Be my guest: sharing her with you

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

I very rarely write erotic fiction, and it’s even rarer for me to write from a ‘straight cis dude’ headspace, because I don’t think I’m very good at it. But I want to have a go, for reasons that I’ll explain a bit in Wednesday’s blog, and also because I like it when I can hire guys to read my stuff as audio – it’s cool to hear my work brought to life by someone other than me. So. Here’s a guy introducing you to his slutty girlfriend and sharing her with you. No prizes for guessing whether I want to be that girl (I really do).

You can have a go if you like. Go on: touch her. I’m not gonna be precious about it. See, sometimes there’s this love that makes you feel all mean and jealous: love that just wants to have and keep and hide someone away in a box to which only you have the key. But not this love. Not me. Not with her.

Touch her. Go on. See the way she looks at you when I say that? All wet, bright eyes and the hint of a smirk? She wants you to touch her just as much as she wanted me to make that offer in the first place. The slut.

See these nipples? That’s it, open your shirt, there’s a good girl. They’re hard not just because I’m here to give neat, sharp little pinches. They’re hard because you’re here too – because she wants you to look at her. She’s my toy, sure, but I know how to share. I like sharing.

If you think her tits are good, you should try her blow jobs. I’m serious. I’ve never yet seen a cock she can’t swallow, and never found anyone on whom she’s not willing to try. The last time she sucked me off, she did it slowly and sloppily – staring up at me with those big, wet, dark brown eyes shining with gratitude. Oh yeah, she’s very grateful. Unzip, go on – give her your cock. Let her show you just how grateful she can be.

That’s it.

Straight to her knees. Told you she was eager. Just you wait till you’re getting close to coming. The way she just… opens her throat. Use your hands too, that’s it, good girl. I love watching her suck cock. Here, I’ll hold her hair for you. Just gather it into a ponytail and use my fist to shove her head forward, right down to the base. She can take it all, see? She wants to take it all, it’s just sometimes she likes a little bit of encouragement.

No need to thank me, as I say – I like it. I like to share her. Not just offer her up, but actively show you exactly how to use her. Like this, here, see the wetness soaking through her knickers? I’m just gonna hook them to one side and slide a couple of fingers in. Want to taste her? She’s wet as fuck. Just from sucking your cock. Just from the feeling of your dick stretching her lips open and the head nudging the back of her throat. She’s wet for you – here, taste her.

And again, let’s do that again. See how she squirms on my fingers, trying to slide back to get more of them inside her? Yeah, I told you she was filthy. Fucking dirty slut, she loves it. Don’t you? Don’t talk with your mouth full.

Watching her do this to you makes me so hard. Do you mind if I… just… slip it in her cunt? Fucking her will shove her forward onto your cock. Thank you, you’re generous. I can see you’re a sharer too. Unngh, that’s it.

She does this… thing, see? When she chokes on your cock, her cunt spasms for me. Like… that. Yeah, that’s it. Choke her and her cunt gets tighter. I can see from how she’s swallowing you so eagerly that she really wants you to come now. You wanna come down her throat? Yeah, I thought so. Good, isn’t she?

I’ll fuck her just a little bit harder so my cock shoves her mouth right down to the base of your dick. Harder. And deeper. And… that’s it, come.

Come down her throat. Watch her gag as she swallows it.

Be my guest.


If you enjoyed this you’ll probably also love sharing his girlfriend, by Kate, and some of these posts on how hot it is to be discussed from Kink of the Week, both of which provided a bit of inspiration for this fantasy. 


  • tk says:

    I really like this scenario. I have one friend with whom we frequently discuss this fantasy, but we haven’t been able to pull it off yet (because pandemic!) My friend is a subby slut who appreciates the parts about getting used / being told what to do / making themselves sexually available when necessary. Also, pleasing two dicks is twice as hot as pleasing a single one, if my math is correct. For me as a cis man what I like about this scenario is that sharing validates my sexuality. This other man’s sexual feelings towards my friend are similar to my sexual feelings towards my friend. It makes us similar. It makes us brothers, in a way, even if just briefly. And it gives me social proof that wanting to fuck my friend is a reasonable and fun thing to do, and not something dirty and shameful.

    • Girl on the net says:

      Ohhhh awesome! This is extremely hot to hear and I really hope you and your friend get to fulfil your fantasy post-pandemic! <3

  • Karura says:

    Love it! Makes me want to get back to writing erotica.

  • ftandhubby says:

    Yes! This is spot on. My partner (FT, short for fuck toy) and I enjoy this. Hard to explain to others that don’t share the joy in sharing their partner or seeing her enjoy being shared or perhaps from her point of view its about sharing me. We had a relationship with our best man (and some others) where we would share her. This gave us much to talk about in other situations that we really enjoyed, usually talking about how great she was, what we enjoyed doing to her and how much we were looking forward to doing it again. It was a great bonding experience getting to share something so intimate and also great for my ego have her desirability and hotness confirmed by another. He’s no longer with us and I’m so glad she was willing to share. That you want to be shared is spectacular. Hope the guy that land your appreciates this in his partner as much as I do.

  • EuphemiseThis says:

    This was so hot to read! Looking forward to hearing it as audio porn :)

  • Phillip says:

    All the problems in this sad World could be solved just by sincere sharing.

  • At some seconds in I clutched my pearls and thought “my gash—that is some filthy smut!”—the acting! Superb. Got me horny!

  • tk says:

    In response to my comment dated September 19, 2021 above:

    Dear Girl on The Net, we managed to pull it off 2 years later. I invited another man and he accepted my invitation to play together. It was a good experience for all three of us. My slutty friend, who was in the center of attention that afternoon, reports that this was the best thing that has ever happened to ver. What a big new experience.

    • Girl on the net says:

      Ohmygod that is so so incredible <3 Thank you so much for coming back with the update - and huge congrats to you and your friend (and the other guy too)! I must confess to being slightly jealous, but mostly just fucking delighted for all of you. I really appreciate you coming back to let us know, I absolutely live for this sort of thing. xxx

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