On that sex cinema in Soho

Image by the incomparable Stuart F Taylor

Update 2018: I’m adding new art to this very old post, and I realise that this glorious sex cinema frolic might need a bit of a content warning. It was a deeply pleasurable, intensely filthy thing, which I loved taking part in. It was also intense, as you’d imagine any event involving a slightly-nervous girl, her even-more-nervous boyfriend, and a gang of eager men with erections might be. It might not be for everyone, but if you like that sort of thing I’d like to reassure you that all of this was fully consensual, and I’m grateful to all these strangers for showing me such a sexy time! 

I don’t want to shock you, but there’s a cinema in Soho that shows pornography. Actual pornography. Nothing quite as good as you’d get on the best sites, but more than you’d get in a strip show. Despite the low quality of the porn, I can tell you that these places will never be killed off by the internet.

The reason they are fun has little to do with the porn and everything to do with the stinking fetid desperate stench of angry wanking men. A stench that hangs in the air with a slightly nervewracking promise, and the remnants of which has seeped into the very upholstery.

Initially I thought the deal was that you just go in to the sex cinema, sit down, and watch the porn (or, in my case, watch the guys vigorously watching the porn). But it turns out that not only are you actually allowed to watch these guys wanking, they really really enjoy you watching it.

OK. It might not seem like a revelation to you, but to me at the time it was a lottery win. It’s the equivalent of someone saying “you know this super-hot thing that you’ve always wanted? It’s actually not only OK, but there are loads of people who will get off on you doing it.” Jackpot.

What happened in the sex cinema

I was there with a boy. A special one, who I trusted to not only look out for me and protect me, but also to push me into fucked-up things that I’d otherwise be too nervous for. The minute we walked in to the sex cinema (he in domly protective mode, me in a short skirt and on heat) we were surrounded. The seats we’d chosen were roughly in the middle, and heads turned as he sat me down and pulled my top up to show them my tits.

He stripped me to just the point where I started getting shy, then pushed my head over the back of the seat so I couldn’t see what was going on. By this point a couple of the guys had started touching me, and he batted away the ones that were obviously awful/terrifying, but checked a couple of others and let them join in.

Initially there was just a lot of touching and pulling; guys pinching my nipples and squeezing my tits like they wanted to prove it was all real. It was a bit painful, and quite scary. I started squeaking a bit as guys did things that hurt, or made me nervous, like pulling my hair or putting their hands round my throat. There were at least 3 behind me trying ever so gently to push things into my mouth.

The boy sensed I was getting nervous, so he slipped his hand between my legs and gave me something to grind against.

As I started to more visibly enjoy it, they started pressing in harder. More came closer to join us, and I kept having to push hands away as everyone was trying to reach to pinch my nipples, or get their fingers into me.

I noticed that there were a couple of guys being a bit more restrained. Well, as restrained as you can be when you’re offering your cock to a strange girl in a sex cinema, at least. One (an eager young guy, probably no older than I was at the time) was kneeling on the seats in front, pushing his cock towards me with a desperate grin, the other (about 45, looked like most of the dads I’ve ever met) was sat to my right, frantically rubbing and stopping and rubbing and stopping like coming was simultaneously his life goal and his worst nightmare.

I held both of them and rubbed while my boy fucked me with his hand, using his other hand to fend off the crowd who were getting a bit more frantic now – pushing forward, pressing the dripping heads of their cocks against me, doing anything to get close to whatever flesh would provide the quickest release.

The older guy came first – runny, drizzling buckets all over my hand and up my forearm. If I think really hard now I can still remember how it felt.

Sadly for the other guy, he missed out – as he was getting closer and started to make little squeaks and moans, a surge of three or four guys leant a bit too heavily on the row of chairs, and there was a crack. Me, the boy, and the guy who’d finished were tipped forward and almost bundled by the guys behind. One of them was undisturbed by the collapse and continued busily wanking into my hair, and two of them were trying (much harder now) to force their fingers in my mouth.

At this point we decided it was probably safer to leave. As we stepped blinking out of the cinema, with me cleaning the remnants of the first guy from one of my hands, a short guy who I didn’t recognise stepped up to say:

“Thankyou. Just thankyou.”

I remember being a bit annoyed that he thought I wanted thanking, given that I’d had most of the fun. I’d hate to think that I provided sexual release to a sexist.

