Guest blog: Do you have colourful orgasms?

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I’m so chuffed to welcome Sherryl Blu of Tinted Blu back to the blog today. If you’re a regular reader you’ll remember Sherryl’s amazing work for the audio porn project. Today she’s back to bring you something different – very different. If you experience orgasms in colour, you and she have something in common. And if you don’t? You may be fascinated to learn that Sherryl, and some other people, experience orgasmic synaesthesia: aka colourful orgasms.

Do you orgasm in colour?

I wrote about the amazingness of colourful orgasms on my blog; some weeks back. Following on from the post, I have had many interesting and eye-opening discussions around the idea of climaxing in colour. Whilst I knew from the small amount of research I conducted in an attempt to understand how common colourful orgasms were, I discovered quite quickly, this beautiful experience was not afforded to everyone. In fact, it is a rarity. A special kind of privilege if you like.

I mean, can you imagine having an orgasm that not only sends ripples of pleasure surging through your body, but does so with the added extra of seeing explosions of colour? Like pots of powder paint bursting before your eyes. Kind of like how the Skittles adverts should be. You know, eruptions of hues and waves of tones.

Picture it. The intensity.

For some, this may sound odd. Far-fetched perhaps, but in all honesty it’s one kind of far-fetched that I am happy to be a part of.

What’s it like to have colourful orgasms?

The impact of an orgasm in colour goes beyond the realms of pleasure. It takes me further. To higher plains. Almost like the final level in a computer game. It’s different!

It’s trancelike and yes, whilst a bloody good orgasm generally leaves one feeling satisfyingly discombobulated, a colourful one is how I would imagine an acid trip to feel or the intoxicating effects of a night on Molly, even! Spaced out, relaxed and feeling damn good!

I can recall the first time I was aware that I had experienced an orgasm in colour. I remember feeling drained as my whole body just buzzed. As I lay there entertaining the dancing colours in my mind’s eye, I went through a weird cycle of sensations. The most standout was a warm, tickling feeling. It’s difficult to truly articulate but ‘warm’ and ‘tickly’ are probably the closest words I can think of to describe it. It was amazing though.

Now, it feels as though I have been transported to another dimension. A realm that exists in a range of swirls and ripples of colours, varying in intensities and hues. I’m talking about pools of melted pigments and sketchy shapes filled with swashes of light shades through to darker ones, all backed up by the euphoric feeling that comes with it.

I think it’s important to note, this colourful situation doesn’t happen every time I orgasm… sadly. It’s like a game of roulette, sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t but to be honest, it never takes away from the fabulousness of a regular orgasm in fact, the variation is welcomed. I want to call it the game of chance; the orgasm edition!

The scientific name for all this is synaesthesia. Well, synaesthesia is actually the umbrella term which by definition means; the merging of senses that may not usually be connected i.e. seeing sound or hearing in colour.

It is thought that roughly 1 in 4 adults experience this condition in one way or another. Interestingly, there is evidence that suggests all babies are born with some level of synaesthesia. For example, it is thought by some that a baby is able to hear colours but as the brain begins to develop and the child matures, this ability begins to wane and more often than not, eventually becomes completely dormant.

So my colourful orgasms may be a type of synaesthesia. Some research reckons orgasmic synaesthesia can vary from person to person. An individual can experience anything from a gentle glow during climax right the way through to the complete blocking out of colour.

It’s easy to comprehend how the idea of seeing orgasms in colour may sound crazy for some, especially if that person has never experienced anything remotely close or has never even heard of it. But let me tell you this much: if this is crazy, I don’t ever want to be sane!


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