Shameless promotion: my new book

My new book is (nearly) out! If you like you can pre-order it here. And if you’d like a signed copy there’s a link for that too. I know, exciting! I spent Friday in my publishers’ office signing things, and doing interviews, and being a bit overwhelmed about the whole thing.

I suck at publicity, because I get shy and go ‘oh I wouldn’t want to trouble you’, but this post is here to give a bit of info and to say that if you’re a journalist/writer/blogger and you’d like to talk about my book, or interview me or what have you, that would be amazing. Just get in touch.

For those of you who are just bloody lovely and want to buy it when it’s out, please do subscribe to my blog – I’ll send an email out on 10th March when the book launches officially. You can also win one of 10 signed copies if you subscribe – details, Ts and Cs below.

What’s the new book about?

Check out the blurb on Amazon, which my publisher wrote – they do this better than I do.

If you want more waffly detail from me, and you’ve read my first book, this should cover basics:

It’s partly a love story, partly a drunken rant about what we expect relationships to be like, and why most of our expectations are wrong. It covers a bunch of ridiculous notions I’ve had about sex and love, as well as some wise advice from my friends and family (who get names this time). It expands on some of the things from my first book and touches on some shit that I rarely talk about on the blog – mental health, work, anonymity and Terrifying Tales From My Email Inbox. There’s plenty of awesome stuff that I haven’t covered here either – romantic bits, dirty bits and a super fun game of paper/scissors/stone.

Some people from the first book appear again – notably First Boyfriend, number 8, my awesome mum + my dad. But you’ll hear different things from/stories about them this time, because I couldn’t possibly cram it all into book one and also because Things Have Happened since that was out, such is the nature of time. You’ll also find out what happened to number 26, and there will be quite a lot of sex in the hallway of my flat.

I really really really hope you like it.

Girl on the Net ‘How A Bad Girl Fell in Love’ out 10th March RRP £8.99 (Blink Publishing)

Win a signed copy of my book

If you’d like to win a signed copy of the book, you should subscribe to my blog. I’ve got a shiny new subscription system which hopefully works better than the old one did.  I’ll give away ten signed copies of my book on the day before it launches, so subscribe now if you’d like one.

Ts and Cs:

  • 10 winners will be drawn at random from the blog subscriptions list for – the draw happens at 9pm on 9th of March (GMT).
  • You must be over 18 to enter.
  • You must use a valid email address (otherwise I can’t contact you, obvs).
  • Family/friends of GOTN are excluded from the comp.
  • Winners must reply within 7 days to claim their book, otherwise another winner will be picked at random.


  • ooooh, i am THRILLED about this book!!!

  • Jillian Boyd says:

    Absolutely can not wait, GOTN.


  • Poo says:

    Exciting! I have subscribed. I have never won a competition. Would you like feedback on the book from us? Either on here or in a private message?

    • Girl on the net says:

      Hey – thanks for signing up! Re: feedback, it’s a tricky one: once the book’s been printed and put out, if I’m honest (and I suspect if any author is honest) they don’t really want feedback of the kind I’d be after on a blog post – because it’s already done and I can’t really change it. What’s helpful for us is reviews – on Amazon, goodreads, your own blogs and social media etc. So it depends what you mean by feedback =) I’d love a review in one of those places if you’re up for writing one, but of course there’s no obligation to. I’m going to be a bit nervous and fragile directly after the book comes out though, so constructive feedback in my inbox in the form of critique, etc, is liable to make me cry. Praise always welcome though. I know that makes me sound like a dick but hey – honesty is my thing, and books are a different kettle of fish to blog posts =)

  • Looking forward to reading more of your stories!

  • Bodhi says:

    I just listened to your ‘audio porn’ and it seemed like you enjoyed reading it! You’re a natural. Was it exciting reading your escapades out loud? People never look or sound as you imagine. It was good.

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