Guest blog: My first experience with sex toys for couples

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

I love a good ‘first’ – first kisses, first shags, first time-I-felt-in-loves, and all the other glorious moments of discovery when we find a new thing that makes our pulses race. This week, Miss Doll Reviews is here to talk about sex toys for couples – including the first time she tried out sex toys with her partner. If you’d like to read more of her sex toy reviews, visit her website at that previous link, and follow her on Twitter and Instagram. Meanwhile, enjoy her guest blog, and feel free to share your sexy toy ‘firsts’ in the comments below – it’s always nice to take a trip down memory lane and enjoy that ‘first-time’ feeling…

My first experience with sex toys for couples

I can remember that day as if it was yesterday. I was waiting my partner to come get me at the railway station (we’re in a long distance relationship), and I was hiding the sweetest of all surprises for him in my handbag: one of those cheap vibrators, and a penis ring. In other words: sex toys for couples, for us both to enjoy.

When the moment to give him his gift finally came, I was expecting him to be embarrassed: instead, his tired facial expression, caused probably by a rough week at work, turned instantly in a big grin. I remember that he was staring at the colorful pleasure ring, incredibly curious but unsure of how to use it. And once he saw the small vibrator inside the gift box, he immediately grabbed it, trying to switch it on, while the arousal was definitely building up for both of us.

It was just a cheap battery operated bullet, made from ABS plastic, but it probably gave me my first clitoral orgasm – or perhaps the first orgasm of my life. What’s sure, is that he had never seen me moan and groan like that before.

As for the vibrating ring, its motor wasn’t probably the best we have ever experienced, but it gave him a stronger and better erection, and our lovemaking lasted more and more than usual.

Not only orgasms

What we discovered by buying more and more sexy gadgets, is that not only they improved our lovemaking and gave us a better, stronger orgasm every time, but that we were simply excited at every new fancy shape, and brilliant colour to introduce in our bedroom.

We just felt that we needed to always try new things during foreplay and sex: every time one of us brought a new little box with some sex toys for couples inside – be it a bullet vibrator, a butt plug to wear during intercourse or some soft bondage toys – it felt like Christmas!

Eventually, our trusted erection ring helped us go through a period where he experienced some performance issues in the bedroom because of some meds, and I started to have female ejaculation and multiple orgasms thanks to the right G spot vibrator.

That’s why I decided to blog about sex toys for couples

It’s incredible how, in just a few years after trying that first vibrating penis ring and that mini vibrator, our passion for sex toys has grown to the point that I decided to use my (little) spare time and my writing abilities to start a review blog: I wanted to share our positive experience with other couples, so that they know that sometimes a wand vibrator or a male masturbator is all it takes to overcome boredom in the bedroom!

Plus, I wanted to be always up-to-date with news in the adult industry: if they invent a new, curious gadget, I need to be one of the first to test it!

But the most important thing to me, is spreading the idea that couples toys should never, ever be seen as a taboo: most people enjoy intimacy with their partner and a great, fulfilling sex life, right? So, why not use something that helps with that! To my most conservative readers, who scream in horror at the sight of a realistic dildo, I’d really want to say: if someone wants better sex with their lover, well, the end justifies the means!

Not only “sex toys for couples”: every adult product can be enjoyed by two!

In our years as vibrator connoisseurs and my months as a sex toy tester (I started my blog in February 2018), we found that almost any adult product can be “for couples”, as long as you’re both enthusiastic to try it. Don’t be fooled by whatever products are marketed as “the best sex toys for couples”: for example, we like mutual masturbation with toys that are meant to be used solo, or pleasuring each other, one at a time, with our favourite vibrating friends.

However, I’ve become more and more choosy about the materials: I can’t say I’d buy again that cheap penis ring of my first time, and I’ve thrown away my first jelly dildo, which could potentially not be body-safe or, at least, porous. I tend to only choose toys made from silicone, glass or stainless steel, with the exception of some penis rings or male masturbators made from TPE.

We plan trying in the few months: a strap on harness, a thrusting vibrator and, who knows, perhaps even more fun and sexy gadgets to spice up our time together: now we know that our fantasy is the only limit!


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  • Phillip says:

    Credit where credit is due! Stuart F. Taylor IS Brilliant. I very much enjoy his work. Funny and serious at the same time. He makes me know what a conservative family I come from. ‘No Drinking’, ‘No Dancing’,’No Fun’. Hopefully I am getting well.


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