Guest blog: In defence of 69ing

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For ages I’ve had it on my guest blog page that I’d love to read guest blogs that contain “eloquent disagreement/rebuttal of any of my own strong and angry opinions” but people rarely ever take me up on it. Maybe they think I will bite, which is unfair because honestly I usually prefer to be the one who gets bitten. BUT NOW I HAVE ONE! Rebuttal! Disagreement! And the hottest kind of disagreement, too! Imagine me rubbing my hands together with absolute glee today, because the fabulous @OxyFromSG (of ‘I sucked my own cock‘ fame, who also writes fabulous erotica as Alec Lake) is here with a guest post in defence of 69ing. The horny position in which two people are top-and-tail and going to town on each other’s genitals is also very often at the top of people’s lists of ‘overrated sex acts’, mine included. So I’m absolutely delighted (and thoroughly aroused) to have the chance to read his defence of the humble (or not-so-humble) 69….

In defence of 69ing

“I find it hard to concentrate.”
“I’m more worried about what I’m doing than what they are doing to me.”
“I’m more worried about making them come than actually enjoying it myself.”

I have heard all those points and more before and, frankly, they are all good points. And when you add in that your partner’s genitalia is right there, I can see why some people are put off 69ing.

But… there are a lot of reasons for trying it, and as a big fan of the 69 I’d like to put forward my case.

Feeling like some intimacy without too much energy? 69 is great for that! You’re both lying down and nowhere does it say you have to be going at it like bunnies. You can take your time, explore, enjoy your partner’s reactions to what you’re doing. No need to aim for orgasm, 69ing can be a good way to just connect.

Into power play? Then this is perfect for you! Partner on top, their legs pinning your arms down, arms pinning your legs down. They are in total control. And if they’re telling you what to do to them, so much the better. Imagine them edging you while you thank them with your mouth.

Shit, I forgot the condoms! This speaks for itself. If you’ve no need to worry about STIs (for instance if you’ve both been recently tested) then 69ing means you can have fun without worrying about pregnancy.

Am I starting to win you over yet?

The more… ahem… erotic case for 69ing

Let me give you a scenario. I am going to describe a cisgender guy and woman, but I think we all know that this works with any combination.

She’s riding my face. I can’t see, but I know she’s enjoying it. I can feel it. I can taste it. Already there’s power play involved, just by being underneath her. It may be under the surface, but it’s there. And then?

Then she leans forward and takes me in her mouth. Connecting the circuit.

“I find it hard to concentrate.”

Good. If we’re having sex, I want you to find it hard. I want you fuzzy, breathless, not thinking so much as experiencing. I’m not looking for you to perform like you’re in a porno, I want you to lose yourself in it.

I slip my arms around her legs, holding them down. Now I’m in control. Her wet pussy is soaking my beard as I eat her out and now she is held there, unable to move away. Now it’s just a matter of time before the mounting pleasure tips her over the edge. I can suck on her clit and speed it up, or I can lightly lick her inner thigh, giving her a moment to breathe, to recover. And that is reflected in her sucking my cock. As she gets nearer she speeds up, her hand wrapped around my shaft, working harder. When I let her breathe, she goes slower, using just her lips, teasing me with light kisses.

“I’m more worried about what I’m doing than what they are doing to me.”

This is about intimacy, connection, and pleasure. Her moans are as important as her touches. The way her leg twitches as my tongue slides over her folds is as much of a turn on as her sucking on the tip of my cock. Because I am concentrating on them, I feel the reaction in what they do to me.

She’s getting close, her moans vibrating on my cock and going through my body. Everything else has gone away. Now there’s just the two of us, wrapped up in each other, oral sex as a form of worship. She can feel me throb, can taste the pre-cum. It’s not a race, we can go as fast or slow as we want. We don’t even have to cross the line if we don’t want to.

“I’m more worried about making them come than actually enjoying it myself.”

You don’t have to come. But also, you don’t have to come at the same time. It’s been my experience that if you make her come so hard that her eyes roll into the back of her head and her entire body shakes against you, there is a pretty good chance that when she gets her breath back, she is going to make sure that you come just as hard.

And you know the great thing about 69ing? Afterwards, you’re already cuddled up in each other.

I could go on.

I could write a whole thing about guy/guy 69ing. A cute guy sucking on my cock for all he is worth while he pulses in my mouth and empties himself down my throat? Fuck YES!

And the different kinds of 69. Try standing. Or both of you using sex toys on your partner. Or just a lazy side-by-side.

What I am saying is this. Sure it can be messy or awkward or sometimes just not work. But that’s all sex. And no-one is saying you should be 69ing all the time. But maybe give it a go now and again. At best, you both get to come in a different way. At worst, you are both giggling about how awful it was.

And you know what? That’s fine! Cause it’s all about connecting. That’s the joy of 69ing.

I rest my case!


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