Fuck me till my nose bleeds

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As you can probably tell from the title, this post is going to involve blood so please do look away now if that’s not your thing. It also features a picture which, if you did not know the entirely consensual and sexy context, might be shocking. So before you click or scroll down, understand that the nosebleed is not the result of violence, and I’m only writing about it because the guy who features here managed to turn something as mundane as a nosebleed into the perfect climax to a BDSM fuck, and I thought some of you might appreciate the filth of it. Ready? OK.  

woman bends over a desk getting shagged - there's a look of intense joy on her face. A smear of blood runs from her nose, and a guy's hand grips the back of her neck


Sometimes the filthiest things happen because we’ve fucked three times already that night and we need something extra to take us over that fourth hurdle. We started this particular evening by playing some of our greatest hits – blow jobs, anal, DP – so by now, at 3am, other sex things seem mundane in comparison.

So I go for the simple option: I ask him to fuck me as hard as he possibly can.

“Fuck me like you want to hurt me with your dick,” I tell him. And he does.

He makes me spread my legs and bend over his desk, turning my head to one side with my palms pressed flat against the surface. There’s porn playing on the screen, but he’s deliberately positioned me so I can’t see it – so he can focus on watching exactly what he wants, teasing me with scenes I can’t see, making me picture which filthy acts go with which of the grunts I can hear coming from the screen.

Everything about this position, and this fuck, screams ‘being used’ – from the porn he’s watching while he fucks me, to the swift strokes he smacks into me, good and hard so it feels like I might just bruise inside.

He wraps his belt twice around his hand, then thwacks me a few times just to warm me up – and to remind me that he can do this just because he wants to. Then he threads the belt around my waist and uses it to yank me backwards harder onto his cock. Hard enough that it makes my teeth rattle.

I clench tight around him, and I close my eyes – all the better to hear his heavy breathing and the slap of his thighs against my arse as he fucks me. For a minute or two I am lost in this dreamy world of rhythmic pain and pleasure, lulled into wooziness by booze and sex and the other things I love the most.

Then my nose starts to run. That’s what it feels like, at any rate. I’ve only had a nosebleed once or twice before, and this doesn’t feel anything like it – my first nosebleed came with pain, but this one just started flowing out. I lift my head from the desk, put my hand up, and in time to the rhythm with which he fucks me, I watch two thick droplets of blood splatter onto my hand.

“I…” I don’t know what to say. I’m worried that if I tell him he’ll stop fucking me. And I really don’t want him to stop fucking me. It’s just a nosebleed, after all – other people have them all the time. If I paused it to get a tissue now he might switch from dominant to caring, and caring is not what I want at this moment. My cunt is aching and sore, but my legs are trembling with the need to have just one more release before I collapse, exhausted, into bed.

“Get your head down,” he orders, oblivious to the trail of blood snaking down my face. He grabs my hips and starts shagging more aggressively, as if to punish me for not staying still.

My cunt tightens in response and I moan again, on the edge of telling him but still not wanting it to stop.

“Are you going to shut up and let me fuck you?” he growls, and I grow even woozier with lust.

“I…” I’m trembling and quite close to coming… I just really really need him to keep fucking me.

“Yes?” He knows me when I’m like this, and he does not stop – he keeps fucking and fucking even as my voice starts to crack.

“I think I’ve got a nosebleed.”

By this point ‘I think’ is irrelevant – there’s a dark stream of blood running from my nose, over my panting lips and down to my chin. The hand I lifted up to check whether there was blood is smeared – dark red and shining slickly.

He grabs hold of my hair, twists my head round so he can inspect me. He pulls me back towards him with a fierce grip that I couldn’t escape from if I tried, then drawls:

“Ohhhh, you’re a fucking mess.”

I cannot stop myself from grinning. Yes. Oh fuck yes I’m a fucking mess. Make me even messier you filthy, beautiful man. Because if you can deal with the fact I’m getting off on this then there is nothing we can’t do together.

He reads my mind – or more likely, my grin – and yanks again on my hair, twisting me to just the right angle so he can take in every detail of the bloody ruin of my face.

“You’re a dirty fucking slut,” he says, and I twist to pull against his grip so the sting of his words will be matched by a sharp jolt of pain – just enough to push me over the edge.

I come to the sound of him calling me a slut, and the taste of blood on my tongue.


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  • Valery North says:

    This is so TOTALLY hot – and I’m sure you know that nosebleeds have a particular symbolism in Japanese animation, right?

    I hope I’d have the confidence to do what he did in that situation, although I tend to be quite wary around bleeding.

    • Girl on the net says:

      Oh yes, I’d totally forgotten about that! I used to get really confused as to why everyone’s nose started bleeding in raunchy anime until someone explained the association to me =)

      And yeah I see what you mean on the blood thing – to be honest if we didn’t know each other inside out I’d definitely have stopped because I know that blood can be a massive ‘no’ for so many people and I wouldn’t want to risk panicking them. But yeah in this case it was nice to not have to cut everything short – and even nicer that he played along!

  • Ohhhhh, you wrote it!

    This is so, so hot – if I wasn’t at the mercy of fluoxetine, I’m pretty damn certain I could use it to get off

  • Bee says:

    Damn that’s hot! I would be totally on board with that but I suspect he would drop into caring mode and the whole thing would stop working!

    We had an experience the other way around, him giving me oral when his nose started bleeding. We initially thought it was me starting a random period (PCOS does that) but nope, it was him. Did give us a good laugh afterwards!!

  • Candi says:

    This didn’t just go to my cunt. It went to that part of my stomach that pinches when something is so hot it’s like a visceral yearning to try it.

    I love the idea of being fucked until you are basically turned inside out with the power and sensation of it.

  • The One says:

    This reminded me of that utterly hot picture of Andrew WK on the cover of his album, where his nose is busted and bleeding down his chin. I can’t even articulate how hot that made younger me. It never occurred to me before how sexy it would be if my nose bled when being fucked hard, but now that it has, I may not make it into work tomorrow. Thank you thank you thank you!

  • Cara Thereon says:

    I didn’t know this was a box I’d wanted ticked, but this did something for me. Maybe not the blood, but his response to it. Unf. Just… yes.

  • Discrete reader says:

    Wow……Love how much you just wanted to be used in that moment!

  • Kat says:

    Well that’s something to add to my ever-growing list of things I hope to experience before I drop dead.

  • 746Y98T3 says:

    Love this. And it reminded me of why I love Sinead too.


    Sinead O’Connor singing “remember when we fucked so hard, there was blood on the walls”

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