This story is now available as audio porn – click ‘listen now’ above or head to the audio porn page for more. If you liked this story and are tempted to do it, I am sorry to tell you that this sex cinema has since closed down. If you find a good one, though, I hope you have fun!

UPDATE JUNE 2014: This post is so unbelievably popular, I wrote up a similarly filthy event in an Amsterdam sex booth, as well as some other thoughts on furtive dirty sex. 


  • C.B.B says:

    Good read. Painted the scene well. Maybe a little too well. Because now I’m now sat here with a hard-on and the urge in a room full of relations. And without underwear on to steer and secure my throbbing cock into a less ‘stand-out’ position, I’ll just have to sit here till it’s on the wane.

  • girlonthenet says:

    Sorry, I should probably add ‘if you are sitting in a roomful of relatives’ to the stupid warning I have to put before you enter. Glad you enjoyed it, though. Beat one out when you get home, then come back and let us know how you got on =p

    • C.B.B says:

      Okay, I did get to release my pent-up urge later that day. Unfortunately it had to be a solo event as… well that’s another story altogether. I could have used my imagination. Ideal scenario would have involved you. But as I don’t know what you look like I chose to upload some porn onto an mp4 player and take it to the bathroom. I think the title was something like YummyMummy takes it up the ass. Anyway, by the time I got into the bathroom the urge in my groin was so intense I knew it wouldn’t take long before I shot my load. I had to use slow strokes to prolong the moment, I didn’t want to cum too quickly. I probably lasted about 7 or 8 minutes before I unloaded into the palm of my hand.

      Sorry it’s not a work of eroticism, more an ordered list of events. I’m just not that good at putting it into writing.

    • Steven says:

      I would like to go cinema with you

  • Jussie Hay says:

    OMG! I didn’t even know these places existed. Can’t deny that I’m tempted to investigate further.

  • Boy says:

    Great story. I’ve a strong exhibitionist streak but other men tugging would turn me off. On the plus side you’ve set off that gorgeous warm feeling in the bottom of my tummy which means I’m going to spend a glorious half an hour naked on my bed bringing my self closer and closer . .. .

  • Girl says:

    Er…does this cinema have an address? :)

  • Ryan says:

    Do girls go to these places often or is it a real rarity?

    • Girl on the net says:

      No idea, I’m afraid. I don’t remember there being other girls there on this occasion, but I’ve only been the once, so don’t know. I’d hazard a guess from the reactions of the dudes when I rocked up, that even if girls go it’s not usual for them to get physical with the other men in the cinema, so if you go to a sex cinema specifically to find horny women, definitely don’t approach anyone unless they indicate that it’s OK for you to. They can be very intimidating, claustrophobic places.

  • Marcus says:

    Fuck that’s a horny story. I came reading it!

  • Jude says:

    Wow that does sound pretty mental girl on the net. I take it that you have now got the bug for excitement? I find as soon as you cross the line into the place where your sexual senses are heightened beyond what you ever thought I guess it’s hard to go back, Do you find that ? Do you have the urge to be very naughty again and find new adventures? Jude.x

    • Girl on the net says:

      Definitely – I think I crave that kind of hot/anonymous sex quite a lot, and certainly more so since I started doing filthy things like that. At the moment, though, I’m being monogamous which – while fun – presents its own challenges =)

      Just FYI, I didn’t pass your other comment through the spam filter, as it had an email address in – you’ll get inundated with spam emails if I let it go through. If you need to contact me, though, my details are in the tab at the top of the page. I don’t always have time to reply to all emails, but if there’s anything specific you need me to know or want to ask, I’ll do my best to get back to you!

  • sue says:

    ummm, i read this and was so turned on, would love the thought of going there, although i would be so nervous, just the thought of all those guys touching, feeling wanking, so wet thinking about it.

  • Daisy says:

    I’d love to go there, and try all these things. Is it really dangerous for a girl alone? Just as I’ve got no friends who could accompany me to a place like that… :(

    • Girl on the net says:

      I wouldn’t recommend it on your own, but I suspect you could be OK if you didn’t participate in anything, and just watched the guys. If you’re worried, you could always try calling the cinema or speaking to them beforehand. I have a feeling the one I was in had CCTV in the cinema itself, so the people at the desk could step in if anything happened.

    • Phillip says:

      Have you found anyone to go with?
      If so I would love I take you. I’m a single male, never been myself and dying to go, but I want someone of opposite sex To go with!

