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I am over the moon to bring you today’s guest blog – an extract from Isabelle Lauren’s sexy new book The Insatiable Jane Travers, which is out TODAY! You may have read Isabelle’s previous guest blog here before – relearning to have sex after a hysterectomy – so I’m properly thrilled to be able to bring you news of her book launch. It’s always exciting when fellow sex bloggers publish books, and doubly thrilling when I get to share sexy extracts with you all, like this one which includes some delightful tortured lust/longing and intense memories of the sex Jane Travers had the night before. Set in the roaring 20s, and featuring a lead character who is discovering her sexual self while trying to shed her restrictive upbringing, you can buy The Insatiable Jane Travers on Amazon (previous link) or from other booksellers here, and go check out Isabelle Lauren’s blog and Twitter – @RomanticIsa – too.

The Insatiable Jane Travers

After her night of passion with both Lillian and Sidney, Jane hadn’t seen Sidney all morning. She was eager to find him and feel his strong arms around her again. After a fruitless search around the house, she gave up. Whether Sidney was avoiding her or had other business to attend to, she didn’t know, but disappointment lay heavy on her chest. She started doubting the wisdom of her actions. What if Sidney had come to his senses and had realised that she was just a loose woman, ready to sleep with anyone? He must have known she had slept with Lillian, why else would Lillian have offered to guide her during their tryst?

She sought refuge in the library. Here she could calm down and think again. The happy glow she had woken up with was wearing off. She saw herself through Uncle Henry’s eyes: a sex-crazed woman, willing to sleep with anyone. Why would Sidney pursue her now that she had given herself to him so willingly? What remained to attract him to her? He had got what he wanted without even having to work for it and now he could easily discard her.

She could feel a blush creep up from her neck to the crown of her head. How could she have been so foolish? She didn’t agree with Uncle Henry or Aunt Lydia on many things, but when it came to men, maybe they had been right. Giving herself up so easily had not been the right message to send.

Jane sighed. It had been such a perfect night: being pleasured by the two people she cared about most. She closed her eyes and could almost feel their hands on her body again, working together to give her more pleasure she had ever had. Sidney and Lillian had worshipped her and it had been so good. Surely something that good could not be bad? But how could Sidney view her as a potential wife after she had let him and Lillian defile her like that? He would be looking for a chaste wife, someone pure and innocent who would be a worthy mate for him. Not a lustful sex maniac.

Jane put her head in her hands. She had ruined it. By allowing her arousal to take over she had given up her chance of being with Sidney. She should have shown more restraint, not only with Sidney, but also with Lillian.

Lillian. Jane pressed her thighs together to stop her arousal from flooding her cunt, but she couldn’t help herself. The image of Lillian, sprawled on her back on the bed, her wide open legs revealing her wet cunt was too much for Jane. Her own cunt throbbed with desire. She had wanted to crawl between Lillian’s legs and explore her cunt with her tongue and fingers this morning, bringing her as much pleasure as Lillian had given her. But Lillian had woken up and broken the spell by announcing she needed to use the bathroom. When she got back, Jane’s courage had deserted her and she had got up from the bed. The moment had gone, but now Jane regretted not acting on her impulse.

She shook her head. No, she didn’t regret it, she had done the right thing. Seducing Lillian was definitely not the way to go. It had been one thing to be educated by Lillian, but now she was actually fantasising about pleasuring Lillian, licking those beautiful cunt lips, teasing Lillian’s clit from its hood. And not only that, but she was once again wet with arousal. She could feel her panties becoming more than just damp. More than anything she wanted to put her hands between her thighs and finger herself to a climax. She knew she could do it, but she summoned all her willpower for restraint. She was going down the wrong path again. Thinking like this, allowing her arousal to dictate her actions, was a sure path to disaster. Lillian wasn’t interested in her, and even if she was, Jane was not a lesbian. She could not have a relationship with Lillian. It was ludicrous to even entertain the idea.

And yet. Even if a relationship with Lillian was out of the question, why couldn’t she have a little bit more fun with her? After all, it was summer and Jane had visited Rachel specifically to have fun and to let herself go a little. She had wanted to learn more about sex, and now she was in the middle of learning she was chickening out. And for what? Sidney needn’t know that she wanted to have some fun with Lillian. She could still be wholesome and pure with Sidney. Maybe she could even tell him that she got carried away too much, that his charm was overwhelming. It would stroke his ego and take the blame off her for a bit.

Yes, that would be a good idea. Jane smiled. She could still rescue her reputation with Sidney. She didn’t care much about what Lillian thought about her reputation. Lillian would likely be more appalled if Jane turned back to her innocent self all of a sudden. No, she could have fun with Lillian, enjoy more orgasms and get some much-needed relief. She laughed aloud. How much relief could she possibly need? She had just been fucked senseless the night before and again her cunt was crying out for more.

She shifted in her seat. Her panties were definitely sodden now, she would have to change them before lunch. They were getting quite uncomfortable. At the same time feeling her own juices soak the material made her even wetter. She spread her legs a bit farther apart and slid a hand between her thighs. She wanted to feel how wet she was, only for a moment. Sliding her fingers through her hot, wet slit made her moan with pleasure. She closed her eyes and imagined it was Lillian’s cunt lips she parted with her fingers, Lillian’s hot entrance she encountered.

She moaned softly as she slipped a finger inside herself. The fingers of her other hands circled her clit, teasing herself as she drew closer and closer to that little bud of pleasure. All pretence thrown aside, Jane began fucking herself with her fingers, all the while imagining Lillian on the receiving end of her hands. It was Lillian who bucked her hips against her hand, Lillian whose clit grew in size, Lillian who moaned her name over and over. And in the end it was Lillian’s cunt spasming around Jane’s fingers, convulsing almost painfully when the orgasm hit her.

Jane lay back, breathing hard. She lazily caressed her swollen sex as she waited for her heartbeat to calm down. She definitely needed new underwear now, and maybe also a new dress. Shame flooded her again when she came down from her orgasm high. Was she so sex-crazed that she couldn’t even go half a day without sex?

She wiped her hand on her dress and straightened her clothing. She needed to change and she firmly resolved to ban all thoughts of sex from her mind. She crept out of the library, worried she might encounter someone who would ask inconvenient questions. She rushed up the stairs and into her bedroom where she stripped out of her ruined clothes and tossed them aside. If she kept this up, the wardrobe Rachel had provided wouldn’t last her long. Feeling deflated and slightly ashamed of herself, she redressed and went back downstairs.


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