Guest blog: I love giving rimjobs

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This week’s guest blog, by Luke, needs almost no introduction, save a brief note to let you know it is about rimjobs, and say that when I read it I had to go and lie in my bunk for a very long time indeed. It is hot as fuck, and helped me understand the sexiness of eating ass in a way I had not fully comprehended until now. Enjoy.

I love giving rimjobs

There are two things I love eating; steak, and ass. I’m a dirty liar – I love eating a lot of things. But ass is right up there. There’s nothing quite like getting someone to spread their cheeks and just diving right the fuck in.

Freshly or recently washed, at least – inside and out, for preference. Nobody likes a nasty surprise. But god, the things you can do with your tongue and your lips to that most intimate and universal of orifices! You can do some seriously wicked things and it is so much fun.

Let me tell you a story.

Flash cut. In Media Res (that means ‘in the middle of things’) letting us skip the tedious buildup and plot and relationships and dive right into the action. At this point, we’re two hours into the fourth three way of the weekend. Two friends of mine were visiting the city (One and Two, hereon), and as the excellent buddy I am I’d given them a list of must-see places in London, with a cheat sheet of good grub, cheap booze, and the best places to pick up boys. We’d hit a lot of them over the course of the few days I was joining them, but this is digression.

What’s important was the rimjob.

I was flat on my back, with One on all fours on top of me, his hips in my grip. We’d have been 69ing but I gently slapped his mouth away – I like to focus properly when I’m rimming. Angle is the big one, and with him kneeling in front of me I could get right in, working the pink flesh of his hole with slow, long licks that sent shivers up his spine with a gratifying chorus of moaning. I started with a couple of broad strokes, getting the whole surface wet with the flat of my tongue, being sure to work in plenty of spit – rimming one of the few situations where sloppy technique is the best technique.

Try and get your ears and elbows wet – I’m told the same strategy works well with cunnilingus, but I’ll confess to not having tried… Never stop licking – unless your tongue is tired. Then use your lips and give yourself a little rest. Much as the tongue is a killer tool, remember the lips. Purse them, tense them, make little sucking motions to work that sensitive flesh with flexible muscle.

He arched his back and cried out, and the angle it opened up was perfect. I gripped him and held him there – his husband knelt next to us on the bed, stroking himself as he watched me eat. I came up for air. Two and I shared a conspiratorial look before I grabbed One’s ass cheeks and pulled them apart, his hole flexing at the sudden rush of cool air. I stuck out my tongue, focusing it to a point, and circled the spread flesh till I reached his hole. I took another breath, inhaling the sweaty, pheromone laden stink of the room and dived in with as much of my tongue as I could fit.

He jerked suddenly and I had to restrain him, one arm tight around his waist and the other on his thigh. Grabbing at the sheets and pushing back against my invading tongue as I moved it inside his ass, he gave me the best sexual feedback I’ve ever had – ‘Fuck,why didn’t you warn me about your tongue?’ and I’d have smirked if I wasn’t mouth-deep in him, too busy giving myself lockjaw. I could feel the tight wetness of his body around me, tasting the sweat and the lube and the tart, salty flavour of an earlier fuck.

I couldn’t remember who I was tasting – Two, or myself? Either way, I felt my dick twitch with another surge of arousal. Fuck. Growling noises. His hips reached a rhythm, rocking back and forth over my face, my right hand reaching round and gripping his leaking cock as I guided his hips with my left. I gave it a squeeze, milking a fresh stream of precum to lube up the shaft with as I stroked him, the two of us grinding ass against face in increasingly frenzied unison.

‘Oh fuck, I’m – I’m gonna -’ cried out Two, his face that mask of delight and shock and tense agony men get when they’re about to cum. ‘On me, on me’ cries One. I pull my face back, and not a second too late – One’s spit-slicked hole is quickly spattered with his husband’s load, a few stray jets spraying into my face and settling into my beard. Two grins, sweating and exhausted, his face aglow with satisfaction. I lick semen out of my moustache and press my lips to the freshly-decorated hole.

I push my tongue back into One, aggressive now. I want him to cum too. Quick, deep thrusts that I match on his cock, working his shaft from my elbow instead of my wrist to better jerk him off. I feel him tense around me and he screams, hot jizz jetting out over my body. I hold him there as he cums, pulling my tongue out but feeling each wrack and spasm course through him, watching his hole twitch and wink, shining slick with spit and semen.

I lie there, rock-hard and just as satisfied as the two of them.

Fuck. I love eating ass.


This gorgeous post about the delights of giving rimjobs is also available as audio, read by the author himself – click ‘listen now’ above, or head to the audio porn page for more sexy stories read aloud. 

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