      • Girl on the net says:

        Hi Phillip – I’ve had to remove your second comment I’m afraid. Don’t want to be an annoying killjoy, but my comment further up the threads explains it x

  • Molly says:

    Found this article (and website) on the weekend, and have spent quite a bit of time re-reading this! Thank you for it, the cinema idea sounds fantastic. Like Daisy said, I’d love to go and try it, but the going alone thing worries me slightly.

  • anil says:

    Daisy we both can go.. today I’ve been to Abcat cine club but it was disappointing as there were all men wanking , looking at each other and doing all sorts of thing.. Honestly I din’t like the place it was dusty and stinking… Daisy we both can try Soho cinema so let me know

  • anil says:

    Molly i dont mind going with you as well .. I got a little experience now about porn theater so i think i can surely protect you

  • Night says:

    I’ve passed by this cinema so many times and am really curious about it. After reading this article, I definitely want to go! Of course, as a woman, I’m a bit apprehensive about going alone. Us ladies should go together some time.

  • Girl on the net says:

    Hi everyone – there have been a couple of guys who have commented on this thread and added their email addresses so that the women above can contact them. These automatically get caught in my spam trap, but I haven’t pushed them through.

    Why? While I love that so many people are keen to go to this sex cinema, and meet other people who would like to go, this isn’t a hookup site and it can’t be a hookup site. There are no checks in place, and I cannot possibly vouch for anyone who comments here. I would not want someone meeting someone else and getting into trouble, as a result of emailing someone from this forum. If it’s dangerous going to a sex cinema alone, it’s equally dangerous going with a stranger you’ve only just met from the internet.

    Moreover, I have no way of telling whether the email address in question is yours. In many situations an email address can be personally identifying – i.e. it’s linked to profiles and information elsewhere. If the email address isn’t actually yours it can cause the owner whole worlds of trouble.

    Sorry if this sounds Draconian – I hate moderating comments and very rarely hold comments back, because I don’t want to act like anyone’s censor. You’re more than welcome to link through to other blogs and forums, but please don’t post your email addresses in the comments.

  • G WillIamson says:

    Such a responsible blogger! Very professional.

    So when is the GOTN Reader’s Day Out at the sex cinema?

    • Girl on the net says:

      Haha, maybe for my 30th I’ll rent the whole thing out =)

      (I should point out that this is a joke, otherwise I will get emails asking me for an invitation)

  • anil says:

    Girl on the net that is very rude. i just wanted to get in touch with the girls here nothing else and so i tried to post my email id. I don’t think i’ll be hurting anyone. But the reason you gave is highly appreciable and this shows that you are concerned about safety of the people.

    • Girl on the net says:

      Hi there – I’m sorry you think it’s rude. As you say, I’m mainly concerned about safety. I hope you can understand that coming across as rude is a risk I’m willing to take in this case, much as I hate to censor things. I’m not saying you’re a bad person for asking – the precaution is as much for your safety as it is for others’.

  • anil says:

    i think sex cinema is closed as i couln’t find it

  • Paul says:

    Great story. I’ve been to this place once, tucked in a little street in Soho. There is a gay cinema within the same building if you’re into that kind of thing. I went about 2 years ago (to the straight one to clarify!) and at the age of 24 then I was the youngest by quite some way, it’s a shame young people aren’t open and that there isn’t a younger clientele. It is filled with middle aged men wanking and the occasional woman but if people like the GOTN go, I’d be paying another visit for sure. It is interesting though and if you are interested in the thrill of getting off in front of people

  • anil says:

    I couldn’t find this theater. Can anyone please tell me the exact location ?

  • Doug says:

    Hey, I loved reading this and I am fascinated by the amount of women commenting they want to try this too! I have never been to a place like this but would really like to, I think the idea of a room full of men wanking puts me off, but it sounds a lot more fun if there are females there too. I will try to find this place. Do you know if it is still open? I just read some peoples comments saying they can’t find it.

  • Dave Beech says:

    Just found your post. Glad you had a good time. Sorry you had to bat away so many “over-eager” types, sadly, those often scare away couples who didn’t need as much attention…

    I thought I’d chime in with some more background information, and a URL – the URL is a Yahoo discussion group dedicated to this subject.

