife about it and she seemed understanding to a degree, but it felt as though she wasn’t 100% on board with it. I also couldn’t find a spot like the one I had back home since. But as I said, I would still get wet dreams of rubbing myself or sinking in deep mud that would leave me drenched the next morning in my underwear.

  • Charlie says:

    My memory actually served me well. This is the Wipeout game I was talking about: http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/173901/wipeout

  • Ally says:

    I LOVE wearing oversized, baggy overalls, with my hair in pigtails and a bikini top underneath my bib… Mine are so long on me that my feet were totally swallowed by the hems of my wide leg overalls. It so so easy to masturbate in public in them, the feeling of the soft, thin denim flapping on my thighs as I walk, the hems dragging on the ground, my tits pushing the bib outwards, easy to see I’m not wearing panties under my overalls either!

  • Englebert says:

    @girlonthenet Enjoyed this article. Interested to read that you love seeing men cum into their own hand. I wondered what you’d enjoy them doing immediately afterwards – would it get you off if they licked it all up out of their own hand (and would you ever instruct them to do so)? It’s something I enjoy doing privately sometimes (as girlfriend is quite vanilla) – so there’s quite a few things I can only indulge in alone, alas.

    Great blog – keep up the interesting work!

  • AssCumHorny says:

    There’s loads more
    Simple things like different positions. On back allows for spraying on yourself (always a pleasure). For some reason on knees with legs splayed nearly always makes me start involuntarily thrusting.
    Film yourself wanking – then watch it
    Wank sniffing used panties (only with permisson).
    Just make a lot of noise! Moaning, gasping etc. If in / on bed go for it so the bed starts making a noise as well.
    The shower was mentioned but doesn’t come close to a bidet. Squat over it. Awesome sensation on balls, ass etc
    Wanking in stuff…in my teenage years (still a Virgin) I hollowed out a marrow, warmed it in the microwave and got stuck in. I also used a beaker, filled it with playdo, moistened it, jammed it in the sofa and got on my knees for a go. I used an almost empty hair wax tub once – just for the tip. Not that good.
    Humping stuff is always good – like pillows etc.
    Done butt plugs and anal beads – but only on my own – found my G spot. Almost passed out!
    Coming on things? I’ve come on my face, tried to come on my own back but you have to shoot up and turn over real quick. Too difficult.
    What about wanking in different places? Everyone’s done it outside, in the toilet at work, or on a train. But I once had a wank whilst driving – couldn’t wait to stop – and when I came I had to point my cock away from me – and I came on the foot pedals!
    I tried getting off on the washing machine when it was spin drying – pressing against it for vibes. No good.
    I have to say the denial wank or edging is awesome. You definitely cum harder and can wank for longer. And it’s a bit like personal sub-dom. You can dominate yourself but eventually give in and cum. So why not?!
    Using ‘props’ is good. Like the shoelaces you mentioned. Done that but used silk ribbon instead. And I love silk pants around the base of my cock brushing my balls when I wank on my back with my legs spread.
    And also, if people are into it…poppers! I used to have a bottle by the side of the bed. About to cum? Hold. Reach for the bottle have a quick sniff. Let yourself go and woah. Very intense.
    What else? I thought about the cumming into food (like a quiche but couldn’t do it). However, my GF at the time was going away and asked if I could cum into a jar so she could take it with her. The point is it’s a real turn if you know your wanking not just for yourself (which it is really).
    I’m sure there’s more…

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