Guest blog: Wand vibrators, camming & the best money we ever spent

Image by the amazing Stuart F Taylor Look at the detail!

Today’s guest blogger is the fabulous Amber Parks, a camgirl and huge fan of wand vibrators, as you’ll be able to tell from her awesome post below! It is always a pleasure to meet a fellow kindred spirit – the day I fell in love with my own Doxy wand is not one I’ll ever forget, but Amber’s gone one better by using it in her camming work and making it pay for itself many times over. When you’ve read her awesome guest post, check out Amber’s blog Cruel Princess or follow her on Twitter @acruelprincess to see more of her work!

Wand vibrators, camming & the best money we ever spent

Picture the scene: it’s Christmas 2011, I’m snuggled under the duvet with my warm boyfriend. Not just a holiday day, a carefully chosen day off from webcamming. With a grin, my partner hands me a long box in red wrapping.

Neither of us know it yet, but this item will become the receiver of the ‘Best Money Ever Spent In Our Relationship’ award and will hold it for 8 solid years. It’s possible its legacy will never be surpassed. In years to come, when we’ve fulfilled our dreams of owning a country house or travelling to see the beauty of the northern lights, the ‘Best Money Spent’ prize may well remain with this box.

Inside the parcel is a wand vibrator, in the style of the legendary Hitachi Magic Wand massager. The toy plugs in to the wall and the vibrating rubber head provides stimulation in two strengths: wow and holy fuck WOW.

My boyfriend grins at me. “We should give it a go…”

The rubber head nestles in to my clit and the first seconds are like electricity, pleasurable but overstimulating. I spent that Christmas Day half wanting to return to bed and experiment and by Boxing Day I had had my first wand orgasm.

The intensity was huge. I was delighted, the hype around the Hitachi Magic Wand was clearly justified. I lay on my sheets, blushing with afterglow, at the beginning of a love affair.

Despite being a cam model, I was reluctant to bring the wand vibrator on to cam at first. The orgasms were big, screaming and intense. There was no possible way to have them delicately. Could I sit on cam, a buzzing rubber bulb held on my clit, my face reddening, my thigh muscles getting tighter and tighter as I gasp and lose control? It would either be a turn on or far too much.

I eventually decide to make the jump. I plug it in next to my bed. If anyone asks to see my sex toys, I can show it. That way my clients can choose. If they ask for me to use it, I’m going to relax and use it. Eventually, I get the question about toys and I show the wand off to the camera. My face must have given away my obvious love of the wand, despite my nervousness.

“Does that wand vibrator feel good?”

I nod and grin.

“I’d love to see you to use it.”

The client comes back later in the week and requests it again. As I do more wand vibrator shows, I become more comfortable becoming less polished and more loud and sweaty for my audience. A little wildness is a turn on for the right people it seems. I shoot a few wand vibrator video clips and they’re popular. I realise the wand can take me from zero to orgasm in under a minute. I video that too.

After a particularly good bedroom session with the wand and my boyfriend together, he picks up the toy and thoughtfully says

“I don’t think I’ve ever bought a present that’s paid for itself so many times.”

Incredibly, over the next eight years, the wand vibrator continued to faithfully provide orgasmic pleasure to me, my clients and my partner. Until one fateful day in late summer this year, I clicked the wand on for the last time. No response. The king was dead.

I wrapped the toy tenderly in the cable I plugged in to the wall so many times. Was I meant to just throw him away? I knew this day would come, and I knew I would be sad, and I knew I would feel silly about feeling sad. Unable to just put it in the rubbish, I wrapped my wand in an old t shirt before sending the toy on to its next life.

However, as each era draws to an end, a new one dawns. I replaced my wand vibrator with an identical one after only one frustrating month. I will be leaving one hell of a five star review…

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