    The information is, sadly, not good for those who wanted to follow in your footsteps. I’m guessing you were at the “Sunset” cinema. That’s been closed. The management managed to fall out with the licencing authority who refused to re-issue their licence to operate. I doubt it was the nearby “Soho Cinema” in Walkers Court, as they would’ve rounded you up and turned you out on the street as soon as you started to do anything more than sit and watch the film.

    Outside the Soho area, there are a couple of other venues but both are under threat. In City Road, Mr B’s is operating without a licence, and as such risks being shut down, and Abcat in Caldedonian road are in abeyance. In both these cases, the council has decided to withhold their licence in the most because they (the council) have worked out that something “icky” must be going on coz otherwise why in this era would those who want to watch porn not just download it and watch at home. A very victorian attitude, I felt – especially as that council only started to licence such establishments so they could insist that proper fire regulations were adhered to, etc., after a fire in a similar venue some 20 years ago killed 11 customers.

    Here’s the URL for the yahoo discussion group, which includes discussions going back about ten years as well as current, if not particularly busy, chatter about the current state of play.


  • Peter Ogilvie says:

    You describe your experience very well GOTN !! I’ve been a few times to London cinemas, not the one you describe, and found them mainly populated by gay or at least bi men. I always wondered what the reaction would be if I turned up with a female !! So one afternoon I did, easiest and least stressy way was to hire an escort, I told her on the phone what the plan was, and yes she was up for it. She was a lot younger than me and legs to die for, skinny jeans in the cinema ?? Mmm not sure about that !!! The minute we entered the cinema we became the centre of attention, it can be quite intimidating, we tried to sit fairly centrally as you did, it didn’t really matter, these guys gravitated to us anyway !! We had decided beforehand that we were keeping our clothes on, we were purely going to watch the film, impossible !!! 2 guys knelt directly in the seats before us, openly wanking, hands were coming from behind pawing my partners breasts, if I said no to anyone they backed off, so yes, these guys have some sort of moral code !!! We spent just over an hour down there, I myself couldn’t relax or enjoy it because I knew if I let my guard down these guys would go to town on the girl !! An odd experience all in all, but the girl enjoyed it and offered to go again, next time she wouldn’t wear the skinny jeans !! She admitted to being hugely turned on in there, and was glad of the experience. GOTN, your warnings are exactly right, I would not recommend a girl going alone, or even 2 girls, there’s an air around these places where sexual tension is high, it could go horribly wrong for a naive single girl. Need this girls warning girls but you will be made more than welcome that’s for sure !!!!

  • Now *that* is a sexual adventure. Kudos to you for having the guts to stride into that particular lions’ den, even with an attentive minder….

  • Lynne says:

    Hi ya, I used to go with my husband quite regularly as it was part of sexuality and included as part of sexual hobby together. (Read that again as it underpins our sexuality philosophy). We went there because it fulfilled our scenario for me to have encounters with others and for my Husband to watch. As far as the intimidation from the men there, we didn’t find it. A firm indication of what could and couldn’t be expected from the session was clearly indicated. For example, no condoms, no encounter. Those sort of venues meet my hardcore exbitionist nature. If I wanted to sit in a cinema completely naked, then I did, if I wanted to play with some of the guys then I would. If I wanted to watch 20 men wanking, then I brought an umbrella. Horses for course really. Some of the attitudes found on some occasions would make us decide to leave the venue. But we never paid to get access, then no loss to us.
    But it did give an indication of country that has a real backward attitude to sex compared to Europe. I think we are due for relegation again on the various league tables of the best places for sexual encounters. I find that really annoying.

    Finally for couples, there are venues for you to go…you just need to seek them out. For single men wanting encounters and men in relationships who lie about being single, try your local pub!

  • Sarah says:

    I’ve been really enjoying reading your blog today, but this is the most terrifying thing I’ve read in a long time (I guess I do have limits after all) – and not in a good way. I read it a few hours ago but have had to come back and comment – I’m unable to shake the fear or the tears that this has brought up. I’ve read about plenty of group sessions / gangbangs and have never felt this kind of terror before. I should add, this is in no way a judgement on you for doing it. I’m just really stunned by my reaction.

    The idea of a room full of strangers indiscriminately grabbing at (or basically assaulting) me without my express individual consent is enough to make me never have sex again (or at least that’s how I feel right now). I’m not at all prudish, I’m very open minded, but this is so dangerous and literally brings tears of horror to my eyes. Even as a fantasy, it’s too disturbing – and my fantasies are usually a lot more extreme than I could handle in person.

