Guest blog: Lines and letters – a poem

Image by the awesome Stuart F Taylor

I’ll keep the intro to this week’s guest blog short and sweet, and simply tell you that I love poetry. The loveliest poems are the ones that make me laugh, cry or ache for something. This poem by James Mycroft makes me ache like anything…

Lines and Letters

Heated words
and written need;
pen and ink and pixels bright
must substitute
for desperate touch
and kisses deep.

From distant shores
I ache for you
in ways that speech
cannot reveal
although we try.

I stroke your skin
with sentences
arousing you
to wetness with
these lines and letters
on a page,
as paragraphs caress
all parts of you,
the rhythm of my prose
a counterpoint
to your own sounds
so far away.

And so like this
my written thoughts
imagined acts
reach out
to places hidden
from the world
that need my touch
that crave my mouth;
from here
to there
my words explore
and tease
and please
and though
I know
it’s not enough
I hope
it’s better than
a blank white page
would be.


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