Sexy link roundup: parenting, piss and heartbreak

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

This week’s sexy link roundup features three incredible writers, tackling three very different things. Strap in because this week we’re talking parenting, piss play and heartbreak…

Sex Blog of Sorts – Katy

“Tonight, she’s childfree. Tonight, she’s late. Tonight, she has that just-fucked look in her eyes.”

From the moment she first wrote a guest blog on first time sex for me, I have adored Charlie’s writing. It’s hot and often dark and always emotional and it gets me in a very specific place right in the centre of my chest. Read this piece and you might be able to see why.

Quinn – Give me piss, not roses

“We were open with each other about the things we were into, so he knew that I wanted to explore being pissed on. It was about the control, I explained to him, less about the pee itself and more because it was a sign of a dominant’s power over me. It was degrading and filthy in a way that appealed when I was in a I’m a dirty little slut and I’ll let you do anything to me because I’m desperate to be fucked kind of mood.”

Honestly, ze had me at the title, but go and read the full post…

Confess Hannah – For breaking my heart, thank you

“I will be happy again. I’ll dance again, kiss in the sunshine, rain and the snow, and I’ll litter someone else’s flat with my tiniest of possessions … But next time I’ll do it better. I’ll do it more, I’ll do it wholly and I’ll let myself feel all of those things I pushed to the side in fear. I will not question why someone so extraordinary wants someone so ordinary. Thank you for letting me realise happiness is possible, even if finite. And thank you for showing me that I too am extraordinary.”

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