Guest blog: I like it, I lick it – why I love eating cunt

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Probably the most well-covered topic on this blog is blow jobs. I write a lot about how much I enjoy sucking dick, and the different ways there are to revel in using one’s lips and tongue to get someone off. But there’s less here about the delights of cunnilingus (terrible word, let’s go with ‘eating out’ or ‘eating cunt’) because I don’t have as much experience of it. More importantly, I think in order to write something truly filthy, it is best if the writer genuinely adores doing the thing they’re writing about. That’s what makes this guest blog from Love & Lust in London @LoveLustLondon so sexy, I reckon. He has a genuine passion for eating cunt, and writes about it so beautifully that it has given me a new understanding of why this act brings so many people so much joy. Enjoy!

I like it, I lick it – why I love eating cunt

Do I get aroused when I go down on you? Fuck yes. Firstly, it’s knowing you’ve opened yourself for me, wanting my mouth to connect with an intimate part of your body. Secondly, because of my Dom tendencies, I may well be clothed and you totally naked; a demonstration of my power and evidence of my desire to simply want to explore and capture you with my tongue. If I’m not clothed then the evidence of my arousal will be apparent and I get to enjoy you seeing for yourself how turned on I get when going down on you.

I’m a very tactile person. Just placing my lips on your cunt fills me with joy. Your soft labia bracketing the velvet smooth pink within – a perfectly-sized space to fill with tongue. I feel those lips either side of it, I feel the plunge into your soft hole when I venture down, I feel the hardening of your clit when I venture up. With eyes closed my mouth describes to me the geography of you and reminds me to not forget the full length of your clit.

What am I doing with my hands? I’ll have them on your hips, holding you down and marvelling at the shape of you. I may run them over your body and take hold of your breasts, pinching your nipples to briefly distract you from what’s happening on your cunt. Or I may place them on your butt, raising you up to more easily indulge in my feast.

You want to suck my dick? Tough. I want to concentrate on you and in order to fully enjoy doing so I don’t want any distractions. When I’m eating you out there’s nothing in the world apart from my mouth and your cunt.

I’ll lick long and languidly. I’m in charge and I’ll devour you in my own good time. I’ll occasionally treat myself to a dip into your nectar so as to savour your flavour. If you’ve been a good girl I’ll kiss you immediately afterwards so that you may taste yourself too – we do, after all, agree on how delicious you are.

Of course, there are other treasures to be found between your legs. When I feel your hand gently pushing my head away I know you’ve reached climax and can take no more. Lucky for me, then, that you give yourself to me entirely. That other, tighter hole is ready and willing and I introduce my tongue to licking around the rim.

There are new sensations here for me to revel in; the taut ring, the perfect ‘O’ shape, the sound of your sighs as I delve into such a private part of you. This is a trust that I’ve earned, a closeness that has developed over time and one which makes this gentle, oral act all the more arousing.

Finally I sit back to briefly admire the view. Your cunt is now wide with anticipation, your lips drawn back and ready for more. The pink of both holes exacerbated by shiny wetness, my saliva mixing with your own lubrication. I really could do this all day, but my tongue aches.

It’s time for me to satisfy myself with you in another way.


  • Ian says:

    Perfect, exactly how I feel too. Always been a big part of foreplay for me and my wife.

  • PinkGilly15 says:

    Great to read from a guys perspective. Really enjoyed this.

  • I loved this, I’m unlikely to be the only girl who feels very selfish when a guy goes down on her, but this affirms that it’s an experience with a lot to enjoy and savour for the guy. This gives me such great insight and was very sexy to read.

    Great guest post – thanks for sharing.

    • AaronC says:

      Please don’t feel selfish. As a guy, I get immense pleasure from going down on a woman. Obviously everyone is different, but for me the sounds my partner makes, the way she sometimes squeezes my hands tighter, or the way you can feel her body tense give me immense pleasure and make me horny as hell.

  • Colin Smith says:

    Absolutely. The pleasure I get from kissing and licking a cunt is so great that sometimes it has made me come before we get round to fucking.

    Two things to add – first, some girls like only one particular area or part of the cunt to be licked. One of the delights with a girl like that is to find the spot that works for her. Second, position matters. There is something just great about being behind a girl who is kneeling leaning forward and just burying your mouth and tongue in the cunt and feeling the pleasure it gives her.

  • Azkyroth says:

    1. Is nummy.
    2. Results in entertaining noises :3

  • Phillip says:

    As long as we are on the subject of what is true or what is not, I do have another. When a guy says “was it good for you”? The reason he wants to know is that most of the time (95%) he can’t tell if you had an orgasm or not. Guys care very deeply about this. If he can’t reliably deliver, even though it takes ‘mutual involvement’, why would you come back if he never delivers up the ‘Holy Grail’ of the quest? I am unsure if this following is common knowledge with the ladies (it was a secret of sorts), but the penis is a lot like a stick of fire wood (the woodie) and doesn’t feel much of YOUR pleasure at all. In fact often none. The penis is supremely selfish and only really feels that wonderful feeling that no one can really explain. Like an old Greek philosopher trying to explain ‘The Void’. So this is why the guy hints around or comes out and asks if it was ‘good for you’. Or if he wants to get his head cut off, he sticks his neck out and asks ‘did you come’? Chop! ❤️

    I ALWAYS WANT TO BE MORE OF A PART OF WHAT IS GOING ON DOWN ‘THERE’. ‘Being ‘there’ opens the door at least a bit onto a world that a man can never fully experience. First he has to overcome prior programming and dogma and guilt, then he can dive right in! “Was it good for you?” “Did you come?” You won’t have to ask as you will know! Plus, if she wants, you can do it again and again until you get a cramp in your neck.

  • Cunnilinger says:

    “it’s knowing you’ve opened yourself for me, […] an intimate part of your body”

    That’s the biggest kick for me.

  • Kevin M says:

    Women really foreplay. I too love it. It prolongs the sex and pleasure. Much more when you are so passionate about it

  • Locost says:

    My fantasy is group sex (threesomes, orgies, etc.) in which the women get off being eaten clean after someone has cum inside her. I don’t mean the guy whose just cum has eat it. In these fantasyies, the women gets off by using her cunt to feed one man’s cum to another man.

    I must write something up and send it in.

  • John Bernholtz says:

    That would suggest she is dom and the man is sub and willing to be emasculated. Yes, I love that. I would exabision myself eating that cream or suck cock and swallowing . Love going totally submissive some times.
    I’m not gay and I’m not attracted to men. Is the submission that cranks me.

  • GB says:

    For me, the experience is both erotic and spiritual. Essentially, I’m worshiping at the altar of my Goddess.

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