Sex challenge Magic: the Gathering

Photo by me, sorry it's rubbish

He taps 7 mana to boost a dragon hatchling, flying it over my beasts like they mean nothing. With a wry grin and a look of barely-disguised glee, he puts on a faux-sympathetic voice and tells me: “Looks like that butt plug’s going in your ass.” Sex challenge Magic is the best Magic.

We sit cross-legged on the living-room floor, and shuffle our decks as we decide what we want to do to each other.

“If I win, you play with my nipples for five minutes. Sucking, biting, evenly distributing your attention to each of my tits. OK?”

“OK. But if I win, that butt plug’s going in your ass.”

That’s a fairly hefty ramp, but I’ll allow it. Mostly because I want it to go in my ass. The metal butt plug sits next to us as we play, along with a handy bottle of lube. It glints in the light, catching my eye in between turns, and I can never quite work out whether or not to throw the game.

In this internal battle, my competitive spirit usually triumphs. I hate losing, even if I enjoy the forfeit. Sadly my real-life self doesn’t always triumph, so there’s usually a note of petulance to my eventual submission, even if – as I say – I really want it to go in my ass.

What’s so fun about a sex challenge?

We should play together like this more often. Something about the cheeky, almost ‘I Have Never’ aspect of using sex as a gaming forfeit means it’s easier to chuck in random kinks. There’s a natural point in the proceedings where each of us can make specific requests. When he kisses me as foreplay it feels odd to break it off partway through, even if the reason for pausing is to ask if I can fetch the fuckstick and have him pound me with it. When we play sex challenge Magic the request stage is built in, as solid and concrete as the rule which says you can draw a card at the start of your turn.

It also adds layers of anticipation. If he just puts the butt plug inside me, I don’t get to anticipate the build-up. Don’t get to hear the note of delight and horn in his voice when he soars past my defences with his irritating baby dragon and growls “looks like it’s going in your ass.”

It goes in my ass.

After a swift and decisive victory, he stands behind me as I kneel on the sofa: face down, ass up, one hand on each cheek, spreading myself wide for him to see as he works.

He’s been kind enough to warm the butt plug under the tap, but the lube still trickles coldly down the backs of my thighs and I shiver a little as he slips it inside. After a brief squeal, and a pause, he holds it halfway inside me, letting me wriggle a little to get the angle just right.

When he finally pushes it in, he sighs with satisfaction. I can tell his dick is hard.

“Just one quick fuck,” he tells me. “Let me put it in for a bit, then we’ll go back to the game.”

I don’t say ‘no’ because holy fuck I do not want to. I can sense the urgency in his voice, the way he begs to get slip his cock inside. I know that next round we’ll be playing for a full fuck: me spreading myself wide for him so he can look down at the metal base of the butt plug sticking out of me, and the slick wetness of my cunt spreading over his dick as he plunges it in.

But for now, he just wants a taste. To get him eager and horny for the next round of gameplay. To give him that fighting spirit, make him competitive.

Determined to win.

He fucks me briskly – hard and fast and vicious – before stepping back and tucking his dick back into his pants, asking me what’s in store for the next round. He looks so smug and delighted: not only did he win the game, he also got his dick wet, and I can tell that he’s hungry to fuck me much more. I can tell, from the look on his face, that if he wins the next round it’ll definitely be the last. My ‘forfeit’ will be something like a brutal, face-down-ass-up fuck, or a throatfuck that allows him free rein to spank my plugged arse at the same time.

My ‘forfeit’ will be something that allows him some release.

My cunt might twitch at the thought, but my competitive spirit can’t get behind it. I swap decks, and pick up one that I know will stand a better chance against dragons.

This round, we’re playing for the fuckstick.


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  • fuzzy says:

    I have had multiple partners through the years where we played backgammon for “minutes”. Each point = 1 minute, and we’d play either for a total running score to one person, or where your individual tallies were kept separately and you each got that many “minutes”; which could be *anything*, but could not be used to cancel out the other person’s tally (because then you’re just playing version one). Game play was generally set to be a specific duration, like 10 games, or however many games you play in an hour, or until the tally exceeded a given arbitrary total of minutes.

    There’s nothing like picking up a cool high score of minutes from getting an actual triple score backgammon on someone, and the doubling-cube can get downright vicious in its use to intimidate.

    I like the pacing of your version, where the game play is an actual intermittent part of the sexual process. I have the same inner conflict vis-a-vis my competitive spirit vs. my desire to get used thoroughly. Fortunately I like to be the one on the other side as well, ha.

  • Ten Ways says:

    As a self confessed nerd I have always wanted to get into Magic: The Gathering but I’ve never quite found the motivation to get started. Your version….Oh yes, let’s play!

    • Girl on the net says:

      Awesome! I am delighted to be able to introduce new players to Magic, and then IMMEDIATELY corrupt them =) If you want to learn to play, I thoroughly recommend trying MTG Arena if you can It has a really good tutorial and it’s a great way to learn how the game works without having to buy lots of decks and puzzle through it without assistance! You can learn with standard paper decks of course, it’s just that the online thing is super handy at getting you used to the different stages of each turn etc. Hope you have fun with it – it’s my favourite game ever <3

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