    The issue of consent is the biggest problem here for me, although I suppose consent is irrelevant, and how you would consent to one strange man in the dark over another is something I can’t wrap my brain around – that’s probably why I find this so frightening. Yes, I have experienced sexual abuse – nothing like this scenario but, for some reason, this brings up more of those feelings and fears than almost any other thing I’ve ever seen or read.

    As for the guys reading the comments and thinking that your kinky partner would love this, I wouldn’t necessarily be so sure. Definitely worth a big discussion first.

    • Girl on the net says:

      Blimey – sorry to hear this affected you so strongly. Just for the record, and in case it makes you feel better, although this was a risky situation, it was one in which I had a lot of fun, and one in which I felt in control (right up until the end when the chairs cracked, and then we decided to head off before we destroyed the cinema!). Although it seems dark and private, the cinema was actually fairly well covered – no one could come in or leave in secret, it was fairly well covered by CCTV, and the people on the desk at the front chatted to us a bit before we went in, making it clear that they were listening out and that they were keen to make sure that things were safe.

      Totally understand why this isn’t for everyone, and yeah – I certainly wouldn’t ever recommend it’s brought out as a ‘surprise’.
      “Hi Darling, I’m taking you on a trip! Ta-daaah! Here’s an intense and potentially creepy experience!” – shudder. But for me, it was incredibly hot, and I still think about it to this day.

  • BillyBollocks says:

    Sorry, but I’m calling bullshit on most of this story. Lynne’s account is much more reflective of reality. I’ve taken exactly 14 girls to either Sunset (where your story is based), the other one in Walker’s Court (before it got taken over by East European gangsters around 2006), AbCats in Caledonian Road and Fantasy Video in City Road. Experiences varied from my partner sitting fully clothed, aroused but not keen to go further than fuck me in the loos before we left, to a couple of exes who wound up wandering around Fantasy utterly nude enjoying being touched up and wanked over.

    But what I’ve never, EVER encountered was the kind of abusive, threatening, overpowering behaviour you’ve so sensationally described in your account. Not once. Never. Simply put, the idea of the blokes putting their fingers in your mouth, grabbing you, pinching you til it hurts and being altogether ‘terrifying’ in pure nonsense. The guys in the cinemas are more terrified of a) a girl’s boyfriend getting pissed off and slapping an overzealous admirer, b) being admonished by the other wankers or, worst fate of all, c) being highlighted by the girl as the straw who broke the camel’s back, as in “sorry guys, I came to play but I’m leaving now, cos that bloke in the blue jacket can’t take no for an answer!!!”

    Cue bloke in blue jacket being so mortified at depriving everyone of fun that he practically banishes himself from the cinema amid jeers and boos from his frustrated peers.

    So what’s happened here is you’ve attended with a boy, been groped and wanked at while said boy masturbated you, then decided to write some lurid rubbish about how you entered the belly of the beast and managed to survive wanking Armageddon unscathed.

    Tosh. You should be ashamed. Not least because every single porn venue in London has now been closed, and it was partly because of accounts on forums and blogs like this outlining what kind of behaviour went on.

  • cumshot says:

    in the New York suburbs. Theaters are a haven for married me. that can’t share their taboo fantasieswith their wives.it’s a win-win since I have an Ejaculation fetish and my wife loves to dress up as a little girl and be surrounded by pre cum dripping hard cocks while rIding my cock.she gets them to confess what young girl in their life that they lust after and masturbate to and she assumes that role she’s calling me daddy and talking about all the hard cocks in front of her and she says that she likes to watch the stuff come out and ask permission from me touch lick or suck each Cock.she told them it’s okay because when she was younger I’m sister told her that every guy she knows is going to think about her at some point when he’s jerking off whether it’s a friend teacher or family member and use this knowledgeto empower her self by simply askingguys if they thought about her when they Jerked off.she would say she would play with herself while wondering if he got off thinking about her. she would stare at their crotch while saying thisand trace the outline of there now hard cock with her finger and tell him she wanted to see him do it for her right now knowing full well it would drive him crazy because she was obviously jailbaitshe wouldtell them she wanted him to be the first cock she ever saw or touch.when they would tell her they would love to but they don’t want to go to jail.she would pout and say if you don’t give me what I want I will say you tried to molest me …giving him a loophole slash Hall Passto give in to their forbidden desires.mind you that this was a 12 year old nympho with full C cup breasts who had not gotten her first period yet. she would make each guy she seduced think that he was her first…..she would go from touching itto ask permission to kiss it, and she knelt downand asked if she was doing it right then she would say she wants to watch the stuff come out and you would usually explode all over her face.and then she would cock worship Him until he got hard again and ask him to put just the tip his cock inside herbecause her friend told her if it doesn’t go all the way in it doesn’t count lol.reaching down and feeling his balls swell up would bring them both to the point of orgasm and what he would say that he’s going to pull out she would tell him she hasn’t gotten her period yet and she wants to feelwhat it’s like when he comes inside her pussy and she would wrap her legs around him and as soon as you start to Cum she would pullyou all the way inside her.she would tell the story until every guy in porn theater was about to explode I would be kissing her neck and as each guy who was about to come we would both start licking each others lips as she brought the pulsating cock between our lips so we could catch every drop and lick it all over each others faces.we would do this over and over until everybody exploded on us.

