Two things: a video of nerdy guys fighting, and some bad sex advice

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

Two things you should check out this week. In the ‘bad’ column: some truly appalling sex advice. Then to cheer you up: a hot Youtube video of nerdy boys having a fight.

The bad: GQ’s anal sex advice

This week, GQ in the UK published an article by Sarah Jane Banham entitled ‘How To Ask For Anal Sex.’ She said that:

“I read somewhere recently that now it is more respectful to ”initiate“ to your partner beforehand about wanting to try anal sex via text message, or phone call. Oh please! How about a slight whisper in the ear while you penetrate your women, isn’t that just a little more erotic?”

To answer her question: no. No. Surprise anal penetration is not – and never should be – the standard way to initiate anal sex with your partner for the first time. This advice belongs in the bin. Then the bin should be doused in petrol and set on fire.

Rebecca Reid has a great takedown in the Telegraph, along with some excellent explanations as to why bad sex advice like this matters.

The good: Hot nerdy boys fighting in a morgue

I haven’t had time to do a proper link trawl this week, but I wanted to show you something that I have watched about a billion times since last Monday. I’m currently obsessed with the Netflix series iZombie, and here is an adorable scene in which my two favourite characters have a flailing, nerdy, adorkable fight. One day I’ll explain in unnecessary detail why I find this scene so sexy.

(Possible spoilers, but not really because if you start watching iZombie you’ll have forgotten this by the time it crops up)


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