Masturbation month guest blog: Me, myself and I

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

This week’s guest blogger is writing about one of my favourite things in the world: wanking. And not just any wanking – super-hot masturbation while she watches herself in the mirror. It’s the perfect piece to put up during Masturbation Month, and is so hot that it’s made me feel like I want to treat myself to a seriously awesome wank like this too. Please welcome the very talented @ZebraRoseSub!

Masturbation month: me, myself and I

I like to watch when I’m playing with myself. It’s not that I’m particularly narcissistic or consider myself to be super-hot, but nothing revs my engine like a glazed-eyed expression of lust-drenched desperate need. So why not enjoy my own?

I love to wank. I do it nearly every day, it keeps me grounded, helps me relax, and it’s just… nice. Usually I close my eyes and run through my favourite fantasies (often involving cuffs, chains, crops and canes), in order to reach orgasm as hard and fast as possible – but every now and again I fancy something different, something a bit closer to home…

So I’ll deliberately smudge my makeup, giving myself panda-eyes and lipstick that’s smeared like I’ve just been slapped. I’ll take off all my clothes, put on my black leather collar and black lace fingerless gloves then crouch in front of the mirror and grab at myself, grasp my throat, tease myself with a vibrator – all the while watching closely as this wanton slut pleasures herself for an audience of one.

“Look at me like you want me to fuck you,” I’ll growl to myself and wear my best yearning, pleading, ‘oh god, please take me’ face.

I’ll press the vibrator hard against my clit and thrust a ribbed glass dildo deep inside me; bring my face up close to the mirror and study this woman in the throes of physical ecstasy, glorying in the sights and sounds of her arousal. I savour every sensation for myself as I inflict them on her. She is the only one who can inspire my inner Domina, she wants to be used and I want to use her.

“Oh yeah, god please, take me, use me, fuck me” I’ll say – words that thrill me to say and hear myself saying.

“Yes, you slut, you bitch, fucking take this, open your cunt for me,” I’ll answer – words that arouse my submissive self and that my Domina side can only say without feeling awkward, here and now, to myself.

I grip my throat tighter and challenge this bitch to hold back a little longer. I’m fascinated by how her eyes lose focus and her facial muscles tauten as I get close to orgasm, how she writhes and moans and grabs greedily at herself.

She is me and I love to see her having so much fun.


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