Hot Octopuss JETT: I want to watch involuntary orgasms

Image courtesy of Hot Octopuss

I like watching men jizz themselves involuntarily. It’s one of my favourite kinks, and the driving force behind me doing all kinds of odd things, like making a custom mount for my Fleshlight Launch so I could watch it milk my partner dry of spunk. If you’re interested in involuntary orgasms as well, then I have two things I’d like to introduce you to. The first is the amazing work of @Perfect_Match_X, who produces gorgeous videos of various men being restrained and then wanked to completion while they make delightful orgasmic noises, and the second is the JETT – an unusual new sex toy from Hot Octopuss.

JETT is basically a silicone strap designed to hold two vibrating bullets against the frenulum just on the underside of your dick. Each bullet vibrates at a different frequency – one ‘treble’ and one ‘bass’ – and the interplay of the different vibration frequencies creates a uniquely deep sensation that thrums and ripples through the entire shaft of your cock.

Hot Octopuss JETT in use on a glass dildo
Image courtesy of Hot Octopuss

I get to hear about Hot Octopuss toys long before they’re available online, because I do freelance work for the company, so I’d been building up my excitement for this sex toy for months – ever since the boss first revealed it at a team meeting and I got to hold this promising thing in my hands. The idea of attaching the bullets to my partner’s cock, and then using the remote to gradually play with the vibrations, building and building the intensity of the complementary tones until he couldn’t help but spunk himself was one that occupied quite a lot of my mind.

Then, as the toy launched and my role switched from ‘enthusiastically anticipating this product’ to ‘watching the reviews come in’, my horn for it increased a thousandfold.

Because it’s a really good sex toy. It does exactly what I want it to. It’s had rave reviews from people who know their stuff – Cara Sutra, Joanne’s Reviews, Loving BDSM, and plenty more. On top of this (and you can file this under ‘massive perks of GOTN’s job) I’ve also been able to see videos of the Hot Octopuss JETT in action. People don’t just review sex toys on blogs, they are also often unboxing and testing out on tube and cam sites: then tagging @HotOctopuss in so I get to see the amazing results.

In which I dream of involuntary orgasms

As I’m sure you can imagine, watching a lot of other people spaff themselves with JETT raised my expectations even further, until I was begging my partner every other night to let me strap it on him and get creative. I wanted to control his erection at the touch of a button. Edge him over and over, using the remote of the JETT to build waves of sensation that made his dick twitch and jump. I wanted to tease him until he was so hard his entire shaft ached, and his balls throbbed with the need to jizz, then stopping the vibration just before he reached the tipping point, causing him to let out a howl of frustrated agony. Finally, after at least ten rounds of edging and torture, I planned to switch the JETT to whichever vibration mode had provoked the most pleasurable reaction, and let it work its magic: whirring and throbbing against the head of his cock until he couldn’t hold it any longer and finally let rip. Groaning with relief as his cock pumped thick jets of spunk all over his naked torso and face.

Sadly, it was not to be.

My boyfriend reviews the Hot Octopuss JETT

My boyfriend is not a huge fan of vibration. There. I said it. I’m as annoyed about it as he is by my inability to wear a dress without looking like someone’s forced me into school uniform, but that’s just the way things are. We are human beings, and we can’t change our preferences just because someone else wants us to – the world would be a shit place if we did. Like me, he’s a huge fan of masturbators, and as a result we’ve had some excellent fuck sessions in which we test out different strokers or play with new masturbators launched by site sponsors. But there are very few vibrating sex toys that work for him: one expensive dick toy was a hit, the Hot Octopuss ATOM PLUS is one of our most frequently used toys, and we’ve certainly had fun with PULSE III, but ultimately his enthusiasm for vibrations tends to be at the low end. He will never be the jizz-spraying guinea pig of my dreams.

I’ve tried using JETT on him a couple of times, and he’s done some experimenting on his own, but sadly none of our work led to the spunktacular conclusion I was hoping for. So I got creative.

I review the Hot Octopuss JETT

I don’t have a dick that I can strap the Hot Octopuss JETT on to, so I can’t exactly tell you how to use it for the involuntary orgasms that initially drew me to this toy. For that, you’ll have to look at the reviews I mentioned above, or watch this video of the JETT in action (NSFW Pornhub link, the sexy part starts about 12 mins in).

