Guest blog: How I became a multi-orgasmic man

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When this week’s guest blogger got in touch with his story, he initially mused that perhaps the reason he was telling it was that he just wanted to brag. To which my response was – and will always be – BRAG AWAY, MY FRIEND! One of the things that keeps me coming back to blogging, and keeps me greedily hoovering up the stories you pitch for the guest blog slot, is the extra gratification that a particular sex story, kink or fantasy has when you share it with other people. I live for bragging: whether it’s telling my friends I got laid or hearing them get laid in turn. Telling you about my wanks, or – in the case of this week’s guest blogger – hearing a fabulous tale of how he became a multi-orgasmic man (a very rare thing for a cis dude!) and started having the best sex of his life.

CN: brief references to abuse. 

How I became a multi-orgasmic man

This story starts about three years ago. I’d just come out of a horrifically disastrous marriage, which featured much abuse (to me) and not much sex. I decided (rather sensibly for me) to stay single for a while, and had various sexual adventures involving various numbers of partners.

But after a couple of years, I felt ready to get involved in a proper relationship again, and started to look for a girlfriend. Tinder isn’t great for serious relationships, so I bit the bullet and paid to join an app that’s specific to the country I live in, and has a slightly better reputation. Initially, it didn’t go well. I had a few dates, but either they weren’t that interested in me, or I wasn’t that interested in them.

That all changed when I met M.

She looked super cute in her pictures, and we got on well chatting online, so I was hopeful. And when we met… there was that spark. That spark where you know they’re interested in you and you in them. She was hot. Really hot. And despite initially thinking that I looked “asexual”, she felt the spark too. We planned our second date during our first date, and had a quick hug before going our separate ways.

My main worry about getting into a serious relationship was whether my partner would have a sex drive that matched mine, which is pretty high. Sex isn’t always the be-all and end-all, but it’s pretty important to me. So how long do you wait to ask? On the second date you can ask about their hobbies, but not if they want to fuck every time you meet. If you wait too long, will you already be in too deep to get out? Turns out I didn’t need to worry. We had sex at the end of our second date, and soon enough M described herself as a “horndog”, and hoped that I’d be able to keep up with her demands. Well, I was certainly going to try my best.

As luck would have it, not only were our appetites well matched, she was also majorly kinky. Even now, almost a year later, we’ve only just started investigating our kinks and fantasies, as our time together is sadly limited by distance and other commitments, and the sex is amazing already.

So how did I become multi-orgasmic?

There are two parts to becoming multi-orgasmic, for me at any rate. A few times in the past, in long term relationships with people I liked a lot, occasionally (though rarely – I could count the times on one hand) I’d have a “dry orgasm”, basically an orgasm where I didn’t ejaculate. If you look up ‘dry orgasm’ on google, it seems to be treated like a medical problem, but I don’t really understand that. I like it – I get to orgasm, but I get to keep having sex. What’s not to like?

Note from GOTN: if you also experience dry orgasm, it can potentially be a medical issue though it is unlikely to be harmful to your health – check out this info on retrograde ejaculation from the NHS. Tl;dr – it’s only really an issue if you want to conceive, so if you do want to conceive have a chat to your doctor about options. 

Also, for me, the sensation of a dry orgasm is different. In some ways it’s more intense: it feels really, really fucking good. In a normal orgasm, it feels like your consciousness is getting concentrated down, focussing on the point of release until you let go. In a dry orgasm, it’s more like your consciousness is expanding and expanding until you lose all ability to think or speak while wave upon wave of pleasure smashes your brain to mush. So the first thing that happened was that I had a dry orgasm (or just ‘orgasm’ as I’ll call it from now) with M. It must have looked quite intense as she became quite concerned and told me “don’t die.” I often said the same to her after she came. It was our little catchphrase.

The second thing that happened is that we both found out the other liked pain play. I found out in the sexiest possible way: when she was riding me reverse cowgirl, and bent forward and commanded “slap me!”

It was undoubtedly one of the hottest things that has ever happened to me in my life. I slapped the fuck out of her arse, her gasping with pleasure after every smack, until she came to a shuddering climax. She was proudly sending me photos of her bruised cheeks for the whole week afterwards. Up until this point, we’d only be doing a bit of biting, but now hard biting, spanking and hair pulling were regularly included in our play. I’d always enjoyed being scratched and bitten, but now I thought I’d like to try being spanked too. I liked it. It hurt, but it felt so good.

Then the two things, the occasional dry orgasm and the pain play joined together to make me multi-orgasmic. M, who is multi-orgasmic herself, decided to use her nails to scratch the fuck out of me as she came. The pleasure/pain, combined with watching this incredibly sexy woman come to a heaving climax while my cock was inside her made me orgasm too. Soon, every time she came, she was ripping into my sides, my inner thighs, any where she could reach to bring me off at the same time. We were being multi-orgasmic at the same time. It’s got to the point where I feel that I orgasm so much I almost don’t even care if I ejaculate or not.

Although I do a bit, because it feels great in a different way, and I know M wants my spunk – whether inside her or on her.

Unfortunately, I don’t have much advice on how to become a multi-orgasmic cis man. For me, being in a relationship with someone you love and have them scratch the shit out of you seems to work. Your mileage may differ, but if you can find out how to make it work for you, you’ll never look back.

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  • ftandhubby says:

    Two thoughts quickly come to mind, good for you and she sounds like a keeper!!! No matter what other awesome characteristics that other person has if your not sexually on the same page none of that matters. Did the first relationship end due to the lack of sex or was there a lack of sex because it was a bad relationship? I’ve had the experience of orgasm without ejaculating. if I could figure out how to do it all the time we’d probably never leave the bedroom.

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