Guest sex story: “I want to taste my arse on your cock”

This week’s guest blogger, Jane, got in touch with me a long time ago in response to a sex story I wrote about a hot, giggling lady who once gave me an enema. She asked if I could write more on messy sex, and it was a bit tricky. While I enjoy the occasional bit of piss-play, in terms of extreme mess, I’m definitely not the right person to talk about it, and anyone who’s genuinely into it would no doubt write me off as an amateur.

Still, the excellent thing about having a blog is that even if something doesn’t fall within my own kinky desires, there’s usually someone who is totally happy to share why it’s hot for them. So Jane kindly offered to write a guest blog of her own.

This extremely dirty sex story comes with a big, bold, neon sign that says ‘Not Safe For Work’, and – because I am essentially a big old worrier – it also comes with a link to this advice guide on ass play health risks, if you do fancy getting messy like Jane.

A messy sex story

From all fours I watched him approach, naked, erect and holding a tub of lube, which he gestured with and disappeared behind me.

I shook my head.

“Use spit,” I said. “I want to taste my arse on your cock.”

I blushed as the words left my mouth and I thought about how, exactly, I’d become the sort of girl who got fucked in the arse and pissed on in hotel bathrooms.

I grinned.

We’d met on a dating site when I was 23. We lived at different ends of the country so only fucked once, five years ago, in a train-station toilet when we realised, by chance, we were both passing through. We barely said hello before he pulled me into a dirty cubicle in the men’s toilet, lifted up my skirt, ripped my tights, fucked my cunt and stuffed two fingers in my arse.

It was filthy – and efficient. We left after 15 minutes and made our connections.

Only a month or so later, I stumbled into a vanilla, long-term relationship and I cut off all contact with him and – for the most part – that side of me. I often thought about the things we talked about, much of which I’d never tried – pissing, rimming, fisting and worse – when I was alone, but never acted it on it.

The boyfriend was neither a nice guy nor a good lover and, when we split, I didn’t waste any time getting back in touch with you know who. To my delight he was single and still a pervert, so within a day or two we’d booked and checked in to in a room in a swanky hotel.

I dressed the part – or rather the cliché – in heels, seamed stockings and a tight, short skirt (all in black), no knickers and a white top, with buttons I didn’t really use, and waited for him on the bed.

The door went and I played it cool with a succinct ‘Hello’, and spread my legs. ‘Hi Jane,’ he said, removing his shirt before the door had even slammed.

He ate and fucked my cunt and we chatted – a little bit about life, mainly about the things we’d always wanted to do to each other – and watched the nastiest, hottest porn either of us could find – ‘I want that,’ I murmured a few times – and drank until our few inhibitions drifted off.

The sex and the fantasies got dirtier as the night went on. Several drinks in, he grabbed me by the hair and pulled me in the bathroom. Obediently, I stepped into the tub in high heels and knelt. I pulled down my skirt, took off my blouse and bra, threw them on the floor, and watched, almost hypnotised, as he held his cock and began to piss on my chest. It ran down my stomach and onto my legs, soaking my stockings.

Within a second I dipped my head and, opening my mouth, tasted piss for the first time. I let it fill my mouth until it nearly overflowed and gulped again and again. I felt dirtier and more aroused than I ever had before and I rubbed my cunt and took his cock in my mouth, sucked the last drips of piss up, and felt it stiffen.

‘Your turn,’ he said. I nodded and sat him down, squatted over his throbbing cock, and pissed on it, proceeding to suck it clean. He forced my head down until I gagged and then pulled it up and beyond it, my mouth skipping over his balls and on to his piss-soaked arsehole, where I pushed my tongue in.

An hour later, exhausted, I was sucking his cock clean again – this time after he’d pulled it out of my aching arse –  my stockings beginning to dry to my legs, my years of sex with the lights out very much behind me.

We wouldn’t wait until five years. There was plenty left to try…


Massive thanks to Jane, who filled what I can only see is a massive gap in my own blogging with this sex story – and thank you for sharing something that’s so hot for you. Here’s that link to ass-to-mouth safety again, for those of you who missed it the first time, and another one here from Kinkly.

Oh, and in case you’d like more, here’s where to find more posts on anal sex, piss and rimming. You’re welcome.


  • Cindy says:

    Very hot. I was VERY vanilla until my 40’s. Met someone I trust completely and we started experimenting. Flood gates opened. We have been together for three years now and stuff is better every year. Right on!

  • Alan says:

    Aah very filthy indeed! Jane, if you see this I’d be very interested if you started your own blog

    GOTN this is why I love your guest posts, I’m not even in to piss play and it was making me hot

  • Charlie says:

    I started reading this thinking ‘definitely not my kink’ and ended it thinking ‘Probably still not my kink, but she makes it sound *so hot*’

  • Mary says:

    Here’s a story. A lady 40 years and adventures. And was lacking the sex fantasies she was badly craving for. She wanted more hard rough type sex! You know, the kind when being forced to take some hard cock In mouth, pulling hair thrown into position that sort of thing. She decided to try out escorting in the sexual demands. Although never have thought to get any where. Due to her lack of self confidence. More so as she was not as slim as she used to be. Although she wasn’t megga over weight. Being size 14. But always had big jugs size 38DD. Any ways. She got chance with this younger lad around 33 years. Who was stunning. Arranged room in hotel. She then dressed with black stocking sexy underwear short leather skirt revealing blouse. and was up for anything. While sitting on bed shyly. He came over started kissing biting on her lip. It sent chills over her body with excitement. He fully un dressed himself. As seeing his large cock she gasped at how fucking Big it was. And wanted this cock badly. He says “so you want hard rough sex you dirty bitch!” She just looked. He pulls her up from bed and forced his cock way inside her mouth Pulling her hair pushing her head way down on his cock. She’s gagging. She starts playing with her wet pussy. So much spit. His cocks hard. He throws her on bed roughly takes her skirt off rips her blouse off panties and bra are off. He starts slapping her tits she moans out with pleasure. He placed two wet fingers in her cunt penetrating her cunt so hard and fast she’s getting. Wetter. He then goes down and starts lick suck her pussy. She groans moans out even more. He fingers her cunt while eating her out. She can’t take it anymore. She gasps and shouts out she’s going to Cum. He tells her to cum all over his fingers. Oooooh fuck fuck I’m cuming. As she exsplodes. He still licks her pussy and placed his fingers in side her mouth as she tastes her own pussy. He then slaps her ass. She’s loving it. He thrusts his cock all way in side her ass. It feels so hard Big he places his fingers again in her cunt while fucking her ass. It feels magical. Roughly handling her big tits. He bites her nipples sucks them. She goes down sucking his cock hard. He then thrusts his cock in her cunt hard and fast fucking her. He won’t stop but she does not want him to stop. Her pussy is so wet. She’s close to orgasm. He feels her being close as he thrusts more harder and harder way in side her cunt. She scream out as she then orgasms fully over his cock. He then shouts he about to cum. She goes down waiting for his cum. He exploded all over her tits face and mouth. As she sucks his cock.

  • David says:

    Made me hard, your a good story teller :)

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