On being grabbed – the hottest way to grab my arse

I’m sure I’m not the only person who goes through sexual phases. One week I’ll be all about mutual masturbation – vigorously rubbing a guy’s cock while I push my tits into his face, and twitching as he matches my speed and pressure stroke-for-stroke on my own clit. At other times nothing will satisfy me except a doggy-style fuck – arse in the air, back arched, and face pressed down onto the mattress as he pounds me with a quick, rapid force. But my current phase has been with me for over a month and shows no immediate signs of abating any time soon. Right now I like being grabbed, in a very specific place. I’m going to tell you the hottest way to grab my arse.

Put your big arms around me

I’ve always liked big hands. In fact, sod it – any guy’s hands. They’re beautiful, and strong, and the unique feeling of being touched by someone else can barely be bettered.

When I’m wanking, I can’t come unless I use one hand to grab at my tits – pinch my nipples and squeeze and grab myself, as I play out whatever scene is in my head and imagine the guy squashing the girl nice and tight. But it’s not quite as good with my own hands – they’re not big enough, they’re not strong enough and, most importantly, they’re not different enough.

What I like right now, what I want right now, is a man’s hands. Gripping me solidly about the waist, sliding down to grab at a handful of backside and – here’s the crucial part – right down the crack of my arse, squeezed into tight jeans. I want to feel his middle two fingers pressing strongly into the seam.

I want him to grab my arse, not cup it, in a traditional ‘getting away with a bit of touching at the school disco’ way. I don’t want both hands on me, holding one arse cheek each like they need sharing around. I want one big strong hand grabbing right in the middle, spreading his fingers out to reach as much as he can, and tipping me slightly backwards as he runs his hand down between my thighs.

Grab my arse

The problem with having a particular desire for this type of thing, though, is that it’s an activity far too easy to do in public. I need only cling to the boy while one of his hands is busy holding a coffee or a cigarette and press myself up against him, and his left hand will automatically snake down my back and along the seam of my jeans. He holds me tight like that, burrowing his fingers just a bit deeper between my legs, and pulls me up on tiptoe so he can reach further down.

Although he wouldn’t wank me off on a crowded tube (no matter how nicely I ask) or fuck me doggy-style in Tesco, the boy is more than willing to do the arse grab whenever I cosy up next to him. It’s good for me, because I get what I want, but it’s not an ideal situation for the rest of society.

This is my way of saying that if you’ve spotted a couple recently in a London beer garden looking a bit too close for polite company, with a guy burying his hand in the back of a girl’s jeans while she drools sleepily on his shoulder, I probably owe you an apology.


  • Love the ending, how the fantasy and desire was met. My husband’s hands are quite large, and I marvel at their difference, and how they make me feel when they grab, caress, or press.

  • Johnny Bee says:

    No apology needed; seeing you carry on would make me smile and feed my salacious thoughts for the next while.


  • Ezequiel says:

    What can I say? As a guy, it is *way* fun to get a handful. I doubt you’ll ever have much trouble getting your (how can I put this?) itch scratched.

    • Girl on the net says:

      Hmm. Your comment started off super-sexy and ended up making it sound a little bit like I have worms. I feel conflicted =)

  • Ezequiel says:

    Oh… wow… oh God. That’s a connotation I hadn’t considered. Ohh… the mental image, it burns!

  • freddy says:

    I love public touching, it’s so goddam sexy
    Love the knowledge that her knickers will be wet and that my boxers will be covered with little white stains of pre-cum.
    A former lover delighted in loosening my belt and being able to slip her hand into the back of my trousers and squeeze my arse, she rarely had an issue with wet knickers since she rarely wore them when we were together. We once spent a very horny half a day wandering round Tate Modern looking for secluded spots.
    My current lover is insistent that I should be commando when we meet and especially enjoys days when I can wear shorts.

  • Oh yes, I too have a bit of a “thing” for mens’ hands and forearms.
    And don’t get me started on public sexiness…

  • Ash says:

    Aw man. I have some of the smallest hands to ever be attached to a dude.

    Nothing better than a good old public grope sesh though.

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