Guest blog: Tied down and edged with the Hot Octopuss JETT

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It’s time for another epic sex toy adventure, courtesy of my site sponsors Hot Octopuss. As regular readers will remember, they offered to send out some samples of their awesome sex toys to bring people joy during lockdown, and give them the chance to share their experiences here as guest blogs. Today I’m delighted to welcome Air (@boybecomesfree) who tried out the Hot Octopuss JETT with his partner, S. The JETT is a unique penis vibe that consists of two bullet vibrators and a silicone case to hold them against the head of your cock. The bullets vibrate at different frequencies – ‘treble’ giving high-frequency vibrations, and ‘bass’ giving lower-frequency, deep and rumbly vibes. This makes for some exceptional orgasms (as I can attest from my recent adventures with the Hot Octopuss Kurve, which uses the same tech), and what’s more the fact that the toy can be strapped to a dick also allows for some really fun orgasm control and edging scenarios. As Air found out, when S decided he could be tied down and edged with the Hot Octopuss JETT…

Tied down and edged with a penis vibe

There is little I enjoy more than being put in sexy yet uncomfortable positions. My partner, S, gives us both great joy in putting me in those situations regularly. When I first received the Hot Octopuss JETT, I underestimated it. I figured I’m a frequent sex-haver, and I like to think I’m quite good at it, so what if I tried to last a whole work day with the JETT on? S, being the wonderful top that they are, said: “instead of going the whole way the first time, why don’t we try it for a play session and see how you get on?”

I am very glad I listened to their advice.

First time with the Hot Octopuss JETT

In the evening, S strips down, and I help them into their shiny new latex suit. Already my cock was throbbing with excitement, even just to be topped by them with this new article of clothing was exciting, but a new penis vibe too? I don’t think they had quite seen me move as fast as I did when they told me to get on the bed.

They stripped me down and started off by playing with my cock. I took a deep breath in and settled into subspace for the wild ride I was about to partake in. The warm-up play didn’t last long before S reached for the toybox. I giggled softly. They pulled out the JETT (which I had assembled earlier that day) and began to lube up both me and the toy. Lubing up is always difficult for me: I love getting my cock touched with lube on it, and I cum much faster when things are a bit slippery.

I let out a small pathetic moan – akin to a yelp – as S spread the lube over me. I watched them lube around the ring of the JETT and gave them my cutest “are you sure you want to put that dangerous looking thing on sweet ol’ innocent me?” eyes. Naturally, they laughed sadistically at me and placed the ring over my cock. By this point, my dick was fully engorged, and even with the lube keeping the foreskin up while the vibrator went down required both of us for the first attempt.

Then they turned the JETT on, and as it began to vibrate I let out the most enfeebled whimper I had ever mustered. For the first time since I first tried anal play, the JETT made my legs move involuntarily. They writhed up and down as S loomed over me, remote in hand, turning the speed up and down.

Turning up the dial…

One of my rules as a submissive is that I’m not allowed to swear, and it’s very rare that I am allowed to say anything at all (bar using a safeword) until I have asked for permission. When the JETT was turned on I immediately stammered out a request to speak freely. It was denied, S laughing at how pathetic I appeared.

They decided they didn’t like me moving, and wanted to tease me for quite a long time, so started searching through the settings to find one that I was comfortable with while they solved the movement problem. They settled on a phone-like tone – zz zz zzzzzzz – rinse and repeat. They put the ‘treble’ the whole way down, and the ‘bass’ the whole way up, then placed the remote on my chest and said sensually: “no touching.” I whimpered and gave the cutest frown I could muster, but they’d already turned away from me, not paying attention to my pleas.

I was surprised that I didn’t bite through my lip as I watched them bend back over in front of me to look in the toy box. They pulled out my rope, just a simple, long, purple cotton rope, and dragged it over my stomach. They pulled my arms up, and got me to hold them together comfortably. They then proceeded to tie my hands to the top of the bed frame, and reach the rope the whole way down to my legs, tying them together and then tying them to the bottom of the bed frame. I knew buying a bed frame with bars would come in handy some day.

At this point, the only noises to be heard in the room were the low rumble of the JETT and the slightly higher rumble of my throat, constantly groaning at the rumbling sensation on my cock. S picked up the remote again and changed the mode back from patterns to a constant vibration. They played with the treble and bass sides, tuning my groans to different volumes and pitches as they adjusted the vibe. Besides ‘fuck!’, the only thought I could muster was to wonder at the sheer number of different orgasms in this thing! Eventually, S settled back on the bass fully rumbling, taking out the treble entirely and watching me rather half-heartedly fight against the ropes.

My treble-y voice rumble turned into repeated groans, but still no words. All I wanted to say was “fuck” and “thank you boss for treating me like the little whore that I am,” yet I was silenced and denied from something that would excite the both of us. I think S could tell what I wanted to say by the look in my eyes, which they were staring into as deeply into as they could, with a wry smile to complement the situation.

They slowly ran their hands up my torso, and spread across to each of my nipples. I started panting at this point, interspersed with high pitched moans, my left leg just about managed to tremble against the tightness of the rope. I fought against sticking my tongue out (another one of my sub rules), even though my body was fighting as hard as it could against that part of my brain.

This felt like it went on for 30 minutes, but eventually they stopped, grabbed my cock viciously and started pulling down my foreskin, wanking me off while maintaining eye contact. The time between my groans decreased rapidly and soon my whole body was shaking. My breaths were heavy and my eyesight was blurry.

“P-p-p” I blurted. S just smiled and shook their head inquisitively at me, even though they knew exactly the question I wanted to ask.

“Please can I cum boss?”

They licked their lips and their smile grew wider.

“Count down from thirty, and then you can cum.”

Those thirty seconds lasted 40 minutes in my estimation. Every number was an effort, and the faster I tried to get the more I would stumble. In reality, it probably lasted about 35 seconds. As soon as I hit zero, I asked “Please boss, ca-can I cum, please please please?” They said no for a further 5 seconds, and then said the magic word: “cum.”

I didn’t need to be told twice.

The infamous almighty shiver rushed over my body. All the air in my lungs was expelled in a great puff of pleasure and my eyes rolled back in my head.

Fuck that felt good.

Want to try this out for yourself? Buy a JETT direct from Hot Octopuss for £49, $69 US (nice), or 49 Euro. The JETT was provided to Air (@boybecomesfree) for free by Hot Octopuss, and they sponsor my website, so buying through these links directly supports my work, and helps me keep this site running (as well as helping me pay guest bloggers for kickass posts like this!)

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