  • Christian says:

    I just came across this article. It brought back all my own personal memories. Years ago i worked in the West End in London and maybe every 2 months i would go to Soho to see what was happening and visit the sex shops , peep shows and strip shows which was excellent value for money. I normally went by myself and odd time took a friend to a fantastic strip show and once a female to sex shops .Soho was a fantastic place to visit ,be free sexually and enjoy everyone company . Everyone was polite and kind in that area in my experience i never had any issues. Anyway coming back, i visited a sex shop in this alley way in Soho one afternoon , when you read porn mags it makes the juices flow etc etc, as i left i noticed in front of me there was this cinema with a guy standing outside. Anyway i was really tempted to go in but felt scared for some reason. Two American girls were also looking outside and deciding to go in or not . I thought i would leave it for another day which i knew would never come when one of the girls said to me would you like to join us . At first i thought they were talking to someone else but both smiled at me . So i agreed still very nervous went in and paid i think £10 to go in .(although watching porn was nothing knew to me ) but watching it in a big cinema with potentially strangers was to me. .When we got inside the cinema showing screen it was dark and there on TV screen was a women masturbating with another women . I was so nervous so i just sat down anywhere, . The two girls went a sat somewhere else. Anyway i looked around and there was no else i could see but i thought because it was like 2pm it was early in the day and people would come later. So i sat set there watching this porn film which was hardcore and very hot. About 30 minutes later one of the girls appeared from nowhere and asked me to come and sit with them so i did . The other girl had her some of her buttons of her blouse undone and i could see her tits which was big . they asked me if i was single i said yes and also nervous to be here. Both were more relaxed than me it appeared. Anyway we watched for few minutes together when one of them asked me if i would like to see real wet hot pussy. the other girl checked around and saw no one around and the girl that asked me pulled her skirt up to reveal her knickers and put her hand down her pants and was rubbing herself. Before i knew what i was doing i was between her legs licking this bald pussy like no one business and when the other girl came back i was touching her wet pussy too both legs wide open. i was like a mad dog on heat eating two pussies like it was my last day on earth for ages and ages with my cock rock hard at the same time.. Both girls were rocking as i sucked they tits and flickered my tongue on their swollen clit . Anyway recalling this story is making me aroused as i type now, Before long i had my pants down with both girls wanking me and kissing me all over. I cum massively on their tits like a spray from a shower within a few minutes and both girls had cum earlier when i was fingering and licking them earlier . It was an amazing experience i cannot forget . when we got out with great smiles on our faces we went for a coffee in a cafe . None of us had ever done this sort of visit or sexual thing with a stranger before but we were glad we did. both girls were student friends here and wanted to see Soho for the first time . For myself i was just happy i met these wonderful ladies , anyway we exchanged numbers that day and have met up many times since than here in the UK and in the USA were we fuck each other, sensless for days at a time and i can also say i have had to 2 women in my life at the same time but always recalling our first time together in Soho that made this possible. I would hope others have this opportunity to go to a sex cinema and any sexual hot ladies out there please give it a try and visit this cinema like these two courageous girls did once.. Never went back to the cinema again but i do visit the strip shows and would also say to the men please go and see these shows there are fantastic . i would love to tell you my other experiences in Soho but maybe another day if possible.

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