Guest blog: What it feels like to penetrate someone

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

Remember a few weeks ago when Starcross wrote a fabulous guest piece about what it feels like to have someone come round your cock? Hot, right? And for those of us without cocks, a delicious insight into what it’s like to possess one. Honestly, inject this into my veins. At the same time as Starcross responded to my callout, the lovely Innocent Loverboy got in touch to answer my question about what it feels like to penetrate someone. And to have someone slowly sit on your dick. Can you tell I’m obsessed with these things at the moment? I just really want to know what sex is like from the perspective of someone with a dick. And asking sex bloggers feels like an excellent way to find out. Please give a warm welcome to ILB (that’s the Mastodon link – he’s also here on Twitter and here on BlueSky), who’s dropped by to give us his perspective on what it feels like to penetrate someone…

What it feels like to penetrate someone

A penis, eh? I’ve got one of those. While numerous girlfriends, loves and various people with a vulva have talked at length about the amount of fiddling they would do if they had a penis of their very own for a day (seriously, they’ve all said it at least once), the truth is that for me it’s just… there. A bit of my body which has its functions and sensitivity just like anything else. Obviously every dick is different – in myriad sizes and shapes and colours – but the concept is always going to be the same, right?

So how do I explain what sex feels like to someone who doesn’t have a penis? Someone who’s never had a penis? How can I use words to describe the indescribable? I suppose it is time to try, and if it turns out I can’t, then I could just sit here and fiddle with my dick.

A detailed physical description of what it feels like to plunge your cock into someone

This really depends upon what’s happened beforehand. If you have been working up towards sex for long enough, and you are both ready enough pre-shag, there’s nothing to stop you from going straight in. It’s worth making sure you’re ready (and they’re wet enough), for there’s nothing quite like the plunge.

Just like our beloved penes, every vulva is different, and the vagina you are hopefully going to be inside will have its own intricacies. In any relationship – even a casual hookup – there will be something different to explore. But, on the surface level, the plunge is almost always the same.

You’re naked, you’re rock hard, they’re soaking wet. You’ve both been waiting long enough, and you can’t wait to start. While you’re perfectly capable of slowly sliding your cock into them, this isn’t the time for that. You’re desperate. You may explode if not. So you position yourself correctly, push your hips forward, and thrust your dick as deep as you can.

You’ll likely feel their folds split as you enter. You’ll definitely feel their inner walls, warm and wet, around your shaft as you go in deep. Their heartbeat will be resounding through their whole body at this point, so you may well feel them beating a tattoo that resonates through your whole dick.

And all of this in a second. Are they making the right noises yet? Is it now time to pull your whole penis back out, and plunge all the way in a second time?

Harder now. Deeper. More warmth, more wetness.

Fuck yeah.

A detailed physical description of what it feels like to have them sit on you really slowly

Although there’s a lot to be said for the desperation necessitating the plunge, there’s just as much excitement in the slow-burn anticipation as they slowly sink down onto your ready, willing, thick and firm cock.

You may well be aware that dicks tend to twitch when they’re hard. A full erection will have tissue full of blood, which (while reducing intuitive and mathematical reasoning) will mirror the increasing pulse, causing a sensitive throb every few seconds. Some people with a penis report these becoming a little painful after a while. Let’s not also forget that the Cowper’s gland can release a fair amount of fluid during erection, its primary function to clean the urethra ready for ejaculation.

So you have the fully erect, throbbing, pulsing cock with beads of precum running down the length of the shaft ready? Enjoying that image? Okay.

If you’re lying on the back, looking up at someone nearly impaled on your cock – not quite, but very nearly there – it is absolutely impossible to think about anything else. You know you’re going to experience the softness of their labia as the very tip of your head is eased between them. You’re going to feel their wetness growing as your shaft starts to slide deeper and deeper inside. When they’ve finished, and they’re sitting astride, you will feel completely surrounded by them – and there will be little else. Them, and only them.

And this one feels so rewarding, because you’ve had to wait for it. You know it’s coming, but it won’t be instant. It will happen…

…inch by painful inch.

That’s what happened the first time I had penetrative sex, so.

The very moment the tip of your cock makes contact with them and begins to enter is quite possibly the greatest feeling in the world. Just like making the full plunge, that one touch is everything.

So it really can all come down to one second in the end.

But let’s not forget what happens next…


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