Fishnet for him: Lingerie erotica

Image courtesy of Floss Liddell

This fabulous lingerie erotica is written by Floss Liddell, and originally appeared on her website. It is read aloud here by Sherryl Blu

‘Lingerie is for everyone, and I think it’s about time you discovered what kind of lingerie is for you.’

Kneeling at my feet, he looks up at me, eyes wide, cock hard and while the gag between his teeth prevents him from speaking his body language is enough to let me know that on some level my plan excited him.

I spread all the lingerie I’ve selected for him across the bed, talking him through bodystockings, suspender belts and more as I handled each piece before laying it back down. Once all the lingerie is arranged for his perusal I untie his hands, remove his gag and request he stands, inviting him to try any and all of the garments that appeal to him until he finds what he’d like to wear for the duration of the evening.

I watch his cock twitch as he fingers the various fabrics, anticipation rising within me as I wonder what he will choose. There are options that I hope he goes for, but I want this to be about what he feels good in. That way when I run my hands over his body and tell him how sexy he looks in his new lingerie it will reinforce the choice he made, making him truly believe that this lingerie really is for him.

His hands move tentatively against the silks, fishnets and lace, all manner of colours lay before him too and I watch as he pulls a selection of stockings and panties on before viewing himself in the mirror and then discarding them. When he pulls on a pair of fishnet stockings with PVC tops he keeps them on much longer than the others, wearing them as he moves between the bed and the mirror trying on other items.

When he finds the black fishnet dress he seems instantly pleased, a smile flickers across his face and he stands in front of the mirror as he pulls it over his head. It stretches across his broad chest and he pulls it down over his erection, and I watch his reflection in the mirror, as his arousal cause the dress to be pushed up. Clearly he wanted to find a way for the dress to remain in place, he heads back to the bed and starts selecting a range of panties that might contain his hard-on.

When he finds the red pair, soft and stretchy, I watch as they cover his cock before it slowly repositions itself, the head visible above the waistband. He views himself in the mirror, his hands moving across his body, he’s ready, he’s dressed and I can see he feels good. When he turns to me, his eyes flicker, perhaps with concern, perhaps with the desire for approval. He needn’t worry though, he looks sexy as hell and I can’t wait to run my hands over his body before making him come.

There was a whole scene planned. I was going to restrain him thoroughly, tease him relentlessly, make him beg for release, before denying him, forcing him to bring me to orgasm as he desperately tries not to give in to his own climax. Sometimes though, even the best-laid plans can come undone and sometimes that is for the best.

He kneels at my feet once more, but he has barely settled himself there when I order him back onto his feet.

‘Get on the bed and lie on your back.’

He does as he’s told, surveying the lingerie still scattered upon the duvet, but realising his instructions didn’t include clearing the bed, so he lays on top of an array of underwear and waits for my next move. I climb on top of the bed and am thankful that I’ve never seen fit to remove the under bed restraints, despite them being used so infrequently these days. As I cuff his ankles and wrists and tighten the straps pulling him into that spread-eagle position, I am grateful for the lack of time it took to restrain him.

I straddle him and move my hands across his chest, the fishnet beneath my palms turning me on, I feel his cock pulsing against my cunt as I touch him and all the ways in which I usually toy with him are a million miles away from my mind, my normal levels of control have dwindled and all I want to do is impale myself on his cock and fuck him until we are both sweaty, breathless and ready to climax.

I strip down to my own lingerie, panties wet and breasts threatening to spill from my bra. He pulls against his bindings, I know he’s eager to touch, lick and move his lingerie-clad body against my own. It’s tempting for a moment to free him, to have him embrace me and explore me with impunity. Despite casting all my plans aside though, I can’t let go of the desire to see him utterly frustrated and trying to free himself from his restraints.

My lips find his at the same time as my cunt find his cock, and he moans into my mouth as I slide onto him, as he fills me and stretches me, his red panties nestled beneath his balls, my crotchless panties allowing all the access he needs while still offering a little tease of what he cannot see.

As our bodies move against each other, our tongues simulating the action that is occurring lower down, my hands roam across his body, up across his fishnet covered chest and down to the PVC band gripping his thighs, and the feeling of the different fabrics covering his usually naked body fuels the intensity with which I fuck him, and my face is buried in his neck, biting and nibbling at his flesh as my hands grip the bedsheets, except this time it isn’t bedding but handfuls of discarded lingerie that I curl my fingers around.

All that beautiful silk and lace scattered beneath us, panties, stockings, bras, babydolls, all waiting for the day they are chosen to heighten the desire between two people. Today was not that day though. Today he chose differently, wisely, sexily. He looked fuckable and manly in so-called ‘feminine attire’, and the more I focus on that body in that lingerie the wetter I get and the harder I ride him.

I free my tits from my bra and thrust a nipple into his mouth, he instinctively knows what to do and his sucking and licking causes my cunt to clench which – combined with grinding on his cock – causes the waves of orgasm to build fast within me, I’m eager for him to come too though. I want it all, I want that fast, desperate, fucking, that causes us both to climax before flopping beside each other in satisfied delight.

Luckily years of exploring our kinks together and more than a little dabbling in orgasm control meant that I had a good chance of getting him to come just at the right moment if I made all the right moves. With my nipple still in his mouth, I moved my cunt against him in the way that caught my sweet spot in the perfect way, enhanced by his upwards and determined thrusting. As I could feel myself edging ever nearer to climax, one hand found his throat as my whisper found his ear.

‘Come for me now.’

And he did, as I squeezed the sides of his neck, and forced my breast against his face, while grinding against his cock, he came hard as his muscles tensed and his body convulsed beneath me, while my own orgasm took hold and cunt gushed against his cock and my moans of pleasure filled the air, drowning out the sounds of him gasping for breath as my hand fell from his neck and my tits left his face as my back arched instinctively as the orgasm I had craved since he pulled on those stocking finally took hold.


This awesome lingerie erotica is also available as audio. Click ‘listen now’ above, visit for more of Floss’s incredible work and head to the audio porn page for more sexy stories read aloud.  

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