On sex with a stranger

Image by the lovely Stuart F Taylor

Today I want to have sex with a stranger. A quick, no-nonsense fuck with someone whose name I don’t know. Whose name I’ll never know.

I want to feel his hands tightly grasping my hips, run my hands over his body, and not care whether either of us really enjoys the experience. I want a fuck for function, a fuck for the sake of fucking: I want to fuck a stranger.

Sex with strangers

Most of the sex I’ve had has been with people I know. Even the one-offs usually happen with friends: a drunk night, a frantic fumble, a ‘thanks that was ace I’ll see you in the pub on Tuesday’ as I ran to catch the night bus. I love those fucks – the casual ones.

But stranger sex has been much rarer for me. Of course it’s often dangerous, and there have been times when I’ve reluctantly turned down an offer because I couldn’t quite guarantee that I’d make it home afterwards. On a couple of occasions, though, I’ve had that delicious knowledge that – even as we’re fucking – we both know that when we come it will be the end of whatever we’ve had.

Sex with people I love

Every day I get to fuck someone I love, which makes me lucky. Incredibly so. The easy curve of his hand around my arse, the exact pressure on my spine, pushing me to arch my back just right to feel the exact girth of him slipping into me: fitting. That’s valuable, and I love it.

But just because I’m enjoying my shower, doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate how fun it was to be dirty – sometimes I dream about sex with strangers.

Fucking a stranger

I imagine sitting on a stool at a bar somewhere (America, probably, sitting at the bar in England often gets you weird looks) when a miserable-looking guy sits near me. He’s wearing a suit, he’s dark and handsome, he’s a bundle of all the clichés I don’t normally go for. He wears a watch and it accentuates the strength of his arms.

I look at his wrists and imagine him wanking. Jerking himself off into the toilet: neat, functional, aggressively grunting throughout. I imagine the ‘unngh’ as he comes into the toilet bowl, thinking of me staring at him and wondering if I would.

I would.

I’d watch him drinking but we wouldn’t talk. Occasionally I’d catch his eye and do the flirting that I’ve read about in advice books. Well, a more exaggerated version, anyway – leaning over the bar to show him a bit more of my tits, crossing and uncrossing my legs until my skirt rides up so far he can’t help but think of my cunt.

Shooting him the raised-eyebrows-how-about-it look, and mouthing ‘fuck me’ just before I head to the bathroom.

In the cubicle, I pull up my skirt and lean against the cold tile with one hand down my knickers. I’m thinking about this total stranger – this no-named guy – and how desperately I want him to follow me. How rough I want his hands on my cunt, how I don’t want him to look at me as he fucks me: head over my shoulder, staring straight at the wall and grimacing with determination to come.

He comes in.

He rushes at me with a kind of blank need – no recognition or ‘I see you’ve been staring’, just straight in with a rough kiss. No tongues, no movement, just a hard, three-second stamp on my lips, as if to check I’m not going to object.

I don’t, of course. I whisper ‘fuck me’ and he nods.

I lock the door while he fumbles with my shirt – unbuttoning and pulling apart and ripping down my bra so my tits spill out and he can press his chest against them.

“Yeah,” he whispers quietly to himself as he squeezes me against him. I go to unbuckle his trousers and he slaps my hand away, taking a step back to stare at me – exposed in my hitched-up skirt and open shirt. His eyes are blank, as I wanted.

He never looks at my face.

One quick movement and his trousers are down just far enough to pull out his cock. I don’t care what his dick is like – make that bit up yourself. It’s just a cock, that’s all I care about. It’s hard and he wants it touched, and he needs to empty it into me.

He grits his teeth and grabs my legs, wrapping them round his waist as he fucks tight pain into me.

“Ungh.” Grunting, rasping, punctuating each fuckstroke with a kind of ‘that’s it’ approval. “Ungh”: sounds like “yes”. Sounds like “that’s it.” Sounds like the kind of self-comforting sounds he’d make to himself when he’s masturbating.

As if I’m not there.

I make no sounds at all, just feeling him shoving himself inside me is all I wanted – that and not knowing his name, of course. He’s pushed the crotch of my knickers to one side and I can feel the fabric getting damp as I drip lust down the shaft of his dick and onto the inside of my thighs. I grip him tighter and he shudders.

“Ye… eaaah,” a harder thrust – pushing deeper into me than he has before, and a long pause as his cock twitches. He rests his head on my shoulder, briefly, enjoying the feeling of being spent.

He pulls himself out of me, adjusts his clothes, and with a final glance at my tits, he unlocks the door.

“Thanks, stranger.”

And he’s gone.


This post is available as audio – click ‘listen here’ at the start of the post, and check out the audio porn page for more sexy stories read aloud. 


  • Blue Romantic says:

    So hot. I’ve stolen “Unnngh” by the way. Soz x

  • Last week I saw a stranger walk across the parking lot, and there was something in the way that he moved that made me think of meeting him in a car, straddling his lap and sliding him deep inside of me, or against the car, perhaps bent over, feeling his body pound against mine.
    Something so hot sometimes about a stranger.

  • Dave says:

    I’ve been meeting several separately women now over the past few months that I’ve met online. I don’t know much about each woman, and they know very little about me. There have been a few exchanges of pics, but never a face pic. As far as I know, we don’t use our real names either.