But I do have a clit, and a good right hand, and a passion for new kinds of vibration, so I thought I’d have a go at trying out the Hot Octopuss JETT myself. I put 3 fingers through the empty silicone ring so I could use the combined bullets as a clitoral vibrator: testing the ‘Treble & Bass’ technology that my boss had been so excited to bring to the market. And it worked pretty spectacularly. Unlike most vibrators, which I’d just turn on and immediately dial up to max, JETT took more getting used to – I scrolled through the pre-programmed patterns as I held it against my clit, to try and find the one that worked best for me.

If you’re going to try this out I think using the patterns to begin with is a really good idea. Because the two vibration motors are designed to deliver different sensations in tandem, the pre-programmed patterns are the best way to see how this works in practice. My preferred programs are number 5 and 7, should you wish to wank along at home: both combine a few short bursts of vibration with a longer, more intense wave, which is perfect for accidental edging.

It may not have given my vibration-ambivalent boyfriend an involuntary orgasm, but it gave me more than a few voluntary ones, with the added bonus that I can pause for 30 seconds or so after each one, then switch to a slightly different vibration pattern, to make a second orgasm even easier.

Should you buy the Hot Octopuss JETT?

If you like vibrations on your dick, you should buy the Hot Octopuss JETT. Although it isn’t what my partner goes for, it’s unique and cool and intense when I use it on me, and it’s had a fucking awesome reception so far from other bloggers and toy reviewers, many of whom have achieved that delightful ‘involuntary orgasm’ that I was lusting after at the start.

If you don’t like vibrations on your dick, check out some of the other sex toys I recommend here. This episode with the JETT made me realise that while it’s easy enough for me to try out sponsor products myself (Hot Octopuss sponsors my site along with lots of other lovely companies – click the links in the sidebars to support my work and discover excellent sexy things!), there are some products for which I simply don’t have the equipment to give you the sexy content you deserve. If I rely on my other half then not only am I limited in what I can write about, I’m also in danger of pushing our mutual wank sessions into ‘work’ territory. So keep an eye on this blog in the coming weeks when I’ll have a Sex Toy Correspondent dropping in to talk about dick toys and other delights, easing the pressure on my other half to have opinions about things in future and giving you something more informed and entertaining than my own thoughts on this stuff.

In the meantime, I hope this post has given you a decent idea of what JETT is and what it can do. It really is an awesome sex toy, and it’s cheaper than most of Hot Octopuss’ other toys, because they specifically wanted to design something to introduce dick vibrations to those who couldn’t afford pricier products like the PULSE. And because I’ve seen enough people online raving about it since its launch (it was so popular it sold out within a few weeks and Hot Octopuss are currently rushing to fulfil all the new orders), I’d kick myself if I ended this post by doing anything other than encouraging you to buy it.

As long as you like vibrations, of course.

Pick up the Hot Octopuss JETT direct from their site for £49.99 (or $69). I received the JETT for free from Hot Octopuss, and they sponsor my website, so if you buy from them you’re directly supporting my work. If you’re not keen on dick vibrations please do check out their other products – I especially recommend the ATOM PLUS cock ring, which is one of the sex toys my partner and I use the most. 


  • Rob says:

    I got my Jett a month or so ago, thinking I would use it to edge myself – but so far I can’t help slipping it over the head of my cock (even completely flaccid) turning the vibrations up a few levels and leaving it to do its thing! Resulting in glorious hands free orgasms every time! It’s incredible, and hopefully I’ll reach the point when I can experiment and play with the two frequencies and patterns to enjoy some edging!

  • Jocket says:

    Doxy, Electrastim, now Jett… yet another GOTN recommendation I couldn’t resist. I wish it was USB rechargeable like the Pulse, but that’s my only gripe. The quick pulse pattern is timed just right – my wife was most amused watching my cock bounce and jerk in time. I haven’t had the patience to let it take me all the way to orgasm yet but I have no doubt it will get there.

    • Art says:

      I tried stimming; made my own kit. Though enjoyable and enabled an unbelievable amount of precum dumping, I was never able to reach an orgasm with it.

  • Art says:

    Mine should arrive today. I’m a 19 year old sex maniac stuck in this 78 year old body. I wasn’t ready to be this old, but I’m dealing with it. Hopefully my Jett will help!

    I’ll keep you posted.

    • Girl on the net says:

      Ooh fab, yes do let me know how you get on with it! It’s such a cool toy and I have really been enjoying watching the reviews and images of people using it come in on Twitter!

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