The massage – getting head from her masseuse

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

This hot, sensual massage story is written and read by the fabulous Sherryl Blu

The drips of the massage oil trickled slowly on to my back. The cold, heavy drops against my naked skin excited me.

I lay on my front, breasts pressed into the massage bench, nipples fighting to harden under the weight of my body.

I anticipated his firm hands. As they grappled at my back, the warmth of them made me melt and sink into the bench just that little bit more.

He paid particular attention to my neck and shoulders first.

“You’re so tight,” he commented. “Loosen up!”

I thought I was already super relaxed but clearly, he knew best.

The deepness of his voice somehow managed to uncoil me even further. He worked magic on me. Literal magic!

He tended to the various pressure points along my spine and let his wide palms run from the centre of me and out towards my sides.

The feeling of satisfaction rippled through me. Pleasure began to engulf me. After the week I had, I needed this. My body yearned for this kind of tenderisation.

His thick thumbs kneaded my coccyx. The tightly wound tension familiar to this area, dispersed without argument. I was floppy. Limbs like jelly!

My face lay flat against the bench. My body, light and mellow.

His hands began to glide over my plentiful mounds. His splayed thumbs rotated at the crease where my inner thigh met my arse cheeks. This area was sensitive. I flinched. He said nothing but continued to manipulate that area.

This was seduction! His healing hands were so close to the back end of my pussy. I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that his motions sent small surges of electricity through my increasingly wet slit.

If only he knew how much his actions were turning me on. Maybe he did know. In fact, I was almost certain, he was aware.

His hands moved down my thighs. Firm pressure was applied consistently.

He moved back up. As he got closer to my middle, he gently pushed my legs apart. He exposed my goodness but I wasn’t fighting it. I let his able thumbs gently massage my soft pussy lips from behind.

I acknowledged how pleasurable it was by getting even wetter!

“I can see you like that,” he suddenly said.

I managed to eek out a moan of approval.

No sooner had the ‘mmm’ left my lips, he curled his arms under my thighs and hoisted me up. The coolness of the room met my saturated snatch as my arse cocked up the air. He leant in and his taut tongue began to flick at my aching hole.

“Fuck,” I sighed.

He responded to my involuntary use of expletives by diving even deeper. He pushed my bum up even higher and spread me open. His tongue ran up and down the full length of my pussy. He toyed with the clit then sucked on it deeply.

With his face fully immersed in the juiciness of my overflowing faucet, he managed to flip over on to his back. I was now straddling his face!

He shuffled a bit more until he was comfortable then he proceeded to pull me down on to him. His whole mouth worked the fuck out of my vulva. He sucked, licked and tongue-fucked me for what felt like forever.

I gyrated on his face. He let me know he loved that by grabbing at my outer thighs and pulling me in harder. The thought of him struggling to breathe crossed my mind but that was quickly dismissed when he started frantically licking sloppily at my rock hard clit.

At this point, I found it difficult to hold off my pending release. I leant back and face fucked him as he pleasured me.

The flatness of his tongue coupled with his alternating flicking and sucking technique meant it wasn’t long before I erupted all over his face.

The force of my eruption drove him even more wild. He swung his head from side to side lapping up every single drop of pussy juice.

My legs shook uncontrollably as the power of my orgasm took me away. I had to beg him to stop. He wanted to stay there, drowning in my pool of pleasure but I needed him to stop. So, he did.

I eased off his face and looked at him. He was drenched but completely pleased with himself. He looked accomplished and satisfied. He wiped his brow, licked his lips and then said; “OK, so which part will I be massaging next?”


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