Guest blog: Can gaming with sex toys give me better orgasms?

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A while back, my site sponsors Hot Octopuss offered to bring some sex toy joy to lockdown by giving away a few of their awesome wank toys. As I’ve already written about many of Hot Octopuss’ kickass sex toys, I asked people to email me with fun new ideas on what they’d like to do with the sex toys on offer. Enter Tess, whose idea leapt out at me immediately, sitting as it does at the neat intersection of nerdery and hotness: she wanted to explore whether gaming with sex toys (i.e. playing her usual video games but with a Hot Octopuss Pulse vibe to distract her) could help her achieve some deliciously fun, edging-style orgasms. I think you’ll agree that although her gaming strategy fell by the wayside, the experiment was definitely worthwhile…

Gaming with sex toys

I am an expert in short, frantic wanks fitted into any spare moment. In an idle two minutes I could quickly bring myself to an orgasm and relieve some pressure. But these wanks never leave me feeling completely emptied, and my restless hands struggle to resist just pushing myself over the line far too soon.

So I need a way to distract those hands, and my way is video games.

I fire up Hearthstone – a game that will need some regular input from me – and get to working on my girldick. Getting in as much stimulation as I can before I need to let go and make my moves. The turn threatens to end and I quickly do what I need to so I can get back to stroking myself. The distraction of my brain and my hands is exactly what I need to help build up a powerful orgasm.

But it doesn’t always work. I could get too distracted by the game, and a long, complex turn sends my dick back to square one. Or the turns are too simple, and my impatience sends me over the edge.

Enter the Pulse.

Tess was sent the Hot Octopuss PULSE Solo Essential, which retails for £89, $99 (US), or 99 Euro. She was sent the toy free from Hot Octopuss in exchange for writing up her experience, and I will also pay her a guest blog fee for writing this post. Hot Octopuss sponsor my site and if you buy any of their toys through the links, I will get a small cut of the money which helps me keep this site running. 

Hot Octopuss Pulse: a hands-free dick vibe

It styles itself as a “Guybrator”, a term I find eye-rollingly awful. I’m a trans woman, and this is not a toy ‘for guys’, its for a dick, that’s the important thing here. Less importantly, I’m also irritated by the quality of the pun, but I’m getting off topic.

I wanted to try this out because it was something that could relentlessly pulse around my dick, no matter how hard I was, while I kept focused on playing a game. Despite it seeming fairly self evident what to press and where to put my dick, I carefully read the instructions. There is just something about things that go close to your genitals that makes you double-check everything.

I launched Starcraft 2 – my game of choice because it requires constant, steady focus – and pitted it against the power of the Pulse. Gaming with sex toys: can it work to give me brilliant orgasms?

It takes a while to get used to the Pulse – particularly its weight. It required a lot of repositioning mid-game, which was not good for my in-game management. But at its peak, the toy hit a perfect spot and I was biting my lip to try and focus as best I could on the battle. But after that game, the intensity of it all caught up with me, and the vibrations made me numb. But it did what I needed it to: I lay down in bed to recover and used it as an aid to work myself up to a wonderful orgasm.

Not bad for a first try, but the second time, ah the second time was better. I could plan, I knew what to expect and what felt best. I was feeling healthier and it had been longer since I’d last cum. I launched the game, put the toy around my dick, and let it get to work.

Oh fuck it’s good.

Any gaming strategy was gone

The game went by in a blur: the more my cock hardened the stronger the feeling got, and the worse I played. My instincts were there, but any hope of thinking about a strategy was gone, interrupted by the Pulse forcing me to tense and whimper.

I lost that game badly, and decided to switch things up. A less intense game mode, to give my brain half a chance, but with a little extra arousal in the form of audio porn.

Oh. My. God. That is exactly the way to do it. Previously the vibrations could lessen as my brain tuned them out to focus, like a background noise you eventually forget is there. But GotN reading some wonderfully filthy porn gives the vibrations a sexy context. I can just about think about what units to build but the rest of my mind is imagining what could be happening to my dick right now, and the pulsing around my dick enhances that fantasy. My cock hardens, and I’m grinding in my chair uncontrollably to try and push myself over the edge. I could feel myself on the final stretch when the toy stuttered to a halt: I had been too impatient with its charge.

I ended the game, put the toy back on charge and let the world come back into focus a bit. The games had done their part, but now it was time to cum. When there was enough charge in it to use I put my headphones back on, the Pulse on my dick, and a pillow over the top to help give me something to grip and grind against. I sunk back in my chair, closed my eyes and gripped the pillow tightly to steady myself as the vibrations overwhelmed me. I was trembling and clenched in desperate need to cum. I began using the pillow as a way to move the toy slightly, to grind it against my dick without my fingers going numb and without breaking the feeling of something trying to pull an orgasm from me no matter what. My mind went completely blank till it pushed me over the edge. My dick sputtered cum, and then I rushed to try and turn off the now slippy cum-covered toy that was heroically still pulsing away at my now far-too-sensitive cock.

That was the best wank I’ve ever had.

Want to try out gaming with sex toys using the Hot Octopuss PULSE Solo Essential? Get it direct from Hot Octopuss for £89, $99 (US), or 99 Euro. Hot Octopuss sponsor my website, so buying through these links directly supports my work, and helps me keep this site running (as well as helping me pay guest bloggers for kickass posts like this!). If you want to see write-ups of any of their other cool toys, check out the Hot Octopuss tag here on the blog. 


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