Guest blog: His first prostate massage

Yay! Stuart F Taylor is back to draw awesome things for me!

As soon as I read the sexy story for this week’s guest blog – about an intense first prostate massage – I knew a whole lot of you would fall in love with it. This week’s guest blogger is not only an incredible writer, she is a passionate domme on a mission: to get femdom the kind of mainstream attention that maledom got after 50 Shades of Grey.

While it’s very welcome that kinksters are now able to talk about BDSM without being drowned out by people who think it’s depraved or wicked, Domina Jen explains that “Femdom is still kept so deep in the closet, it might as well be Narnia. It’s still seen as subversive and perverse. Submissive men are still seen as weak or unmanly, and Dominant women are still seen as manipulative man-haters. That needs to change.” To that end, she’s writing a femdom novel – to write the kind of femdom she actually experiences, and bring the joy to more people. You can find out more about her novel – and support her work! – over at Patreon, and to whet your appetite read the sexy extract she’s contributed below: in which sub Kieran experiences prostate massage for the very first time…

His first prostate massage

“Do you trust that I won’t hurt you?”

“Yes, Domina,” he replied, his voice shaking. He was pretty sure he trusted her, she’d been gentle with him so far. But the idea of being penetrated by anyone, even her, was enough to make his muscles lock with fear.

“Come on, then,” she ordered softly. “Get on the bed. On all fours.”

Trembling, Kieran stiffly moved to obey her command. His face flamed and his heart raced as he stared down at the sheets beneath him, feeling her move behind him.

“This is not supposed to hurt,” she told him. “If it does, I want you to tell me.”

“Yes, Domina,” he replied, unable to stop from cringing as her fingertip pressed against his entrance.

“Now take a deep breath.”

Somehow, Kieran managed to obey. How, he had no idea, his chest had seized up with fear and dread. His arms shook as they supported his weight, and he felt the sharp sting of tears behind his eyes.

Slowly, gently, she eased a single, slender finger into him. Kieran whimpered, his vision blurring with tears.

“That’s it,” she said reassuringly, running the fingers of her other hand along his back. “Good boy. That’s as deep as it goes. You’ve taken it all.”

He sighed audibly, though he still trembled.

She was right, it didn’t hurt. Objectively, it didn’t even feel bad. But years of associating penetration with pain weren’t easy to let go.

“Deep breaths, love,” she said. “You’re doing wonderfully.”

The softness of her voice and the reassuring praise helped. He took a deep breath, trying to forget what his life was like before her, trying to focus only on now, on her touch, on her voice.

All thoughts of the past flew from his mind, however, when her finger began slowly moving back and forth.

He’d never been fucked without pain before, and the pain had masked every other sensation. Without that pain, the feeling was intense and foreign, and made him feel vulnerable and, surprisingly enough, aroused.

“It looks like you can tolerate this,” she said. “Let’s try something else.”

The movement of her finger changed. Instead of thrusting smoothly in and out of him, it went deeper, her hand pushing against him, her finger exploring inside him.

Suddenly she touched something…. Something powerful, deep inside him. It sent bolts of lightning up and down his spine, all the way to his fingers and toes. He gasped, his body jerking with the intensity of the sensation.

“Ahh, there it is,” she murmured, massaging that spot.

Kieran cried out, pleasure exploding from his belly, shooting up and down his cock, up and down his spine, throughout his entire body.

“Oh, you’re sensitive,” Charis said. “Do you enjoy this?”

“Yes,” he gasped, pushing back against her.

Dear gods, he actually enjoyed it.

But then, how could he not? Whatever she touched inside of him completely took control of him.

“I’m going to put a second finger in.”

“Yes, Domina,” he answered, a strange mix of desire and fear building in him. On one hand, he was still afraid of the pain that so often came with any kind of penetration. But he was surprised to find himself actually wanting something bigger.

She slid the second finger in, stretching him. Squirming and writhing, he cried out as he was filled up. The second finger made the sensations even more intense. There was a slight tinge of pain, but surprisingly enough, he liked it. It brought the pleasure into sharper focus.

Moaning, he pushed back against her as her fingers sunk all the way inside him, stretching him.

He almost screamed when he felt an unexpected hand on his cock.

“That’s a good boy,” she said approvingly, using long, fluid movements on him.

He could feel the tension building in him, hot and sweet, as she massaged him inside and out. The feel of her hand on him, the feel of her inside him quickly brought him to the threshold.

“Domina,” he gasped. “Can I cum?”


Seconds later, the tension in his belly exploded, and he cried out, collapsing on the bed.

“Very good boy,” she murmured, running her fingertips along his back.

Kieran moaned softly, curling himself around her. He felt open and vulnerable, but safe and protected.

“So was it as bad as you thought it would be?” she asked.

Kieran closed his eyes. “I didn’t know it could be like that,” he whispered breathlessly. Charis laughed.

“And that’s just a finger. Wait until it’s a cock.”

Shuddering, Kieran buried his face in her lap. Gods, a cock? How would he survive something like that?

How would he survive her?


Want to find out more, and support Domina Jen‘s writing project? Visit her Patreon page! Here’s a quick message from her:

“I’m writing a Femdom novel. Not that I think it’ll reach 50 Shades fame, but if I write a book, and someone else writes a book, and someone else makes a movie, we could reach the same level of acceptance Maledom has. The problem is I could write the best book known to man, but that won’t mean a thing if I can’t get it into the hands of the people who want it.

“Which is where you come in. I’m asking you to become a part of this. To become part of something that actively helps the thousands of men who are ashamed of or don’t understand their desires. And to empower the thousands of women who want this, but feel unsure or overwhelmed.”


  • Nick says:

    Wow! Prostate massage is awesome and that was put across so beautifully.
    I like tender moments during play.

  • Gordon says:

    That was so suggestive, so hot. I’m really hard. Too bad my wife is just not that kind of a woman…

  • Richard says:

    Yes, yes, yes. The other problem with femdom is the popular perception that it’s all whips and chains and beatings and shouting. That’s fine if you’re into that. But that ignores this whole side of it: gentle, caring, so, so tender. But with control and respect at the heart of it. There’s a very delicious mix of strictness and filthiness that is unbearably exciting.

    It makes me want to shout from the rooftops that I am a submissive man, and that this is what it’s all about. Deep trust and love and the extraordinary intimacies and experiences that come from that. Prostate massage is just one such experience, there are so many others…

    Thank you for sharing this blog, GOTN, and thank you to the writer. It affected me quite deeply. I feel a trip to Patreon coming on.

    PS “Good boy”. *melts*

  • Phillip says:

    I left it in comments….”On the hotness of words”. Oct. 30, 2013.


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