Guest blog: Untitled erotic poetry

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

If you know me even a little you’ll know that I love poetry almost as much as I love sex. So when Derek A Brown Sr got in touch to offer some erotic poetry for the guest blog slot I was utterly delighted, and now I’m ridiculously excited to share it with you. If you enjoy it as much as I did, please do follow him on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and head to his website where you can buy his collections of erotic poetry too!

Untitled – Erotic poetry

I hear that quiver in your breath as you inhale two full lungs of love saturated oxygen
I see you watching as my heads bobbin
while simultaneously the muscles in your legs start throbbin

an orgasm robbery is in progress

I undress all of your inhibitions in the beginning with a little licken and kissin while fishin for that one spot that makes you move like you’re being electrically shocked

you’ve got your fingers locked in my dread locks
which means head locks are no longer just wrestling moves
but now tools of passion as satisfaction flashes before your eyes

sighs seems to be the only language we speak as the bed squeaks from weak springs
and like the rings of Saturn
I use my tongue in a circular pattern while gatherin all of you erogenous zones into one area causing you to really moan

I love your sensual tones as they echo from your vocal chords
and my ears absorb every note as they soak into my soul
making me work harder causing you to even further lose control

my goal is to make you arrive at climax
so I snatch orgasms like a thief in the night

you try to fight
but what’s the use
because in all actuality I’ve got you dazed and confused

you’ve used every muscle in your body as an attempt to minimize your gyrations
but motor skill complications leaves you laying in the midst of a compromising situation
or saturation
from the way your juices are escaping

I’m tasting every drop before I subtly climb on top
you watch with anticipation as penetration is achieved

then I ease in and out of you
like a cool gentle breeze
my soft kisses land on your lips like
brown autumn leaves

you squeeze me
you squeeze me like you’re thinking
“please don’t ever leave me”
and with every fiber in my being I know that you are my meaning
so where would I go

your flow gets heavier as our love making heightens
your grip tightens
the room gets quiet

then I whisper
“I love you”
as we lay there in a love saturated silence

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