    Each scenario is similar. I book a hotel room & we meet in the dark at night. Sometimes the woman meets me in there (typically the first time). We use every sense except sight to explore and pleasure each other. It truly is a deeply sensual experience. There is nothing more sensual than mapping a woman body in the dark with my hands, nose, lips & tongue. I get to learn where here erogenous areas are and i get to learn what she likes and needs.

    Our meetings last between 2.5 and 4 hours each time depending on time availability. Usually, my lover gets up at an agreed time and has a shower and then leaves. So far, every lover I’ve been with in this scenario has enjoyed our time together and wants more. And each meeting provides an opportunity to be a better lover from the experience of the time before.

    I can’t see me stopping these meet ups. I’m now thinking of ways to enhance the experience further again for myself and each of my anonymous lovers.

    • Stephanie says:

      Your meet-ups sound hot. Enjoy!

      • Dave says:

        Meeting a woman anonymously and in the dark is such an exhilarating experience for both of us. I have met women of all shapes and sizes. What matters in our room is that we lose ourselves to the moment and enjoy the sensual connection for what it is – a safe way to experience and express our sensual sexual needs.

  • Marc says:

    It’s amazing how the mind works, because you’re in a happy relationship don’t you find your fantasies tend to veer towards this kind of random, meaningless fucking if you like? However when you’re single and able to live out this kind of fantasy your mind goes into the other direction, more towards the romantic notion of making love with someone you do have feelings for?

  • Coquine Elle says:

    I love my familiar but stranger sex just takes it up a notch.

  • frank says:

    You fucking slut whore

  • John says:

    I met a stranger through an online ad, in fact, a couple. They came to my hotel room, the male sat and watched while his girlfriend eagerly responded to the demands of my desires. After a few hours of exertion (which involved spanking, hair pulling, rough physical sex) we all shared some wine and small talk then they left. No names given or provided, just a response to an online ad, discreet, a text to inform they would be arriving and a knock on the door.

  • Robbs44 says:

    GOTN –

    I just want to tell you that it would be an honor to fuck you. You’re very sexy. I especially like the way that you handle insults.I love to have a girl suck me while I call her dirty names and that’s why I like you so much. Because you are a slut, and that turns me on.

    I would appreciate a dirty email, if you wouldn’t mind, that tells me what we would engage in if I were in England on a business trip. Something dirty and nasty, I hope. Email me at [redacted]. And if you like, I can return the favor.

  • Augustus says:

    Not all women are so sensitive, so you’re right, you two are absolutely both lucky! lolololo

  • wilemien says:

    Guys must understand the needs of woman and almost most girls got fantasies Talk to her and let her do her fantasies My bf let me enjoy doing my fantastasies W app me and i tell you more [REDACTED]

  • wilemien says:

    W app me girls and boys and i tell you my wildest fantasies i did (redacted) wilemien

  • young@endowed says:

    Got me again…your amazing

  • Leslie Edwards says:

    Met a guy on a flight from London to New York, sitting next to each other. Some fondling and groping during the sleep time on the flight, but once through customs went straight to his hotel, fucked like crazy (did everything you can think of) and in the morning I left and went to my apartment in NYC. A great fuck, a huge cock, multiple orgasms, rough sex, gentle, masturbation, anal and plenty of oral sex – I’ve never seen him again! By the way, he was married.

  • Just found this post. Fun. I’ve wanted to do that, too, but never had the nerve. I have had a few one night stands (will write about them sometime), but not one quite as short as yours!

    Peter had one like that at a party in his teens where they didn’t speak at all. She was the instigator. Do you think women get more overwhelming desire to be fucked than men? I wonder. It is supposed to be the other way around. When I think back to the guy decorating my flat, that’s what I felt like and also the removal man.

    Do all women feel this way from time to time?

  • Leslie Edwards says:

    While waiting for delayed flight I went to the bar for a drink. I caught a guys eye and he came over to introduce himself and we chatted for a while. Turns out his plane is delayed for a long time and he’d been given a hotel room by the airline. One thing led to another and before I knew it we were Checking In at the airport hotel. Once in the room, with no time for niceties, clothes were ripped off, a pussy got wet and a cock got hard.
    We fucked like rabbits, did pretty much everything sexual you could think of, both came and ejaculated more than once. Me? My clothes back on, hotel shuttle to the airport and hopped on my plane with only minutes to spare. All I really know about the guy is – his name was Kenneth, he had a nice size, uncircumcised cock, he could really satisfy a girl and he made me squirt. I spent the flight with my panties soaking in his cum and my girl juices, wonder if anyone could smell the heat of sex. Never saw or contacted him ever again. I still sometimes masturbate recreating that encounter, like right now for instance.

  • Elliott says:

    I enjoy your thoughts and stories, not sure I’ve told you that. They have a way of making my cock hard, not sure I’ve told you that either. Just wanted you to know. Also, your illustrations are fabulous. Stuart F Taylor has a real talent.

  • mesh says:

    I need to fuck someone like a women

  • James hardeedick says:

    Lol all the fuck boys in comments.

  • bobbyblueyes1971 says:

    is there a way i can leave a comment in the form of a audio file?

    • Girl on the net says:

      Sorry, that’s not possible I’m afraid! If you have speech-to-text tools on your phone you should be able to use them to talk and then they’ll translate your comment into text in the box if that’s helpful?

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